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Big Brother 17 Episode 14 Recap with Jordan Parhar


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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 14 LIVE on Thursday, July 23, 2015 with special guest, BBCan3’s Jordan Parhar  and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Taran Armstrong.

Rob Cesternino, Jordan Parhar and Taran Armstrong are live on Thursday night, 23rd July 2015, to recap episode 14 of Big Brother 17 where we saw Audrey become the 4th house guests to be evicted.

Rob thinks that we might have the most interesting pairs of HoH for the battle of the block. Taran thinks it is the most unpredictable pair we could have had. Rob was a little disappointed in the way Big Brother handled Audrey’s exit because of the way she handled herself this week. Rob was really disappointed that we didn’t get to see any of the scenes of Audrey in the diary room and Rob feels that Big Brother was somewhat protecting Audrey.

Jordan has a little sympathy for Audrey because he knows what it is like not to win. Although Jordan was disappointed that Audrey didn’t go to the veto meeting. Rob just wants to know why she did what she did. Jordan thinks that Audrey wanted to self evict and that’s why she was in the diary room for so long. Rob did not think that Audrey was on a fix mental state during this period.

Jordan is concerned now that Audrey is out of the house because the feeds were a little boring when Audrey was in the diary room this week but Jordan is interested to see the new HoHs this week and Jordan is also hopeful about another takeover.

Taran informs us that Austin could be a potential target for the other side of the house because Austin gave the twin twist away to Jason. Rob speculates that Vanessa might nominate two people so they could win the battle of the block and let Jackie nominate Liz and Austin. Jordan agrees with rob and thinks that Jackie might have Rachel Reilly Big Brother 12 upside.

Rob thinks this is the season with the most hinky votes. Taran thinks Austin did the hinky vote in the hopes to frame Steve because the house is speculating that Steve may be America’s player. Jordan thinks that this hinky vote will blow up in his face.

Rob was surprised that there was no mention of a takeover this week especially because Britney Haynes was there. Jordan does not understand why Big Brother is just stopping doing takeover. John, Jason and Liz’s dance reminded Rob of when he is trying to get Dominic to do something on camera.

Rob is very happy that the fact that Audrey was the first ever transgender houseguests was a complete non factor this week both in and outside the house. Rob is happy that Audrey hardly mentioned it in the house and she just let her gameplay stand.

Jordan feels that Shelli will last longer in the game because Clay is such a physical threat but Jordan points out that Shelli is making herself a bigger target being associated with Clay. Taran adds that Clay is not running Shelli’s game.

Both Jordan and Taran agree that houseguests should throw this HoH comp because they have to call their targets out. Jordan was confused why Vanessa choose Jackie to go against James who was throwing it when she knew Jackie would put her up.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for this episode recap.


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