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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 2 | Kirsten MacInnis

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother 20 Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by RHAP and social media fan-favourite, Kirsten MacInnis!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother 20 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 2

My guest this week is a good friend of mine and probably a good friend of yours, Kirsten MacInnis! Make sure you’re following Kirsten on Twitter for all of her BB20 commentary all season long @kirstensaidwhat, and follow me @mattliguori! Tweet us and let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!

Kirsten: “I am making these rankings based on who I think has the most win equity, not necessarily who is “playing the best game this week” because we are still so early in the game. Remember, just a few short years ago we were asking if Paulie Calafiore would be one of the all time greats if he won season 18. There are just SO many people still that ranking is extremely difficult, so I had to just go with my intuition on this one. Also a cursory #SummerofSteve2018 because it will last as long as it’s in our hearts.”



1. Rachel

With things looking up for Level 6’s numbers, things are looking especially good for Rachel. She continues to be well liked and still seems like she’d be at the bottom of a target list for somebody on the other side of the house. She’ll turn things up when she needs to, but for now she’s doing just fine.

 1. Haleigh

Haleigh is my favourite and I might be just slightly influenced by my emotions here. Faysal wants a full blown showmance, but the other men in the house seem to be fine with her flirty relationships. She is smart, she has her eye on the prize, and she is a lot more subtle than our current power player (Tyler.) She’s in a good spot and I have a lot of faith in her ability to manouveur to the win.

2. JC

JC’s social game has impressed me more than anybody else in the house. If you had told me pre-season that JC would be one of the best players in the house after three weeks, I’d laugh and point to every draft (including my own) where JC was picked in the last few selections. JC is going far in this game, and crazy as it is…. could win.

 2. Kaycee

Yes, she is boring. But she is also positioned pretty well. I don’t see a situation where Kaycee is not making the jury or even final 5. The other houseguests might just forget that she’s there.

3. Tyler

No question Tyler is playing the hardest of anyone in the house. The problem is that unlike Paul or Derrick, some players are on to Tyler. Winning the veto this week… not great, but that power app may come in handy sometime soon. Hopefully next week he’s able to sit back, distance himself from Kaitlyn, and let someone else steer the ship.

3. Rachel

Again, is she a little boring? Yes. But boring is exactly what you want to be in the early stages of this game. Big Brother is a marathon, not a sprint, and I do think Rachel has the stamina to go the distance. I only hope that getting the crap app does not inspire Rachel to go too over the top in the coming weeks.

4. Sam

My thoughts last week were that if Sam survived that eviction, she’d have a one-way ticket to OTEV. Sam got caught in a really sticky web with the robot punishment and unlucky nomination last week, but now that that’s over, her likability and non-threatening persona will carry her very far (if not all the way).

 4. Sam

I am very impressed with how Sam has been playing so far this week, especially after her week as a robot. She is exactly what we thought she would be, a natural charmer who gives great advice and leaves people feeling good after their interactions. She’s still not as integrated as she should be, but I think in a week we will see Sam in a very good spot.

5. Brett

Brett’s likability is starting to rub off on everyone but Rockstar. He’s a big guy, but he’s playing the part of goofy little brother pretty well. He doesn’t stand out as a threat, and as long as Captain Paranoia is glued to his side, he won’t be the main target of his group. I still think Brett has potential.

5. Tyler

At this point, we are all very impressed by the way Tyler is playing. However, he has used a lot of social capital in these first two evictions and I have to believe it’s going to be tough to impossible to keep this up long enough to take the win. Especially with the time he has to put in with Kaitlyn, he is letting relationships with others slip a little bit. Rockstar and Haleigh have talked about how much control he has over Kaitlyn, and it’s only a matter of time before the others catch on. That being said, at what point does the target get so big it disappears? I do think he is a good player, but I have my doubts about him keeping it up for the entire 99 days.

6. Kaycee

I’m really struggling to figure out if Kaycee has been so invisible on feeds because she’s purposely laying low, or because she’s not much of a gamer. I sure hope she’s doing it on purpose and will kick it up a notch later, but it’s so hard to tell because we really haven’t seen her at all.

 6. JC

JC is so fun to watch when he isn’t scooping private parts. People seem to really like him, his strategy talk is hilarious, and I think people really do feel endeared to him. I can see him winning a few clutch endurance comps and making it pretty far in this game. I’m not super confident in his ability to sway a jury, but depending on who he is up against we have definitely seen stranger things happen.

7. Haleigh

Haleigh is my winner. I don’t care how this season plays out… she’s won me over. Haleigh is stuck in a weird spot because she wanted to trust that Kaitlyn was going to do what was best for their group, but as we see, Kaitlyn was looking out for herself and Tyler only. I think the Level 6 group likes her, but she really needs to find one or two of them to pull in closer to her so that she has an actual layer of protection, like Kaitlyn has with Tyler.

 7. Scottie

Yes, he shouted out RHAP, and yes, he has game knowledge. This archtype does also tend to get dangerous later on. But I can’t have him too high up on this, because I have serious doubts that he has the killer instinct necessary to make it in this game. I would have him higher if we were getting any of his strategy in the diary room, but I’m really not seeing a lot from him yet.

8. Scottie

The position Scottie’s found himself in is really nothing new for players in his archetype. Scottie’s allies may continue to go home and he may continue to be used as a pawn, but as long as he doesn’t have any major blow-ups or meltdowns I think he’ll be able to deflect the target onto someone like Fessy or Rockstar. He’s got connections with some key players, so things could be worse.

 8. Rockstar

I. LOVE. ROCKSTAR. Seriously, sign me up to be head of the rockstans. However, she has trouble keeping her mouth shut and has been very vocal against Tyler this week. Rockstar is the friend you need when you have a bad boyfriend, or are letting things slip in your personal life, because she gives good tough love. That being said, her judgement on who to give that tough love to is obviously lacking because Kaitlyn is absolutely not the friend that can handle tough love. I really hope that she is able to bring it down a few notches and slip a little more into the background.

9. Angela

I don’t have much evidence to support the idea that this person is still in the Big Brother house. But if she is, she’s in an okay spot because she’s so forgettable that she’s truly not a threat.

 9. Faysal

Faysal is willing to literally sell his body for himself/his closest ally. I do respect that level of commitment to the game, but I really don’t see much beyond that with regards to staying power for him. I can really see him as one of those early boots who goes out before a more “obvious” target, like Victor’s first eviction in Season 18.

10. Kaitlyn

With Tyler at the helm of the ship, Kaitlyn’s taking out a big player this week. I still don’t think it’s the smartest move for her, since there’s a strong tight six in the house that she isn’t a part of. Kaitlyn has a lot of relationships around the house, but none of them are solid because she hasn’t shown many people that she’s loyal.. or a stable human being to work with.

10. Bayleigh

She is definitely more reactive than I would like to see right now, but I am totally on board with a vengeful queen. If Swaggy goes this week maybe she can integrate a little better and fade into the background. I do think this is one of the cases where whoever lasts longer in the showmance has the opportunity to make a deep run.

11. Bayleigh

I’m not having a fun time watching Bayleigh this week because of how bad I feel for her. I think Bayleigh can rebound from this if she plays her cards right. She’s a super intelligent girl and I think she’s got some game in her deep down. Plus, I can’t imagine how next week’s power app doesn’t fall into her hands..

11. Angela

If it seemed at all like Angela even wanted to be in the house I’d have her a lot higher. On paper it seems like she has all of the skills to go far in this game, and I do see her slipping by into jury, maybe picking up a couple of comp wins along the way. But I don’t think her heart is in it after production spoke to her about her inappropriate comments.

12. Faysal

Poor guy got totally blindsided by his supposed #1 ally. There’s still time for Fessy to turn this around, but he’ll really need to pull out an HoH win to make something happen. While his numbers diminish and the target on his back remains as big as it’s been, things aren’t looking great.

 12. Brett

Is he an annoying dudebro? Yes. Do I have faith in him winning? No. I do see Brett making it pretty far if Winston goes first, but he has been brought up as someone who should go before his number 1 because he could integrate without Winston. I just don’t see Brett’s path to a win.

13. Winston

Winston may end up safe this week, but his chances of making the jury seem pretty slim if the other side get even one HoH in the next few weeks. Even his own allies Rachel and Angela don’t love having him around. Is there any chance Winston calms down once Swaggy is out of the house? Or will his crazy just become focused on Scottie next? It’s only a matter of time before he self-implodes.

 13. Kaitlyn

Even if she goes far in a Danielle Murphree type spot, I can confidently state that Kaitlyn has a 0% chance of winning this game. This girl is exactly what we need from our reality TV casting, and I am so, so excited to see what happens when her power is over. I can only assume Tyler will continue to use his social capital to try and sway the next HoH, and I can already envision her bright green aura when Tyler isn’t paying her so much attention.

14. Rockstar

Rockstar is one of the least-connected and that’s going to bite her in the ass eventually. I’ve felt like Rockstar may have some Renny Martin upside, but she isn’t as likable to the majority of the house and she’s openly expressed her targets and distrust of certain players and it’s bound to get back to them eventually.

 14. Swaggy C

It’s not looking good for Swaggy C. Hopefully Sam’s life coaching pays off and he is able to maneuver his way through this week and stay, because there is a LOT more entertainment to be gained from Swaggy. I was really happy to see him doing more than just lay down and die after being put up as the target.

15. Swaggy C

I’m devastated to see Swaggy C’s time in the game end so quickly, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Once the house was clearly split, you had to know that anybody who was seen as a leader of either side would be in danger going into the second/third week. Not expected was a player backdooring somebody from their own side in week two, but that’s what happens when you don’t constantly reassure the one player in your alliance who you’ve openly acknowledged was the weak link.

 15. Winston

Cool meeting, bro! Winston is the just a ball of paranoia. It’s pretty nice to see someone who would traditionally fall into the more traditional “popular kids” crew in such a hopeless situation this early on, honestly. There’s really not a lot to say here. With the conversations happening right now, it is not impossible that Winston goes home this week, so I have to have him this low.

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