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Big Brother 17 Episode 11 Recap with Ian Terry


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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 11 LIVE on Thursday, July 16, 2015 with regular guest, Ian Terry, BB14 winner,  and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Brent Wolgamott.

Rob Cesternino, Ian Terry and Brent Wolgamott are live on 16th July 2015 to recap episode 11 of Big Brother 17 where we saw Jeff become the third houseguest evicted.

Rob suggests that Jeff could be one of the worst people that has competed on more than one CBS reality show, maybe on par with Keith and Whitney. Brent says that the depiction of the love triangle was pretty accurate but production could have shown some other scene that will have a bigger impact on the game instead. Rob finds it amusing how Austin played great at the beginning of the week but has begun to fall apart near the end of the week.

Ian thought for a second during the eviction that so many people were going to do a hinky vote that the wrong person might actually go home. Rob thought that Julie was very hard on Jeff during his exit interview. Rob speculates that production didn’t want Jeff and Jackie on the show in the first place so Julie’s interview with Jeff was a look into how production feels. Brent felt that Julie was wrong to fight Jeff because Jeff was fighting to stay in and Brent felt she should of be attacking Jackie instead.

Rob speculates that the Liz and Shelli HoH reign might be the wake up call that the other side of the house needs to come together. Ian thinks that Jason and James are in big danger this week. Brent points out that Shelli is worried about Jason because Shelli got Da’Vonne out. Ian sees Liz becoming a Vanessa/Austin puppet for the week. Brent thinks that John might be in trouble because of his two veto wins.

Ian does not think that the lack of air time for Steve is not good because it means he is not playing an active role in the game. Ian still thinks he needs work on his social game and fast because it is already week 4. Ian thinks that we will John on the block once again this week. Ian points out that he has won a competition every week and if John doesn’t win once he good easily go home.

Rob suggests that the Big Brother takeover twist in already running out of gas. Brent is now worried that this week gives production a free opportunity to do whatever they want. Ian is surprised that Big Brother hasn’t resorted to bringing past houseguests in for takeovers.

Rob, Ian and Brent now discuss events that have taken place on the live feeds in the pasts few days:

Brent begins by talking about 90% gate. Brent explains that Clay told Vanessa that he was 90% sure that he was voting Jeff out. Ian would give Vanessa a B for her HoH but Ian was not happy with how she handle the replacement nomination. Ian feels that Vanessa has a little bit of heat on her but it should blow over this week. However Brent points out that she will spend most of the week in the HoH room which could put a target on her back.

Brent wonders how production will reveal the twin twist to the house considering everyone in the house knows about it now that they only need to survive two more evictions. Brent is happy that they are a set of the twins that are different to each other unlike Big Brother 5.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for this episode recap.


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