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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 22 LIVE on Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 with special guest, Eric Stein, and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Alex Kidwell.

Previously on Big Brother: Becky crushed the field to win Head of Household for the week and wanted to make it count. Johnny Mac shrewdly noted that every time Vanessa engineered a fight with someone, that someone went home shortly after; this concerned him because she had just engineered a fight involving him. Becky told almost everyone of her plan: nominate Steve and Shelli and then backdoor Vanessa after the Power of Veto. Becky then told Vanessa that Johnny Mac is the target if someone is vetoed, but then refuses to make any sort of deal with Vanessa for future weeks. Step one was completed when Steve and Shelli found themselves on the block.

We open on Day 51 as the nomination ceremony ends.

Becky kicks things off in the Diary Room and tells us that Vanessa believes that Johnny Mac is the backdoor target. Then Steve DRs that he and Becky don’t get along on a strategic level and that he wants to win Veto to save himself and then target Becky next week. Steve’s irrational dislike for Becky might be my favorite part of this season. Vanessa gives us the last of the confessional parade and says that Becky’s refusal to make a deal makes her think she might be a backdoor target.

Becky and Shelli are talking in the Head of Household room and Becky reassures Shelli that Vanessa is the target. She also says that she wants the blood on her hands and Shelli says she’s happy to stay out of it. I am remarkably impressed with both of them in this conversation… no joke.

Steve is alone talking to the cameras again. Steve says that he thinks that every word of Becky’s nomination speech was incorrect that he’s been saying for weeks that he wants to get rid of Becky. I still don’t understand why he’s so riled up about Becky, but I’m loving it.

Vanessa talks to Shelli next and says that she only trusts Shelli since everyone else in the house flip flops. You know the type: tell everyone that they’re going to back door Austin and then freak out about nothing and change the target to Jason? Yeah, flip floppers.

Shelli then DRs that she wants to tell Vanessa that she’s the real backdoor target, but that she can’t because she has to look out for herself. Vanessa tells Shelli that she needs to pick Vanessa if she draws Houseguest’s choice.

Cut to the living room and Jackie gets to get out of her punishment costume. Rather than head to a bedroom and disrobe in private, she celebrates with a bit of a striptease. James is excited like you’d expect, but he doesn’t do anything inappropriate, surprisingly.

Vanessa DRs that she’s going to try and get Steve to make her Houseguest’s choice. She talks to him and tells him that she wants that because she can keep herself safe and pull him off. She also tells him that if Shelli picks Vanessa with Houseguest’s choice that she’ll pull Shelli off. This was smart, I think, as it makes perfect sense and Steve is analytic enough to respect the decision and the honesty. Vanessa may not be emotionally stable, but she is playing well when she’s in control.

We move to Shelli and Johnny Mac talking. They discuss the plan to backdoor Vanessa and say that they need to make sure that no one knows. John DRs that he wants to stay close to Shelli because he doesn’t have many allies with Clay gone. Shelli asks who to pick for Houseguest’s choice and John says to pick him. Shelli says that she is worried what Vanessa will think. Shelly DRs that she feels good about Johnny Mac and that she needs him now.

John and Steve talk. John tells Steve that Vanessa’s the target. You’re really doing good work on that “keeping the plan a secret” thing, John. He then asks Steve to pick him for the Veto competition if Steve gets Houseguest’s choice. Steve DRs that he wants to tell Vanessa what’s happening but that he can’t since it will make him a bigger target. Don’t worry, Steve, at this rate Johnny Mac will have told Vanessa twice within the hour.

John then tells Steve that if he wins the Veto he’s going to pull Shelli off the block. John, I love your DRs but now that you’re awake and playing you should probably go back to just entertaining us. Maybe try yelling at people in a funny manner some more?

Steve takes us to break talking to himself again. He worries that his two closest allies hate each other and that he has no idea what to do. He ends the scene saying “Mom, I need you right now.” Adorable, ladies and gentlemen.

After break, Liz and Austin are cuddling in the hammock and she says that they’re the last showmance standing. Liz then DRs that the showmance was for game at first but that it’s become something more. She finishes the confessional by saying that she hopes she can get him to cut his beard. You and every person that has ever seen him, Liz.

Into the living room for the Veto competition picks!

Becky picks Austin’s chip and Shelli creates some drama by drawing the Houseguest’s Choice chip. She looks pained but picks Vanessa. Johnny Mac DRs that he’s freaking out. This is nothing new, John.Steve picks Meg’s chip and Meg DRs that she’s ready to rock this veto and backdoor Vanessa. Meg, unless they add a wearing messed up glasses contest, there is no competition in Big Brother that you are “ready to rock.”

Cut to John and Steve talking after the ceremony and they’re both upset. Steve DRs that he isn’t happy because Vanessa will use the Veto to save Shelli. John and Shelli talk and Shelli says she didn’t know what to do and she didn’t want to upset Vanessa. John DRs that it wouldn’t have mattered because Vanessa would be gone. John begs Shelli to win and Shelli says in the DR that John looks unhappy, but that Vanessa is her closest ally in the house and Shelli’s best chance to be saved.

The Veto competition begins and it’s the comic book competition from last year. The players will zip line past a rack of comic books that feature the Houseguests on the covers. The players will then take comics from a bin and place them in the same order that they appear on the rack. To add to the degree of difficulty, each comic will have two versions in the bin with only a small difference to separate them. The players must find the correct version of each book and place them all in the correct order. The fastest player wins the Power of Veto.

There’s a montage of all the players going through the competition and giving us DRs about their strategies. All six players complete the challenge and after a commercial break we see the results:

Meg: 15:37
Becky: 17:02
Shelli: 25:31
Austin: 21:20
Steve: 13:57
Vanessa: 21:44

Steve wins the veto and DRs that he’s happy to be safe for a week. Becky DRs that she’s happy Steve won because she doesn’t have to do anymore dirty work to put Vanessa up. Uhhhhhh… Becky? Remember earlier when you said you wanted blood on your hands from this? I do. Vanessa DRs that she’s nervous because she has a feeling that Becky won’t put Johnny Mac on the block.

Vanessa talks to James and asks if Becky has said she’s still putting up John. James stutters a bunch and Vanessa says that he’s lying. James says that he hasn’t been consulted on any of the decisions this week. James DRs that he needs to get out of the room ASAP and he couldn’t be more right. Back in the room, James says that he’s trying to stay out of everything this week.

Vanessa goes into the HoH room to talk with Becky. Becky is drinking wine and Vanessa says she’s concerned because John is Becky’s buddy. Vanessa tells Becky to remember that Vanessa extra blood on her hands to put Jason up and save Becky. Becky DRs that she doesn’t owe Vanessa anything. Becky tells her that Vanessa is paranoid every week and then tells her that she’s safe; Becky is flat out lying here and doing it well. Vanessa has diarrhea of the mouth for a minute and Becky finishes the scene with a great DR saying that Vanessa is still the target.

In the Have Nots room, James, Meg, Jackie and Austin are talking when Vanessa walks in. She says that she talked to Becky and then DRs that she’s excited because even though she and Becky don’t “speak each other’s languages,” Vanessa is safe. Becky walks in after Vanessa is gone and is very pleased with herself for her performance in convincing Vanessa.

Back from break and straight to the Veto Ceremony. No preamble, Steve just saves himself. Becky nominates Vanessa saying that she’s seen Vanessa has worked with several people only to cast them off once they are no longer useful. Vanessa takes a seat and looks like she’s unsure if she wants to cry or throw her chair through a wall.

Vanessa DRs that she’s hurt and thinks that Becky is being emotional not logical. She knows this because she’s spent the past few weeks doing extensive studies in the subject of “playing Big Brother with Zero control on your emotions.” Becky DRs that her plan is almost working out too well… and she’s jinxed it, folks. Johnny Mac ends the episode doing what he does best and DRs that there’s going to be tears and yelling and then he just stops talking and giggles. You’re back on my good side, J-Mac.

See you next week!

Special thanks to Maximillian Ayco for this episode recap.

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