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Rob Cesternino is joined by Senior BB RHAPorter Brian Lynch on this 4th of July long weekend to discuss tonight’s episode of Big Brother as well as recent live feed action.

After Rob explains he will never sleep again after seeing the HOH clown on tonight’s episode he introduces Brian Lynch and explains that most Sunday’s will include a Big Brother guest.  However, with tonight being the end of a  long weekend, it will be only Rob and Brain.  Rob also foreshadow’s Brian’s chart of alliances.

 PART ONE: Sunday night episode discussion. (3:10)

Rob asks Brian if he is surprised that Aaryn is being set up to take the fall for all the racist and homophobic comments, even though there are others making similar comments. Brian is not surprised since there have been comments on the live feeds about production asking questions regarding racism.  Rob suggests that CBS needs to walk a fine line because if the public sees the show as full of unlikeable characters, they can easily switch from “I don’t like that person” to “I don’t like that show”.  Brian believes what they present on the show depends on what is said in the DR., that if more comments are made about other houseguests inappropriate comments that their would be potential to show others in the same light at Aaryn.

Rob wonders if this is going to follow Aaryn for the rest of her life.  Her edit was already that of the villain (plus Andy referred to her as the devil).  Rob offers his “RobHasAPRFirm” services for Aaryn and any of the houseguests needing their reputation rehabilitated, and provided potential strategies for Aaryn.

Rob also mentions that he will be interviewing David on Monday morning, concerned that he does not have 15 minutes of material.  Rob invites everyone to email him questions on Sunday night for David to rob [at] robhasapodcast [dot] com.

Rob wants to know if it was a mistake to go for unlocking the big cups or did Jeremy just to an excellent job?  Brian mentions that, while there was concern of cheating, there was no question that Aaryn and Jeremy were handing over handfuls of sauce along with the cup. Unlike, BBCAN, there have only be a few penalties and never a disqualification in BBUS.

Rob asks Brian if he felt it was smart for Jeremy to hand ove the HOH to HOH.  Brian think this was smart, as Aaryn is not going to put him up and he gets to play for HOH next week.

Rob applauds McCrae for his hosting abilities, although Brian wonders if some of the comments were placed in the show in post.  In any event, Rob, more and more, is a big fan of McCrae.  Brian worries about his relationship with Amanda blowing up in his face, while Rob admits to being a fan of Amanda, as well.

Aaryn had to pick Have-Nots for the week.  She demands to know who voted out David, but no one admits to it, so she picks the four people she has had issues with; Elisse, Helen, Candice and Andy.

Brian thought that Spencer’s convincing of Candice that he was voting Elisse out was a Moving Company plan but the episode shows it was just a move for Spencer to cover his own butt.

Spencer seems to want Amanda out and Brian explains its because he doesn’t like any of the moving company having #2 alliances so he will attempt to work his way around to evict everyone’s #2’s.  Rob feels this is how all the guy alliances implode (with the only exception being Hayden and Kristen).

Rob wonders if the HOH room helped explain Aaryn’s attitudes, particularly the clown.  As it is explained, Rob has a clown phobia but may be able to sleep after seeing Clowny, now that he is in his 30’s. Brian explains that Aaryn’s clown was a gift from her father that she picked out at Walmart when she was a child.

Rob wants to know why the Aaryn side of the house dislikes Elissa so much.  Brian explains that it is because she is Rachel’s sister and claim that Elissa has been saying things about them (although they can never provide any examples).

Rob asks Brian if the strategy of using Elissa as a weapon is the right way to go.  Brian likes the idea, but the Moving Company can’t seem to follow through on it.  After Aaryn’s crew banters about various potential nominees, Nick comes into the HOH where Aaryn threatens to cut off his balls in his sleep if he was a part of voting David out.  Rob wants to wants to know if this should be grounds for expulsion (threatening physical violence on another houseguest).  While Brian states he does not know all the rules, but agrees that she should be evicted for this (jokingly, as to imply that maybe this statement isn’t the most seriously questionable that she has made in the two weeks in the house).

Rob wants to know if Jessie’s stalking of Nick was annoying as it seems on the show.  Brian says it has been annoying but just because she has been after Nick. She has made moves on many of the boys in the house.  Rob suggests she needs to change up her strategy.  Brian disagrees, as it has kept her off the block this week.  Rob noticed that Nick jumped into bed with GinaMarie to get away from Jessie and wants to know if something is going on with the two of them.  Brian explains that GinaMarie trusts Nick but nothing is going on.  Rob is liking GinaMarie less and less.

Helen attempts to have some strategy talk with Aaryn, but Rob wonders if it backfired on her.  Brian explains that Aaryn seems to be the type of person who, once she hates you, she hates you.  Rob wonders if Helen’s plan was to sophisticated for Aaryn to understand (keeping Helen for the time when Aaryn needs to start nominating alliance members).

Jeremy believes he is the puppet master, but Aaryn goes against his suggestions for nominations, so Rob questions Jeremy’s control of the situation. Brian points out that McCrae and Amanda have a deal with Aaryn to work together to get rid of Elissa.

In the end, Helen and Elissa are nominated.  Aaryn feels this is poetic justice but Rob does not, that Aaryn is allowing her emotions control her game.

For those people leaving the show at this point, be sure to check out Rob’s exit interview with David on Monday.  Also, later Sunday night, Rob will be talking about this week’s episode of Whodunnit? with Curt Clark.

 PART TWO:  Live Feeds (34:25)

Elissa wins MVP and nominates Jeremy.  Jeremy wins the veto and now is waiting for the veto ceremony.  Rumour has it that Elissa will get to make the replacement nominee and will choose Nick.  Rob asks Brian to predict who he will be interviewing on Friday morning and Brian believes, at this time, it would be Elissa.

Rob does point out that Elissa is not the outgoing character that Rachel is.  Brian agrees that she is a more reserved person (editor’s note:  she is married to a Canadian).  Rob feels Rachel is one of the top 5 reality TV casting choices of all time.  Brian feels that Elissa has not gone into beast mode, as Rachel did.  Brian feels her reserved nature is good for her game, but Rob feels it is not good TV.  Rob feels she was a good choice for MVP when we didn’t know anyone else well, but now that we are getting to know other players, there could be a change in the voting.  Brian still thinks the Brenchel Army is far reaching.  Brian also reminds us that the idea of Elissa keep the MVP crown for a third week may be a moot point. Rob asks Brian to predict the next MVP, if Elissa is voted out.  Brian picks the person closest to Elissa, Helen.  Rob also feels her begging America, that she is a mom, and she is the brunt of most the Aaryn jokes will also be factors.  Brian also suggests Nick but Rob isn’t convinced.  There was talk about McCrae, but his star isn’t shining as bright as it was when he should have won in week two.  They both agree that the MVP will continue to be a popularity contest.

Rob brings up Brian’s chart of alliances and dissect it, piece by piece.

Rob wants to know where Jeremy’s allegiances lay?  Brian thinks Jeremy is with the Moving Company, but is also pushy and abbrasive, putting him on may people’s radars.

Rob asks where the splinter might happen within the Moving Company.  Brian thinks Spencer may be in trouble, with no #2.  Rob suggests that Nick and McCrae could break off and take the lower left quadrant with them.  Brian agrees and feels that makes sense since the rest of the Moving Company refers to themselves as the original three.  Both Rob and Brian have been impressed with Howard’s game.

Rob does not think there is much of a point to get rid of Kaitlyn, being a major floater.  Rob also feels going after Amanda will alienate McCrae, and would take his connections throughout the rest of the house with him.

Rob also likes Andy’s game and feels it reminds him of similar strategies that were used during Survivor: Amazon.  Rob feels his pick to win is doing well.  Brian’s pick, in McCrae, is also doing well but is getting nervous.

Rob wants to know what happened with the Moving Company’s plan to use Elissa’s MVP nomination but, instead, she puts up an MC member and plans to put up a another MC member.  Brian points out that this was not a universally subscribed to plan.  He also points out that Jeremy wants Elissa gone, that he is not hiding this desire and is threatening the other MC members that he will come after them if  they go against his wishes.  After Rob stating that “we do not negotiate with terrorists”, he exclaims that Jeremy is an idiot and great television… casting gold.

Brian tells us that Aaryn and GinaMarie did a Chilltown phone call and he found it offensive, as least to him.   Rob wants to know if there was any update to hat-gate.  Brian explains that the only new events in this area is Elissa using this to encourage people to vote out Jeremy, as his is a bully towards women.

 Jessica Frey joins the show with view questions.

beanme100:  With Jeremy seemingly in control of the house, and Nick Possibly going up, do you think that Jeremy would try to vote out Nick to take full control of the house?

Brian doesn’t think it will happen this week, but may happen sometime in the near future.

Gunnar Stahl:  Does Aaryn have the potential to be the greatest villain in Big Brother history?

Rob first asks who the current greatest villain is.  Brian suggests Evel Dick or possibly Dr. Will.  Rob suggests that there are people who we love to hate but doesn’t think anyone likes Aaryn.  Brian knows there are Aaryn fans because they keep tweeting him.  Brian just wants Aaryn to clean up her game and feels she won’t be hated.  When pressed, Brian points out how he hated the way Chema quit the game. Rob also suggests Natalie (BB11) as the most hated.

realbglow:  Aaryn was shown as the main person using foul comments on tonights show, but it seems Spencer is the biggest culprit.  He had a comment yesterday about the Holocaust that was awful.  Thoughts?

Rob and Brian feel that Spencer is old newest.  Rob wonders if his friendship with Howard helps his credibility.  Brian says he just changes his feed when Spencer or Jeremy are shown on the screen.  Rob feels they are just a bunch of idiots and we want idiots on our reality shows, but is uncertain how we can filter for this type of idiocy.

Keith Ramage @Red_Damage:  If Helen and Elissa can survive this week, what would their best strategy be now they seem to know about MC?

If one of them win HOH, they could pull Candice, Judd and everyone on that side of the chart to attack Nick and Jeremy.

Phillysports0822:  Rob and Brian:  Who would be a better target for the Moving Company next week:  Helen, Candice or Amanda?

Brain and Rob feel they should keep Amanda because of her relationship with McCrae.  Candice doesn’t have a lot of influence in the house so Brian suggests Helen, a smart player.  Rob says he would pick “D”, none of the above.  Brian suggests allowing a none MC member be HOH and allow them to do the dirty work so not to get blood on their hands.

beanme100: With everyone thinking Candice is a liar, do you think there is any way she could use this to her advantage?

Brian finds it strange because she is one of the most honest people in the house.

T’su Chung:  Do you guys think that Amanda will ruin the Moving Company’s plan to help them throughout the game?

Brian believes she will fall in line with what McCrae wants.

tyler williamson:  Is Nick in the worst position in the Moving Company?  He has the least amount of people outside of the Moving Company.

Rob is concerned that Nick is being perceived as the leader of the boys and the brains of the group.  Brian points out that Nick also doesn’t have the secondary connections to back him up.

Programming notes:

Monday:  Exit Interview with David

Thursday 10:15pm ET – BBrainiacs with Rob and Ian Terry (NEW DAY. NEW TIME)

Friday:  Exit Interview with whomever is evicted Thursday night

Sunday : BB Update with Rob, Jun Song (BB4 winner) and Brian Lynch

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