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Rob Cesternino to recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 36 LIVE on Sunday, September 13, 2015 and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Taran Armstrong.

Rob starts with Vanessa’s edit on tonight’s show. He thinks it may have been the most “crazy” edit that she has gotten so far. Taran says that she looked worse when she fought with Clay about John. Rob says that Vanessa is frustrated with everyone else’s lies and deals with each other, even though that is what a player is supposed to do at this point in the game. She even told John to make a deal with Austin last week, and then forgot and was angry with him for it.

Rob brings up that Vanessa ultimately decided to target John and Steve. Taran says that John’s video from home convinced her that they were sending John a message telling him to work with Steve, since their alliance is called the Rockstars. Taran thinks that Vanessa has made many blunders lately. After the veto controversy last week, she didn’t do enough to get the twins back on her side. She then should have kept Julia, because she would likely be more loyal to Vanessa than to Austin. Vanessa should have also thrown HoH so that the pairs would go after each other, and she could still play in the final four HoH competition. Taran says that there was a chance she would be a replacement nominee, but it was a risk she should have taken. It could be a potentially game-ending mistake. He thinks her chances went from about 60% to 45%. Rob asks what a Vanessa v. Austin final two would look like, and Taran says it would be very close. He thinks Austin has a huge chance to win the game.

Rob brings up the luxury prize that Liz won, which took up a lengthy segment on the show. He figured that Frankie would be back this season for something. He wonders what the purpose was exactly, and if Ariana Grande paid for an advertisement on the show. He and Taran note that it was not at all received well by fans.

A fan question asks why Austin has the most success in dealing with Vanessa. Taran says that Vanessa could control him pretty easily. He begged her to stay in the game, and that gave her power over him. He has also done a good job in being consistent with his story that he would take her to final two, even over Liz.

Taran thinks that Vanessa should not have put up John and Steve together, because Liz and Austin would want to vote out Steve, even if Vanessa’s target was John. Rob comments that Vanessa said she wanted to get rid of John because he is the “goat” that everyone wants to bring to final two because he has no HoH wins. However, in her nomination speech she noted that he was a huge challenge threat. Taran says that may have been to get Austin and Liz on board to vote him out, since they were convinced that John had no chance at winning.

Taran updates the live feeds. John won the veto, and Austin was the replacement nominee. John told Vanessa he wants to evict Steve, not Austin, and it seems to be true. Taran thinks this is a very bad move for John, and he references a lot of statistics. Taran’s detailed analysis can be found here: As of now, Taran’s read is that John genuinely wants to evict Austin. John told Steve that he needs to go convince Vanessa to convince John to keep Steve. Basically, John wants to make sure that Vanessa actually wants to keep Steve, and have it not come from himself. Taran also notes that Steve said he wants to go home, but he also wants to stay to play and take out Vanessa to build his jury resume. Taran says that it is better for Vanessa to keep Steve. Based on a candy diagram that Vanessa laid out, Taran thinks that Vanessa will try to evict John in final four. #LuxuryPunishment

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