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Big Brother 15: Will Aaryn Keep Her Word?

CBS we all know how set up “America is MVP” is to give the viewers the opportunity to destroy Aaryn, but in a shocking turn of events, Aaryn gets re-elected and returns to the HOH room. Poor Julie Chen. Julie looked like she had a hop in her step all night until the ending of that HOH competition. When Aaryn won HOH, Julie looked like Walter Cronkite when he made the JFK assassination announcement.  Julie may come to the next show strapped with enough C4 to take out all of CBS. So Aaryn enters the HOH room with her middle fingers up and pointed towards America. Aaryn’s cabinet for her HOH administration this week  will be the racist mom from Remember the Titans,Draco Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin house, all of whom were  lined up and nodding in approval.

The past week Aaryn has been trying to change her ways, but old habits die hard, like me only being able to sleep on my stomach knowing it’s bad for the back and my pillow, as I drool beautiful, abstract paintings into my pillow cases every night (A unicorn flying in Candy land last night in case you were wondering, $7.25 on ebay if you want it). Anyway, explored in previous blogs, maybe this isn’t all Aaryns fault. When our mothers were reading Clifford the Big Red Dog or Ramona the Pest, Aaryn’s mom was probably reading herMein Kampf. Regardless, Aaryn in true  Big Brother fashion has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse.

Let’s look how things will probably unfold:

  • Aaryn made a deal and sold her soul to the devil..and Helen. Helen and especially Amanda want a pound of flesh, specifically Howard’s flesh…Aaryn was under the impression that she needed to make these deals and promise the world to everybody to survive this week, not knowing that Kaitlin was most likely going to go as that is and was the smarter move for the house. Aaryn likely will want to target Elissa , but the pressure will be to target Howard with Spencer on the block as well. The wildcard move could be backdooring the one they call Amanda.
  • Amanda is really starting to talk herself straight to the nomination couch and then straight into a chair next to Julie Chen. I get that she wants Howard out, but her approach has been nothing short of annoying and without any form of subtlety. Howard is a good target to have, but when you act so annoying about it, like Amanda has, it can back fire.  I have a feeling that if Ginamaria is not nominated by the MVP that it could be Amanda. Amanda really needs to keep her mouth shut and just go with who Helen, Andy and the rest of that side of the house want to go with, unless its her, then swing away Amanda…swing away.

    sabb-amanda-mccrae Is Amanda headed straight to a chair beside Julie?[/caption]

  • Mccrae-The spawn of Weird Al Yankavic and a wife of one of the CEO’s of Dominos is still sitting pretty. How his game will change when/if Amanda gets 86’d soon is still the mystery. He has been under the radar the whole time he’s been here. When Amanda goes he will be lost and it could implode his game. Nothing would make me happier then Mccrae actually being like Kevin Spacy in The Usual Suspects, meaning his weakness was a façade and he’s actually a shrewd, cunning, confident, masculine man, that’s been waiting to show his true colors. If this is the case he would start by turning on Amanda with the other houseguest looking on petrified (Fat chance..I know). I think for Mccrae’s game its actually better for him if the smaller targets go. The smaller targets, like Ginamaria/Jessie, keeps the bigger targets in the house and the spotlight stays off Mccrae.
  • Howard/Spencer– Howard is marked for death this week. Somehow he has to get Aaryn to go for Elissa or Amanda. Basically every move Howard and Spencer have made so far in the game has backfired. One would think that Howard and Spencer could appeal to Aaryn’s inner evil and get her to go back on her deal that she made with Helen. Howard and Amanda are headed for an epic confrontation soon, like Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan when their tag team duo “The Mega Powers” exploded. Howard needs more people on his side to survive.  Spencer started out this season trying to be George Clooney in Oceans 11. Obviously playing that role is not Spencer’s destiny as his destiny is playing the role of the middle aged, slightly overweight, bearded bald guy that under performs in every single type of competition that seems to get cast every summer on Big Brother.  Spencer most likely won’t go home this week unless a series of unfortunate events happen. Every week he tries to form a new alliance, but he’s been outed as an alliance making slut and nobody trust him. Spencer moving forward is going to be on the bottom of any alliance he is apart of.
  • Elissa you can tell has been trying to keep her craziness at bay the first four weeks of this season, but you can see it starting to emerge like the Incredible Hulk of crazy. I mean every other houseguest knows that Aaryn is horrible, but how Elissa played last week was not good game play. Elissa  seemingly is more worried about petty things that Aaryn was saying about her, then how keeping Aaryn around actually could help her game in the short term. It’s hard to analyze her strategy as you can tell she really doesn’t have a plan. Elissa is starting to play the game how I imagine Paris Hilton would play the game. “ (valley girl voice) Ewwwww….that girl….is soooo…gross….she’s fat, lets vote her out”.
  • Judd/Helen– I’m grouping the two previous HOH’s together here because I think both are at the same spot on the food chain, somewhere near the top. I think Helen really did a good job this week blending back into the background after she was a little over the top during her HOH reign. You can tell Helen is very intelligent, so seeing how she plays this week will be interesting. Going after Howard is the “by the book” play, but Amanda is more harmful to her game, not more harmful this week but in the near future. Judd I think will transition back into the general population smoother then Helen. Judd really does have a “Ernest” vibe the more I see him play, just a goofiness I guess . Judd won’t be a target this week, so I really want to see how Judd plays this week, because yes I think he could be a favorite to win the game, but he needs to make a cunning move soon and not just go with the majority. In fact, at the start of week two I suggested that Judd and Andy should cut a final two deal together, as I think they have the right combo of having different relationships with different people in the house and could really do some damage together.


    Andy is slithering effectively.

  • Andy is still slithering himself around the house in a very effective way.  I could be wrong but I don’t think Andy’s name has even come up as a possible nominee, so he is doing something right. Andy has to do something about that god awful multicolored shirt that he sport though. That shirt looks like it came straight from Tina Yothers wardrobe from the 4th season of Family Ties. Truth be told, I don’t think we actually know who Andy wants to roll with in this game. He’s done such a good job floating with the weekly power that we don’t know what the ginger truly is thinking.  Search your heart Andy, you must see that your Big Brother success is cutting a final two deal with Judd. Together they can pull some shady, backdoor-ing, epic moves!
  • Candice– Nobody seems to want to play Big Brother with Candice. She is like Demi Moore in a Few Good Men, she is smart and passionate but there is a certain social spazziness to her game, a certain awkwardness that is turning the other houseguest off. She will be a text book Big Brother Jury member soon.
  • Jessie-Look I’m really not trying to be lazy here, I just don’t know what to write about Jessie. I guess she slept in the HOH room all week with Judd, so apparently she is rolling with Judd. I did notice a “Betty Draper” Mad Men look in her eye this week, like Judd better be careful or he might walk into a bedroom and find Jessie and Spencer together in bed…Just saying. Maybe I’m wrong and Jessie is really the “Keyser Soze” of the house, but I think there is a better chance of Ian Ziering getting nominated for an Oscar, for his performance in Sharknado.

Tell me that she doesn’t sound like every character in that clip! She is getting by though. She will for sure be safe this week unless she gets punched with the MVP again. She really needs to expand her social game past Aaryn at this point. Has she even tried to reach out and talk game with anybody other than Aaryn? I give her a lot of crap but there are moves on the table for Ginamaria to make. She can join with the Howard/Spencer crew at the very least. Let’s see some game play and less awkward fist pumping please Ginamaria!

 My prediction is that Aaryn will not be able to follow the agreement she made with Helen and will go hunting for Elissa. If I’m wrong and she does decide to be loyal, then Howard is in big trouble, as is Spencer. I think the real question is who will America decide to vote up with the MVP? Will it be Ginamaria again? It will get very interesting if America votes up Amanda….very interesting… I guess this is what happens when CBS tries to rig the game like Quiz Show. The Big Brother gods are not done with Aaryn yet as the prophecy foretold,  “A blonde demon will rise to power longer then anybody expected”.

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