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Rob Cesternino recaps the double eviction on Big Brother 17 Episode 23 LIVE on Thursday, Aug 13, 2015 with BB14 winner Ian Terry  and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Brent Wolgamott.

Rob Cesternino, Ian Terry and Brent Wolgamott are live on Thursday the 13th of August 2015 to recap episode 23 of Big Brother 17 where we saw a surprising double eviction.

Rob was very surprised that Steve did not nominate Becky because Steve hates her. Ian suspects that this was a backdoor plan that went wrong. Brent points out with that Steve would have preferred if James won veto and he would have been forced to nominate Becky. Brent also says that it is good for to have the war between Becky and Vanessa continuing.

Rob found it unusual that no one was running around strategizing during the double eviction. Brent doesn’t understand why Steve didn’t throw the HoH since he didn’t want any blood on his hands. Ian says he really needs to see the next episode to fully understand what happened.

Ian feels like Vanessa is one of the strongest female players of all time so he feels that most people in that house should have gotten rid of her. Brent feels like it was the right decision for the goblins to keep Vanessa because she was not targeting them right now and Shelli was. Brent thinks that the goblins need to make a final four deal with John and Becky.

Rob thinks Jackie has a good chance to be one of the people to be let back into the game. Rob gives Jackie some props because she did a big turn around to her game. Ian admits that it was decent move to stay under the radar because she had a big target going into the game.

Brent thinks that if Austin and the twins win HoH John could be a target and after tonight Steve may be a target for the goblins. Ian thinks that Vanessa still has a chance and Ian thinks she is a decent spot in the house.

Brent is annoyed how we didn’t see more of the gameplay from this week. Brent wishes we saw how bad Shelli was at campaigning. Brent felt that sitting back and not doing much was the wrong strategy this week. Ian was disappointed that the show didn’t show how bad of a situation Vanessa was in.

Ian’s feelings of Steve seems to change every day. Ian thinks that Steve needs to win a lot in the next few weeks to be with a chance of winning. Brent thinks that Steve needs to choose a side to have a chance of winning.

Rob, Ian and Brent now discuss everything from the live feeds tonight and the past few days: Brent thinks that Steve asked John not to use the veto because he was afraid to get blood on his hands. Ian points out that Steve could have been waiting until people he didn’t want to win HoH were out of the competition before he would start throwing it.

Brent thinks that Austin and the twins are playing really good games right now because they are not anyone’s targets at the moment. Rob is really confused how no one cares that there are twins in the house.

Rob is happy that Jackie was evicted tonight even though he was a fan of her because we didn’t lose anyone who was contributing a lot to the show. Brent thinks that Vanessa was the person who benefits the most from Jackie leaving the house.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for this episode recap.


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