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Big Brother 17 | Episode 16 Recap with Donny Thompson

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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 16 LIVE on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 with special guest, BB16’s Donny Thompson, and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Alex Kidwell.

Previously on Big Brother: Vanessa and Jackie won HoH, prompting the house and America to wonder who Jackie is. Austin put together a plan to ensure that he and Liz get to the jury by sacrificing Julia once the twins are both in the house. He revealed the twin twist to Jason and explained his plan. Jason, being a vault, kept the information to himself; just kidding, Jason told the world. Vanessa, Shelli and Clay were less than happy that Austin is both plotting against a Sixth Sense member and giving the house information. Together they came up with an elaborate plan to backdoor Austin that involved Jackie remaining Head of Household. Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky while Jackie nominated James and Liz with James telling them he would throw it. The steaks were high as the winners of the BoB and the HoH would get a dinner from Outback Steakhouse (pun intended). Despite James’ efforts, Clay and Becky were unable to seal the deal and Jackie was dethroned leaving Vanessa in power with Clay and Becky on the block.

Shelli kicks off the episode in the DR telling us that Clay is still on the block and that she wasn’t prepared for it; her slippers aren’t going to get themselves, after all. Vanessa worries that this will lead to her getting more blood on her hands since she’ll have to be the one pulling the trigger on Austin now.

Cut to James and he is worried that he has to do damage control since he was supposed to throw the competition and his team won. Becky and Clay don’t seem to upset with James and Clay tells us in the Diary Room that he and Becky “just fell short.”

Becky DRs that being on the block is bad because the plan might change and she could go home. Yes, Becky, that’s what being on the block means: you might go home. With such insights coming from Becky, we can expect 5-8 DRs per episode from her for the rest of the season.

Later, Clay tells Johnny Mac that he just has to win the Veto. Johnny DRs that he’s used to it and takes pleasure in Clay’s anxiety. Back in the room, John tells him not to worry and to be calm until the players for the Veto competition are drawn. He doesn’t tell Clay if it’s ok to freak out after that.

Liz tells Austin that she thinks James threw the Battle of the Block since she did everything. Then she DRs that she hopes he didn’t, but that all signs point to yes. Austin DRs that if James was throwing the competition that the target may be Liz, not Steve as Vanessa and company had led him to believe. Austin goes to the HoH room and talks to Vanessa. He tells her about Liz’s theory that James threw the BoB. Vanessa DRs that she’s not working with Austin anymore which is weird for her since Austin thinks they are. Let’s keep an eye on how many times Vanessa references the fact that she’s working against Austin… that was number one. This should be fun.

Austin and Liz are in bed snuggling. Liz DRs that she and Austin are besties but that she’s not romantically attracted to him and that she’s “in a pickle” since Austin is beginning to develop romantic feelings for her. Liz stops cuddling to look at the ceiling (note to Austin: if a girl jumps out of bed with you to look at the ceiling, you’re never getting anywhere) and when she lies back down Austin moves right back in, grabs her and kisses her. Liz responds “I hate yoooooooooooooou.”

Liz DRs that she wasn’t expecting him to kiss her and Austin DRs that Liz was shy after the kiss but that they both enjoyed it. Normally I’d be stoked for this as Austin is a new level of cluelessness, but it feels pretty creepy. Protip, Austin: if you have to grab a woman’s face and hold it in place in order to keep her from pulling away from a kiss, she’s not that in to you.

We head to the living room to pick players for the veto competition. Vanessa picks the Houseguests’ choice chip and chooses Shelli who is wearing knee socks. Knee socks ain’t gonna make you Clay’s age, honey. Shelli DRs that she’s happy that she gets to play so that she can save her puppy and help get Austin put on the block.

Clay picks Johnny Mac’s chip and Becky picks Liz. Vanessa tells us in the DR that she’s concerned that Liz is getting to play since she’d be likely to keep the nominations the same as she doesn’t know about the plan to get rid of Austin.

Pre-Veto competition we see Jackie, Becky, Vanessa and Shelli in the HoH room.

Vanessa says that they can either go forward with Liz in the dark or tell Liz the plan. They all discuss it and Vanessa says that Austin’s going up no matter what (this is number two). Shelli says wait until the Veto competition is over before talking to Liz.

We go to break and when we return we have another fun Steve moment. He’s notices that a camera is following his movements and begins talking to it. He walks up to it, looks it over and then the scene ends with him leaving and the camera frames him in a heart. I want to put this guy in my little pocket.

Jason is the host for the veto competition. For the competition, the competitors are dressed as squirrels and Clay DRs that Shelli’s tail is making him crazy. For this competition, the players have to roll a “nut” up one side of an incline and then down the other side. While it’s rolling, they have to run to the other side and catch it before it hits the ground. The first player to do this 250 times without letting it hit the ground wins.

Clay takes an early lead and we get to see Liz drop hers several times. Becky is in second and no one else is in striking distance. Becky gets several DRs here, bringing to fruition my earlier prediction. She does say “if this squirrel girl doesn’t get her game face on, she could be road kill” at one point… I wonder if Becky should be evoking imagery of her face and things getting hit by moving vehicles.

Clay claims in the Diary Room that this competition ranks with the more physically demanding workouts as a Texas A&M football player. Are we certain that he isn’t talking about the time Shelli threw him a football and he brought it back to her while he’s wearing his Texas A&M sweatpants?

Clay is the only one to go over 100 early on but eventually John breaks the century mark, as well. Clay hits 200 with John around 130 and Becky at 120 but Becky drops hers sending her back to zero. Becky is visibly shaken and we get my favorite DR of the season as Steve tells us that seeing Becky’s misery when she went back to zero delighted him. I have no idea why he wants Becky to be miserable, but his impish glee in this DR is UH-MAY-ZING.

Clay ends up having to stop to take a breather when he hits 209, but after a drink of water he’s back in it. John is still putting up a fight but in the end Clay hits 250 and the Veto is his. Becky is openly crying (in the DR and at the competition) and Vanessa DRs that she’s happy that Liz didn’t win so that she can complete her plan and backdoor Austin (and that’s number three).

After a commercial break, Clay DRs that the Veto competition was a good old fashioned Texas [email protected]$-whooping. Apparently, in Texas you spend five weeks sucking at every competition you’re a part of and then win something to whoop someone. Vanessa pulls Liz and Shelli into the HoH room to have the talk with her, because there is no way she’s changing her mind. Liz tells the two of them that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of whatever’s coming. Vanessa tells Liz about Jason’s revelation and Liz says she knew about that Austin was going to tell Jason that. Vanessa continues tells her that Austin was working to get Julia out once both twins were in the house so that Austin could be in the jury house with Liz. Liz DRs that Austin made a foolish move and that she thinks that he wouldn’t jeopardize either twin’s game. It appears that she’s as good at reading Austin as Austin is at reading her.

Back in the HoH room, Liz tells Shelli and Vanessa to remember that Austin is a vote. Shelli and Vanessa discuss this and Vanessa decides that she needs to talk to Austin. She sends Shelli to get Austin and DRs that she doesn’t want to blindside Austin. Um… what? You spent the first half of the episode rejoicing in the fact that you were going to blindside him, but sure.

Vanessa tells Austin that his back is against the wall. Vanessa tells him that Liz is a huge target and Austin interrupts to say he’s falling in love with Liz. We’re in full creepy-town now. Austin says he was talking to Jason as an insurance policy, nothing more. Vanessa says that the only person he can trust is her and then she starts crying. Austin freaks out and says he messed up. Austin asks if he’s being put up and Vanessa says it’s a possibility. Austin begs not to and says he would never do anything against her; after all, she’s not salting his game with his paramour.

He goes on and says he was scared and made a bad decision. Vanessa says that she thinks he’s a good guy and says Austin is an idiot that made an emotional move. As an expert in making emotional moves, she’s qualified to determine this. Vanessa is now concerned because she gave her word to the house that Austin was the replacement. Austin begs a bit more and Vanessa says if he can get Shelli and Clay on his side she’ll find another nominee.

Back from break, Austin goes to talk to Slay. Austin begins by telling them that he’s falling in love with Liz and that he’s upset that Jason told them what he said. Shelli presses Austin to be honest and he reiterates that he’s in love with Liz and playing emotionally. Austin says he’s angry that Jason betrayed him. Clay says that he’s worried that Austin getting emotional is an issue and Shelli says that with four people, they can’t afford to lose a number. The conversation ends with Shelli saying that it’s not in their best interest to see Austin go home.

Vanessa calls everyone to the living room to decide who gets to go on the Outback reward that was earned. Each of the people that earned the trip gets to pick one person to go with them. Vanessa picks Becky, Liz picks Austin and James goes with Clay, despite a cute DR from Meg in which she tells him that with a couple of drinks he could get somewhere. After his pick she tells him not to crawl back to her when Clay doesn’t put out.

We have a long product placement scene where we see that Outback Steakhouse makes tasty steaks. James makes things awkward when he says that the only thing that would make this “date” perfect is a kiss, looking at the women. Clay deftly handles the request and James appears to be satisfied.Bills paid, we go back into the house and see that Shelli is now concerned about losing a number. Vanessa is worried that by keeping Austin, she will get more blood on her hands. Vanessa now thinks that keeping him is a good idea but she needs another target. Vanessa declines to put up Jackie since she gave her word that Jackie was safe this week. Jason is brought up and Vanessa perks up since he’s the only strategist left outside of The Sixth Sense alliance. Vanessa starts crying again. She’s super weepy for someone that chides others for playing emotionally.

Before the Veto ceremony, Austin DRs that he thinks he’s repaired the breach with his allies but that he’s still worried. Vanessa DRs that she has to make a choice between sides of the house.

At the Veto ceremony, Clay vetoes himself and Shelli gives him a milkbone. Vanessa looks incredibly nervous as she gets up and says this is tough because she’s nominating someone she adores. Finally, she tells Jason he’s nominated. Meg, Jackie and Jason look stunned as Jason takes his seat.

Vanessa DRs that she’s feeling overwhelming emotions, which is good because the constant bawling wouldn’t have clued us into that. Jackie says in the DR that she’s blindsided and that she has no idea what is going on. Status Quo is what that’s called, I believe.

Austin DRs that Jason going up is the best thing that could happen to him since Jason betrayed him and tried to humiliate him. He finishes by saying that no one humiliates Judas. Oh, I’m pretty sure that one way or another, you’ll be humiliated by the end of your stay in the house, Austin.

The episode ends with a passionate confessional by Jason who says that Vanessa is a Scumbag B-word. He finishes up by saying that he’s not going to just roll over to make it easy for Vanessa and that if he stays in the house he’s going to “get that B-word.” If we lose him, it will be the worst as he’s one of the only people giving us good confessionals.

Predictions for the coming week:

  • Jason is (sadly) evicted
  • Shelli and Becky win HoH
  • Shelli puts up Austin and Steve & Becky puts up Meg and James
  • Meg and James win BoB
  • Shelli wins Power of Veto and doesn’t change the nominations
  • Steve is evicted

See you next week!

Special thanks to Maximillian Ayco for the recap.


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