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Big Brother 17 Episode 17 Recap with Ian Terry


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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 17 LIVE on Thursday, July 30, 2015 with regular guest, Ian Terry, BB14 winner,  and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Brent Wolgamott.

Rob Cesternino, Ian Terry and Brent Wolgamott are live on 30th July, 2015 to recap episode 17 of Big Brother 17 where Jason sadly became the 5th houseguest evicted and Julie announce that the battle of block is over.

Brent is celebrating now that the battle of the block is finished for the rest of the season, Ian thinks that five weeks is the perfect length for the battle of the block. Ian thinks that the end of the battle of the block is a big benefit for the people in the minority because only one of them has to win HoH now.

Rob thinks that it was the right decision to evicted Jason tonight because he would have won this competition hands down. Ian says that the sorter people are going to be better at this competition due to their low centre of masses.

Brent thinks that Shelli and Clay should be panicking now that battle of the block is over because they are now very vulnerable to be put up. Ian called a couple weeks ago that Clay and Shelli will be on the block on week 6 and if the power falls a certain way it will happen.

Rob thought that Vanessa came out of this whole situation very well and with very little blood on her hands. Most people are annoyed with Clay and Shelli instead. Ian thinks that this is a very good sign for the future. Brent feels a lot better about the week Vanessa had after tonight, he doesn’t think that Vanessa will be targeted this week.

Ian feels that Jason’s problem was that he fell on the wrong side early on and could never manage to get back on to the other side. Brent had a problem with Jason’s campaign to stay, Jason made his argument very late in the week but Brent wishes he actually stirred up stuff and fought harder. Ian thought it would have been better of Jason went to Clay and Shelli with his allies and then make his argument. Rob thought that Jason came off incredibly desperate during his conversation with Clay and Shelli. Ian thought that Jason’s interview was very entertaining.

Ian thinks that Austin will have a big wake up call now that both twins are in the house because Liz is going to look out for Julia way before she will look out for Austin. Brent and Ian thinks that ultimately this will be very bad for Austin and Ian thinks that Austin will be out before the twins. Brent feels that Liz should be targeted before Julia because she is the glue that holds Austin and Julia together. Rob speculates that Julia may put Austin on the block if she wins HoH but Brent does not think that will happen.

Ian thinks that the battle of the block ending will hurt Vanessa’s game because it adds a lot more variance to the game. Overall Ian is extremely happy that the battle of the block is over and Ian really hopes that he doesn’t see it next season. Rob thinks that only person who might still be in the house if the battle of the block wasn’t in play was Jason.

Rob, Ian and Brent now discuss what we know about the current HoH competition and the events on the live feed during that last few days.

Brent goes through the house guests who have already fallen off and who looks strong. Ian thinks that James has the best chance to win this, Brent is afraid that someone may convince James to step off. Rob questions whether if it’s a good idea for Shelli to win her third HoH competition. Brent notes that Jackie is in serious danger if someone from the other side wins HoH so she needs to fight hard.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for this recap. 


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