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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 9 LIVE on Sunday, July 12, 2015 with special guests, Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas, and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Taran Armstrong.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas join Rob Cesternino and live feed reporter Taran Armstrong for the Episode 9 recap on July 12, 2015, where we saw Vanessa and Austin’s nominations as well as the Battle of the Block.

When asked what she thinks of the season, Rachel comments that it is the craziest house in recent seasons, because there are a lot of people that are over-gaming. Rachel also laments the eviction of Da’Vonne and her great Diary Rooms.

Rob asks how Rachel how she knew about Liz being a twin back in preseason. Rachel says that her and Ryan Carrillo research all the houseguests before they do preseason interviews, which includes digging into all their social media accounts. However, when Rachel asked Liz about her twin when interviewing her, Liz said she did not have a twin, just an older sister. Rachel was worried that they had accidentally spoiled the twin twist!

The panel discusses about how everyone at this point knows or is highly suspicious that Liz has a twin, except for Audrey. She is still isolated from the rest of the house.

Rachel comments that she really wants the twins to make it past five evictions, but thinks it would be smart for the other players to vote Liz out now. Brendon thinks that they could be used as votes for a side, and should not be voted out.

Back to Audrey, Rachel was disappointed that due to the TMZ leak about Audrey being transgender, she did not get to interview her. Rob compares Audrey’s current position in the house to Brendon in season 12 after Rachel left. They speculate that Audrey could bounce back from this, and could potentially have a great Final Two speech.

Talk shifts to nominations. Vanessa wanted Austin to be dethroned so that she could remain HoH. Rachel thinks that Austin is very smart in nominating Jason and Meg because they will probably not be able to retaliate. Also, he is letting Vanessa get the blood on her hands. Rachel says that people do not generally remember the HoH that gets dethroned, so Austin should be able to blend back in pretty easily. Rob and Brendon say that it is only a good idea to try to be dethroned if you really trust the other HoH. They mention Kaysar throwing the HoH competition to Jennifer in Big Brother 6, then being evicted as a result.

They bring up how John has thrown the past two BoB’s, but won veto last week. Rob asks if he could become a target if people figure out what he has been doing. Brendon says that no one will bother with him this early, but he could be seen as a threat down the road.

Rob brings up the TMZ story about Jeff allegedly putting a “bodily fluid” on Julia’s back while they are in bed having a conversation. They agree that they story is completely false, but admit that Jeff is creepy. Rob says that TMZ later updated the story and cleared Jeff’s name, but in very small print, and the article stayed up.
In the first viewer question segment, Rachel says the she likes John better than she thought she would preseason, but she was wrong about Jace. She thought Jace was going to be in final three. In a twin question, Rachel says that there are no positives to keeping the twins, as they will only be loyal to each other, and may switch alliances when they are both in the house. On a question about Austin getting an “idiot edit,” Taran replies that he does have his head in the clouds – he has a crush on the twins and Jackie. After a question about Jeff and Jackie, Brendon and Rachel say that they were surprised that a more interesting Amazing Race couple was not chosen to be on Big Brother instead, and that Jeff and Jackie have been disappointing.


Taran reports that Audrey, Shelli, and Austin were drawn to play in veto (John drew houseguest’s choice and picked Austin), and John won the veto. Vanessa is angry with Austin for throwing it to John in the final round. Jeff is the likely replacement nominee.

Rachel says that Vanessa decided to make up a reason to fight with Jeff to make him look bad and give her an excuse to nominate him. She thinks that Vanessa is making herself look bad by being an emotional wreck. Taran comments that Vanessa was making a drama-based reason to put Jeff on the block instead of a strategic one. Rob asks if Vanessa even needs a reason, to which Rachel replies that Vanessa could say she is nominating Jeff just because he is best friends with James. Taran compares Vanessa’s move to one made by Tony Vlachos from Survivor: Cagayan. They all agree that Vanessa is overplaying and is too intense. Taran says that the other side of the house (not aligned with Vanessa) thinks that Audrey is to blame for the drama with Jeff.

Taran says that Jeff will probably be the one to go home, but he may try to expose Meg, Jason, and James as a trio in order to save himself. Taran thinks that Vanessa has done well with the twin twist information, and has used it to form many alliances, both one-on-ones and larger groups.

The next viewer-question segment starts, and the first one is about Jackie, Steve, and Becky being invisible. Taran says that Steve is in the Freaks and Geeks alliance with Vanessa, Austin, and the twins. Brendon brings up how Liz hangs out with people on the other side of the house. Taran comments that Austin was mad at Liz for sharing a bed with James one night. A question comes in about there possibly being a house divide with the emergence of the Sixth Sense alliance. Rachel says it would never happen, because the alliance will turn on each other when the opposite side is in power. Another question asks what Austin’s path to the end is, and Rachel thinks that he needs to lay low and not win more HoH’s. Rob and Brendon say that Austin might not really be playing.

Rachel’s pick to win is Steve. Brendon does not have a pick, but says it will be someone he does not expect right now.

Special thanks to Luke Adams for this episode recap.

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