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Big Brother 2015: BB17 Premiere Night 2 Recap with Jordan Parhar


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Big Brother 17 brings in former Amazing Racers, Jeff and Jackie in Night 2 of the 2015 premiere.

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Rob Cesternino, Jordan Parhar and Brent Wolgamott are live on the 26th of June 2015 to recap the second night of the premiere of Big Brother 17 where we saw the first Big Brother Takeover.

Rob really enjoyed the second night of the premiere a lot more than the first night. Jordan suggests that if you are a more of a traditional Big Brother you would have enjoyed tonight a lot more than last night because of all the twists dropped. Jordan liked that the show didn’t rush the events over the two nights as opposed to the Canadian season.

Rob had heard a rumour that Jeff and Jackie we’re going to be on this season but Rob didn’t put much stock into it because he was confused why they would make such a big deal about them, Rob didn’t even think they would be asked for The Amazing Race all-stars. Jordan thinks that Jackie can bring multiple things to the table however Jordan thinks Jeff is a bit bland.

Jordan compares the BoB twist to Redemption Island on Survivor in the way the shows talk about them. Rob is a little more optimistic to see BoB without Derrick dominating the game. Brent suggests that the reason Jeff and Jackie were put in the house separately in order to put a target on them to take it off Audrey and Liz. However Rob points out that because there are so many other twists that will be in the game, the show is not as invested in the early ones.

Rob thought that the six new houseguests added tonight we very goo and rob felt that Jason was the MVP of the night and Rob can’t wait to see him all season. Jordan feels that winning the first HoH is the new throwing the first HoH, Jordan thinks that Jason can use this HoH to build strong bonds with houseguests. Rob feels that it was a good idea for Jason to win this HoH because otherwise he could of been put on the block every week for BoB. Rob hopes Jason lasts for most of the season.

Vanessa was everything Brent thought she would be however he noted that she was a bit on the outside of the circle then inside the circle. Rob thinks that she really needs to relax and stop talking about game theory. Jordan is worried that the unknown of the reward that she will get for sitting out of the HoH will put a target on her back. Rob is now confined that Da’Vonne does not know who Vanessa is because if she did know we would have gotten a diary room from Da’Vonne telling us that.

Jordan went into tonight with pretty low expectations on Liz but he noticed that she has a little bit more social skills than he thought so he gives her thumbs pointing slightly up. The only thing Brent can say about her is that he can remember her which he can’t say for a some of the other houseguests.

Jordan was pretty high on Steve preseason and Jordan was impressed with him after tonight. The only thing that worries Jordan is the fact that Clay is making Ian Terry comparisons. Jordan is also worried that Steve will become the pawn for the BoB. Rob does not think that Steve will adapt to the other houseguests unlike Ian.

Jordan thinks that Jeff and Jackie are clear targets for nominations this week. Rob thinks that Jackie could be affected by the blight of the sexually aggressive female and she could follow the same faith as Risha from Big Brother Canada.

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s episode recap.



Jordan Parhar fills in for Ian Terry this Thursday.

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