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Rob Cesternino to recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 33 LIVE on Sunday, September 6, 2015 with special guest Spencer Clawson and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Taran Armstrong.

Rob Cesternino is joined by Spencer Clawson and Taran Armstrong to discuss Episode 33 of Big Brother 17. In the episode, Steve won HoH and nominated Austin and Liz for eviction.

Rob starts off by talking about Thursday night show. He is asking why John and Steve chose to evict Meg over Julia. Spencer thinks it was a good move, especially since Liz won HoH in the double eviction. He comments that the fans were extremely upset at John and Steve for doing so. Taran says that it would have been a good move for them to evict Julia, but by the time they thought about it may have been too late. They needed to secure deals with Meg and James and talk to Vanessa. Besides, James and Meg did not campaign to them very much or offer deals. Ultimately, it kept them safe in the double eviction. Spencer says that Steve doesn’t want to break ties with Vanessa, and compares their relationship to Dan and Danielle in season 14. Taran thinks that Steve is not as loyal to Vanessa as it might seem, and that he is more loyal to John.

They all agree that it was a bad move for Austin and the twins to take out James instead of John. Rob asks if Vanessa is to credit for John staying in the house during the double. Spencer says that she made sure James would be the main target, and the move benefited her the most. Taran says that John did a lot of work as well by making Austin feel more comfortable with him. Vanessa made Austin think that James was coming after the Austwins, based on a speech he gave.

They begin to discuss the Scamper Squad, since it was brought up in the episode. Spencer says that the alliance was basically created to bring in Steve as an extra number for Vanessa and Austwins, but he was expendable to them. Taran comments that it was originally the Freaks and Geeks alliance from very early in the game. Vanessa has set it up so that she is closest to Steve, but the others think that they are closer to him.

Taran says that regarding nominations, Steve felt more comfortable with Austin than the twins. However, Vanessa convinced him to put him up with Liz, to decrease the chances of the person in the trio that is off the block (Julia) winning the veto. Rob says that it seems like no one can pinpoint that Vanessa is the mastermind. Spencer says that Vanessa is always hustling and has good relations with everybody. People think that they need her as a number. Taran says that Vanessa makes other people out as a bigger target, and convinces the HoH that it is not in his/her best interest to target her. They agree that Steve made the right nominations.

Taran brings up that Steve is skeptical that John could be America’s Player, because he has been throwing comps. Taran also says that John has been playing well lately, and it was a great move to throw the HoH competition to Steve. He can still play for next week, and he doesn’t get any blood on his hands. Spencer says that he is set up well to get to the finals. He wanted to become the “goat” that everybody wants to take, which may be why he wanted Meg out.


Taran gives the updates on the live feeds. The veto competition was hosted by Jessie Godderz (BB10, BB11). It was the Bowlerina competition from Big Brother 15 that split up Amanda and McCrae. Austin won the veto. It was elimination-style, which caused some drama. Julia asked Vanessa whom she should pick to go up against, and she told her to pick Austin. After the competition, Austin was very upset at Vanessa and expressed this to the twins, who went back and told Vanessa. She and Austin got in a fight, but it eventually smoothed over. Austin said that he is not like Clay, and won’t give up his game.

Spencer was glad that Austin won. He likes his social game, and has been able to coast for a long time. He was in trouble early on, but turned it around and got in a big alliance. Spencer sees Austin as very tactical, and it has been hard to break up him and the twins.

Taran goes on to say that Julia and Liz were extremely mad at Austin, and Vanessa was working to turn them against him. Liz and Austin were having a really bad fight, but they are now back together. Julia is the planned replacement nominee. Vanessa has been telling the twins that they can choose which one will stay in the house this week. However, she and John eventually agreed that Liz should go, so nobody really know what Vanessa’s true intentions are.

Taran thinks that Vanessa will want Steve gone next, and that she would want Julia and John in final three. Rob thinks that a Vanessa win (of the season) is impending. Taran says that Austin and Julia will want to take out Steve, and John and Steve will want Austin out. Spencer says that Vanessa is in a good spot, positioned in themiddle between the two sides. Rob says that he read about a conversation between Austin and Vanessa in which Austin proposed that he throw the final three HoH to Vanessa if they are there with Julia, so that he would not have to evict her and make Liz mad. Taran says that Austin was probably not being genuine, and that he would probably take Julia to the end in that scenario.

Special thanks to Luke Adams for the episode recap.


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