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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 13 LIVE on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 with special guest, Zach Rance, and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Alex Kidwell.
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Previously on Big Brother, Liz and Shelli began their reign by nominating Jackie & James and Jason & Johnny Mack, respectively. Audrey tried to convince Shelli that Jason was gunning for her but got caught in a lie leading Shelli to reevaluate their relationship. Jackie & James completed a giant comeback to win the Battle of the Block competition leaving Jason and John on the block. The losers of the competition and Liz have to dress and perform as a boy band (The Wackstreet boys) as a punishment.

In the Diary Room, Shelli tells us that she’s beginning to change her mind about not putting Audrey up for eviction. Liz DRs that even though her nominees lost the Battle of the Block, she feels safe with Shelli as Head of Household since Shelli is going to protect Liz and Julia.

James and Jackie celebrate their win and James says that he’s happy that they’re safe. James says in the DR that he’s going to eat cereal and watch the craziness. If Audrey’s firs t three weeks are any example, he’s going have quite a bit to watch.

Jason and Shelli talk in the pantry after the BoB competition and Shelli tells Jason that she’s rooting for him in the Veto competition. Jason DRs that he needs the veto or else he’s heading back to the basement he lives in.

Cut to Becky consoling Johnny Mac. John DRs that he’s used to playing in the veto competition but that he’s normally trying to lose the Battle of the Block to get there. Fortunately for him, he says, he’s got a good track record in Veto competitions. Pride goeth before the… 30 minutes from now Johnny Mack will be able to complete this quote.

Audrey tells James that she’s upset with Shelli because Shelli dimed her out to Jason. She tells James that Clay and Shelly are playing as a couple and that they need to be split up (correctly). James DRs that he wants to know why Audrey is telling him all of this and that he’s going to talk to Shelli and Clay. To recap: he’s going to talk to Shelli and Clay about the fact that Shelli and Clay might be a couple that needs to be split up.

James and Clay arrange an HoH room meeting with almost everyone but Audrey. James DRs that he’s on Shelly and Clay’s side. James tells them that Audrey was upset and eventually tells them that she said that the two of them need to be split up.

Later, Audrey tells Clay that she’s upset that Shelli threw her under the bus to Jason. Clay is trying to convince Audrey that she doesn’t need to be worried. Audrey asks Clay what will happen if the veto is used and Clay says he doesn’t know and Audrey pushes further asking Clay to swear on his life that Shelli won’t put him up. I don’t think that Audrey knows which one of them holds the leash. Clay ends the conversation by telling Audrey that she should try to win HoH next week.

In the HoH room, Shelly and Vanessa are talking about Audrey. Shelly says that she should not have told Jason that Audrey was the one that talked to her. Clay comes in and tells Shelli that Audrey was crying and that she is paranoid. Shelli tells us in confessional that she might have to put Audrey up as a backdoor but that it’s hard because she likes Audrey as a person.

Big Brother tells the Wackstreet Boys to go to the Diary Room for their first punishment dance. They’re dressed in white boy band outfits and they’ve been given new names. Liz is Bizness, Jason is J-Dawg and Johnny Mac is Mac Attack. Yes, because calling him Johnny Mac isn’t ridiculous enough.

John is impressed with his own chinstrap facial hair and they do their first number on the sky bridge. The dancing is awful, but Jackie seems to think that they’re amazing. They also wear microphones despite the fact that they aren’t really singing. Those microphones are a metaphor for your game, Jackie… think about it.

We move to the veto picks with Shelli, Jason and Johnny Mack picking chips. Shelli picks first and draws Vanessa’s name. Johnny Mack grabs Meg’s chip and Jason gets Houseguests’ Choice. Jason chooses James to play for him and James DRs that he’s happy about this since he could win and Jason would owe him a “big favor.” I would guess that Jason will not view it that way, but it’s cute that you think that, James.

Steve gets picked as host so that he actually gets a line in the episode. Becky is seen gently weeping since that was her only chance.

After the picks, Jason DRs that he’s happy since half of the people playing would take him off and the other half can be convinced to take him off. Shelli tells us that she’s happy since Audrey was not selected which means that Shelli can choose whether or not Audrey is backdoored. She doesn’t seem very conflicted this time.

Meg comes into the HoH room for a talk with Shelly, Clay and Vanessa before the Veto competition and opens the conversation by telling them she has no idea what’s going on. You didn’t need to tell anyone that, Meg.

Shelli and Vanessa both say that Audrey might need to be put up. James comes in to the HoH room and wants to know what everyone is planning to do with the Veto and potential re-nominations. Shelli DRs that she’s been with Audrey from the start and that she doesn’t want to be in the position of having to put her up for eviction. I’m not positive about this, but I think that Shelli wants us to know that she’s conflicted here… let’s keep an eye on that.

Audrey and James talk in the pantry and James says that no one has plans for what to do after the Veto competition. Audrey tells James that she’s not worried and he tells us in the DR that Audrey should be very worried. They finish the conversation with James telling her that he’s going to try and win because he doesn’t like throwing competitions. Audrey says in confessional that if someone goes up as a renom they will likely go home.

Cut to Shelli crying in the DR about not putting Audrey on the block in week two. Still not sure how Shelli wants us to think she feels about this, but hopefully we’ll get more intel on that later.Shelly and Clay snuggle up in the HoH bed and Shelli begins crying saying that she doesn’t want to watch this later and regret the choice she makes. Clay soothes her. Shelli says she wants to trust Audrey but is worried that she can’t. Clay continues soothing her, but you can tell he wants to play fetch.

Still crying, Shelli then says in the Diary Room that she’s been there for Audrey and she doesn’t want to be the one that sends her out the door. Alright, I think we’re convinced, Shelli. Back in the HoH bed, Clay says that if Shelly doesn’t want to put Audrey up that he’ll win HoH next week and do it himself.

Into the backyard for the Veto competition! Steve introduces us to a Saved by the Bell themed Veto Competition where the players will have to memorize sequences of colors and then pour liquids into a beaker based on those sequences. Steve is dressed up like a science teacher and Austin DRs that he really wants to shove Steve in a locker. After that, I am hoping that Steve spends the rest of the summer practicing Karate and beats Austin at the All-Valley Karate tournament while Liz looks on.

No one is eliminated on the first sequence and Vanessa tells us her strategy of only remembering the first letters of each color and making a word out of them. Meg is contrasted by telling us that she just sings the names of the colors as her memory device. James then tells us that he wasn’t allowed to mix chemicals in high school because he would cause explosions before becoming the first player eliminated. The beaker explodes covering James in paint.

Shelli then tells us that she knows the answer to the next one but that she wants to throw it so that she doesn’t have to use the Veto and we see her get eliminated next. Meg is next out and we’re down to the final three of Jason, Johnny Mack and Vanessa.

Jason DRs that he’s surprising himself with how good he is and Johnny Mack says that no one is smart enough to beat him. They both receive their comeuppance as they lose the next round and Vanessa wins the Power of Veto.

Shelli and Vanessa both tell us in the DR that they’re happy that their alliance controls who is going to be up this week but Shelli is still… wait for it… upset that she has to make the decision of whether or not to put Audrey up. I wonder if she knows that it’s within the rules to not put Audrey up.Jason says in confessional, very astutely, that he needs Vanessa to use the veto since he will lose to Johnny Mack if it comes to an eviction vote.

After commercial we’ve got a montage of the Wackstreet boys performances. All three of them are being very good sports about it and having fun. They’re trying hard but their attendance is dropping. Then they go to the three of them in the DR and Jason tells us that the Wackstreet boys are making your girl throw her panties. Hottest of takes: Jason and Johnny Mack are gold in the Diary Room.

Austin and Clay are bro-ing down and Audrey interrupts to talk game (of note: Austin was asking Clay for tips on how to get further with Liz). Clay says that Audrey always gets paranoid and Audrey is offended. Audrey denies that she asked Clay to swear that Shelli won’t put him up, which she did. Things get heated and both Audrey and Clay stand by their telling of events.

We move to Clay and Shelly talking in the HoH room with Vanessa. Clay tells Vanessa and Shelli about the conversation with Audrey and Audrey knocks on the door to interrupt. Audrey comes in says that her feelings got hurt since people are saying that she’s paranoid. Shelli tells Audrey that for the last three weeks she should have been happy and carefree since Shelli’s alliance had her back. Audrey replies that no one has put themselves in her shoes since she’s had her back against the wall since day one.

More tears and yelling commence with Shelli objecting to that, Audrey swearing on her life (again) and Clay saying that Audrey’s word doesn’t mean anything any longer. Clay leaves the room and Audrey tells him that he’ll feel stupid when he watches this later as he walks out. Then she turns the conversation to Vanessa saying that Vanessa is an amazing manipulator citing the fact that the Jeff confrontation last week was staged (which is correct). Vanessa denies that (which is a lie) and they raise their voices some more.

Audrey then DRs that she thinks she’s playing badly and that she’s letting her emotions get the best of her. We all do, girl, and it’s glorious. Audrey is shown walking covered in a blanket as the Veto meeting gets underway and she’s not in attendance.

Jason’s speech is that he wants to be saved because the game is his obsession and passion and he asks Vanessa to keep his dream from ending. Johnny Mack says that his favorite vetos are the kind that save him. Vanessa does the expected and saves Jason leading to Shelli nominating Audrey, but not before telling us one more time that she doesn’t really want to.

Johnny Mack gives us one more great confessional saying that his best move is to literally do nothing and that the game is now secondary to the Wacksreet boys. Clay ends the episode by telling us that feels as good as he can feel since Audrey being on the block is good but that he’s worried that she’ll do something big to stay in the house.

Predictions for the coming week:

  • Audrey is evicted
  • Jason and James win HoH
  • Jason nominates Shelli and Clay, James nominates Austin and Liz
  • Shelli and Clay win the Battle of the Block
  • Austin wins the Veto and Johnny Mack is renominated
  • Liz is evicted

One final note: typing Shelli and Clay is getting old so we need a couple name for them. My first instinct is Slay, but I’m open to suggestions. Suggestions that can be entered in the comments or sent to me.

Special thanks to Maximillian Ayco for this episode recap.


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