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Big Brother 17 Episode 15 Recap with Jocasta Odom


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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 15 with special guest, BB16’s Jocasta Odom,  and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Brent Wolgamott.

Jocasta Odom of season 16 joins Rob and Brent to recap this episode of Big Brother on July 26, 2015 where we saw James and Liz win Battle of the Block to dethrone Jackie as Head of Household.

Rob starts the discussion with Austin’s plan to tell Jason information about the twins and making sure that Julia is targeted before Liz. Brent says that it makes no sense, and that it was a bad idea to tell Jason a secret because he talks so much, and he told it right to Meg, Shelli, and Vanessa. Austin should have talked to Vanessa first.

Rob says that the episode confirmed that Liz is not really into Austin as a showmance. It also showed that Julia does not like Austin at all. The panel was impressed that Julia refrained from telling Liz about Austin’s lie during the twin switch.

Rob thinks that Vanessa is starting to play the most dominant game in the house, similar to Derrick. Jocasta agrees, and says that Vanessa is playing the best game. Brent comments that on the live feeds she is not like Derrick at all. She does not hold her cards close. Vanessa and John are Jocasta’s favorites right now.

Rob compares Liz and Austin to Caleb and Amber from last season, in the sense that Austin is being creepy towards Liz. Jocasta says that it was very uncomfortable to be living with the situation between Caleb and Amber. She also reveals that at one time she tried to make Caleb jealous of Cody, by saying that Amber was spending time with him. She says that the houseguests need to find a way to break up Liz and Austin.

Rob asks if it is smarter for Vanessa to target Austin because he messed up, or someone who is obviously on the other side of the house. Jocasta thinks she should target Austin, because it wasn’t his first time messing things up. They can’t trust him anymore. She compares Austin to Joey from last season because they both talked game to too many people. She also agrees with Rob that Audrey played like Devin.

Rob asks what Jocasta thinks about Clay going up on the block as a volunteer. Jocasta thinks that it could be a good opportunity for the house to get him out, that the girls should come together and pick off the guys. Rob comments that it is a bad idea to have people throw BoB, because oftentimes it’s a crapshoot.

Rob says that Vanessa did not want to remain HoH this week. Jocasta says that is a bad idea; she should just suck it up and not back out of it. She can always blame her moves on other people if necessary. Rob brings up the 8-person Dark Moon alliance of Clay, Shelli, Becky, Vanessa, Jackie, James, Jason, and Meg, and how Vanessa smartly used it to get James to volunteer for the block. Brent says it is obviously too many people, but you have to agree to an alliance even if it’s a terrible idea.

When Jason told Shelli about what Austin said about the twins, Rob was impressed at her reaction. Jocasta comments that Shelli is a great liar and has a great social game. She thinks that she and Clay run that house. Rob think that Clay could be her Achilles’ heel and would do better alone. Jocasta says that they are doing better than Vanessa. Brent says that people will not forget about Vanessa at this point. She is too out in front and is winning competitions. They all agree that Vanessa should put up Austin in order to minimize the blood on her hands this week.


Brent gives the live feed updates. Liz, John, and Shelli were drawn for veto to play with Vanessa, Becky, and Clay. Some people were surprised that Vanessa picked Shelli when she drew Houseguest’s Choice. Clay won the veto, but it is unclear who will go on the block. Brent predicts Jackie at this point, but says that Austin and Jason are strong candidates as well. Vanessa is having trouble justifying nominating anyone but Austin, because she feels the need to give a reason for putting him or her up. Vanessa and Austin are tense right now, but their relationship is still salvageable. Austin lied to Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli about his “hinky vote” to evict John, but Julia had already told Vanessa about it. When Vanessa told Liz about what Austin said to Jason, Liz says that she doesn’t even like Austin at all. Vanessa confronts Austin about his lies. He begs her not to nominate him because he wants to make sure he goes to jury with Liz.

Rob asks if Vanessa could take a risk letting Austin stay, since her original plan was to backdoor him. He might hold it against her. Brent says that Vanessa has conflicting promises, because she told the Dark Moon alliance that Austin would be going, but she has allegiance to the Silent Six as well. Steve had told Vanessa about Jocasta getting voted out over Zach last season because Derrick realized that Zach was still a number on their side. He was making a case that they should keep Austin for the same reasons. Jocasta comments that Steve has done well observing and saying things at the right time.

Rob says that Vanessa should get rid of Austin, but if she is going to piss off the whole house, she should put up a bigger target than Jackie. Brent says that it was a horrible idea to agree to backdoor Austin in the first place, but she should just go through with it at this point. Brent brings up that Vanessa is 1000% sure that Jackie had the Last Laugh power in week 2, and thinks she can use it to justify getting Jackie out. They agree that the best move would be for her to get out Austin and use it to get closer to the twins. They close out the show by saying that a great twist would be bringing in Austin’s ex-girlfriend to confront him. #ConnorsTrain

Special thanks to Luke Adams for this episode recap.

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