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Big Brother 17 | Episode 12 Recap with Adam Poch


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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 12 LIVE on Sunday, July 19, 2015 with special guest, Adam Poch, and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Taran Armstrong.

Adam Poch is the guest on this episode 12 recap, along with live feed reporter Taran Armstrong. On this episode, Rob, Adam, and Taran discuss Sunday’s episode, which included nominations and Battle of the Block, as well as what has been going on with live feeds since Thursday’s episode.

The show starts off talking about the 90’s theme for the week in the Big Brother house. Adam and Rob talk about how they haven’t had any guests, and list some people that were famous in the 90’s that production should have asked to be on the show.

Discussion moves on to Shelli being HoH. She says she doesn’t want to make decisions or get blood on her hands, but she has won two HoH competitions already.

Adam says that Shelli actually enjoys having power, and has been getting Clay to do some of her dirty work. Clay was the one who talked to John about going on the block. John was very reluctant and wanted to say no, but ultimately agreed. Adam says it’s understandable, because John is afraid that if he tells them no, he could become a target. Rob comments on the lack of game talk from Liz concerning her nominations. Adam comments that Austin has a lot of power over her.

Rob asks Adam what he thinks about Clay. Adam responds that Clay has done well with communicating within his alliance, but Clay ultimately has no idea what he is doing. Rob thinks that Clay and Shelli defy their expected roles as a showmance. Shelli has won the competitions, and Clay has tried to work his agenda by manipulating her. Rob also brings up that their relationship is odd. She treats him like a little boy, and brings up that she called him “Poopyhead.”

Rob brings up Austin’s name. Adam thinks that Austin knows what to do, but not how to do it. He seems suspicious, and people don’t trust him when he tries to make a side alliance with them.

Talk shifts to Vanessa. Taran says Shelli has her total trust in Vanessa, and that is one of Vanessa’s biggest assets. Adam comments that she had HoH-itis last week, and dislikes her excuse of not putting up Audrey. He also says that she is in a good alliance right now and has a lot of power, but it goes to her head.

The Shelli and Audrey talk gets brought up. Audrey had told Shelli that Jason was coming after her so that Shelli would put him up. When Shelli goes back to talk to her about it, Audrey backtracks, saying that Shelli was the one that said it first. Shelli was irate. Adam says that Audrey usually likes to cause chaos after the veto ceremony; she had poor timing this week.

Rob brings up that James wins the award for the worst analogy of the season. He said in the Diary Room about him and Jackie trying to win the comp that it was like trying to get a bill passed in Congress.


Taran explains the downfall of Audrey. She was talking bad about Vanessa to Shelli, and Shelli in turn told it back to Vanessa. Vanessa really wanted to backdoor her at that point. Vanessa also won veto. Adam thinks that it’s a good move for Shelli to backdoor Audrey. Rob agrees, and says that she is not trustworthy at all.

Taran says that this morning on the live feeds, Clay and Audrey got into a big argument about loyalty and trust. Clay went up to the HoH room to tell it to Shelli and Vanessa, and Audrey followed him up there. There was another long fight.

It was Clay, Vanessa, Shelli against Audrey. They called her out on her many lies. However, Audrey was telling the truth on some things, especially regarding deals that Vanessa has made with her and others. Clay and Shelli did not believe Audrey, though.

Rob comments that it would have been better for the Silent Six alliance to not win HoH this week, so that someone on the other side of the house could have gotten rid of Audrey instead. Now, Audrey is going around spilling all of their secrets.

Taran continues the live feed report. Audrey went to James and told him everything about the alliance of Austin, Liz, Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa. James told Becky, Jackie, and Meg. Clay ultimately shut down the conversation James was having with Meg.

Taran thinks that this will not help Audrey stay in the house, comparing it to Da’Vonne letting the twin twist secret spread across the house.

Rob asks Taran if the other side of the house will align against the Silent Six now that Audrey has exposed them. Taran says probably not, because Shelli does not trust Austin, so alliances might be shifting anyway.

Taran says that Vanessa is the player of the moment. Audrey can see how good of a game Vanessa is playing, but no one believes her when she tries to expose Vanessa’s game. Taran compares Vanessa to Derrick, but she is too messy and emotional. Rob brings up Jason. Taran says that Jason has done well doing damage control with Shelli and Clay. He connects with people well, he just does not try to do it often enough. Taran reveals that Vanessa will likely use the veto on Jason in order to make a deal to get safety from him, James, and Meg.

Taran thinks that Audrey does not have a good chance of staying, as she already gave away all her information, but Rob thinks she has a fighting chance. They bring up that many of the houseguests believe that Audrey is America’s Player, but Audrey thinks that it’s Steve. Adam appreciates that production does not tell them if there is an America’s Player or not, as it adds to the drama.

Rob brings up these monologues that Steve does for the cameras on live feeds. He reveals his plans, but he never follows through with them. This week he wanted Meg to go on the block, so that he could win HoH next week and get Audrey out.

Special thanks to  Luke Adams for this episode recap.

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