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Big Brother 15: The Temple Of Doom….for Judd – 08/10/13

e19candice Where is the Jerry Springer security?[/caption]

Welcome to Mayhem! I’m reeling right now, so forgive me if this seems rushed and raw, as I feel like I’m writing The Pelican Brief and will be assassinated at any moment.  In the first half of the show I expected the bald security guy from the Jerry Springer show to show up and carry GinaMarie off the set as Candice was given her speech. Julie Chen looked like she wanted to come through the TV and shank Ginamarie.  I don’t mean to sound sexist, but women are pure evil sometimes. I mean did you see how cold blooded that was when Judd was evicted. Did you see the spirit fingers that Helen pulled out when casting her vote for Judd?  Helen there is no doubt is Satin in a mom’s body, in charge of the house. Helen, like I said in my last blog, is the “Don” of the house. Every eviction has been carefully orchestrated by Helen, no matter who HOH was. When will a shakeup happen? How does nobody in that house see what is happening? Why am I asking so many questions in a row on a blog?  Let’s say hypothetically (possible spoiler!!!!) that Andy has won the HOH for this week, the obvious nominations will be Spencer and either Jessie or Ginamarie. Will this be the week that we can finally expect the unexpected?

Judd …Sweet Judd…RIP.  Here is a sweet, beautiful, poignant song my father taught me as a kid, “ Nuts and bolts…Nuts and bolts,…..You got screwed”….

Let’s decompress:

  • God Aaryn, you really had a chance to win over some people who solely judge the houseguest on their gameplay and look the other way when you’re horribly racist, stuck up and entitled, on their personality quirks. Aaryn had the opportunity to change some minds, maybe make it to the end of the game and make a speech like Rocky Balboa when he single handily ended the cold

That could have been Aaryn! Instead, Aaryn looked like she disassociated when she won HOH and then POV, as she let Helen brain wash her, and then made Helen’s power move without getting any blood on Helens hands. Aaryn is a good competitor, but she is horrible at the actual game play, as pointed out by Evil Dick tonight.  If were following Aaryn’s logic, she thinks that she can’t “make any waves”. She thinks that by doing what Helen wanted and putting up Judd that she is now safer. I would argue that no matter what Aaryn did, she would still be at the bottom of whatever that alliance is calling itself. Her status in the game would have been much better if she would have joined up with Judd, as she would not have been on the bottom of whatever alliance that would have become. With Andy as HOH she may be safe for this week, but since she has showed that she can win competitions, it’s less likely that she will be dragged to the end of the game as now she is more of a threat.

  • Don Helen is straight scary! From the spirit fingers, to the happy eviction of Judd, to her post eviction pep talk to Aaryn, when she condescendingly grabbed Aaryn’s hands and told her that she was “proud of her” and that she “got the schemer out of the house” as well as other cheesy, positive, cliché lines she gave her, Helen played like a cold blooded con-artist. Look, Helen is playing her game the best possible way. As a viewer like me, you may hate the way that she is getting away with all this, but she is playing the best game right now in the house, because everybody for some idiotic reason is listening to her. Helen is someone who “handles” people well. You can almost see her as someone who coached Sarah Palin before the wheels came off in 08. She tells people what they want to hear and if there is any signs of trouble she acts first with preempted strikes, such as going to the rest of the house to get her version of the truth out there before the other person has anytime to formulate a plan. You guys tell me who in the house is going to make a run at The Godfather, because I don’t see it right now. With Andy, hypothetically as the HOH, Helen is again in a great place. Helen’s target for this week I would guess would be Spencer. Maybe if Helen was more likable, watching her would be more fun, but it’s not!!!!


    The slithering snake.

  • Raggedy Andy, what to do? The snake has slithered his way (allegedly) to the HOH room. Andy clearly has tried to stay out of the spotlight the whole time he has been in the house. Being in power now, I think he will stick to the script and try to get the least amount of blood on his hands. I could be wrong, but my guess is that Spencer or Jessie will be his targets. Andy is second in command in the house so I guess there is no reason for him to throw any curveballs this week.
  • Elissa – Is it me or was Elissa’s whole presentation strange on the live show? She acted like my ex-girlfriend, when she would drink too much wine, as Elissa did tonight, she would fold her arms in a confrontational way and then start crying randomly at nothing.  What was Elissa’s deal? She seemed upset even before Judd got tossed. Anyways, Elissa is safe this week, as she is aligned with Helen and Andy. The past two weeks have been quiet for the once polarizing houseguest. Is this a strategy, or did she have a nervous breakdown twelve days ago and nobody noticed? Elissa is not close with Spencer so I would guess that we see very little of Elissa next episode unless she continues to spiral into a psychotic state.


    Will they break up?

  • Amanda/Mccrae –  Ugly person inside and out Beauty and the pizza boy, somehow continue to get by without anybody wanting to break up a pair that will be hard to get out the longer they stay. America’s quest to play the part ofFrodo Baggins and destroy the evil ring that is Amanda has failed. Our only hope is that Mccrae turns on Amanda.  Watching their relationship is horrible and just seems wrong. It’s like George Mcfly being married to Biff Tannen instead of Lea Thompson, as Amanda is a bully, she’s racist(you tube it, it’s there) and yet she is still in the house. Amanda has been completely safe the past two weeks, but still has imploded in monumental ways, so how is she going to react when her safety is actually in doubt? The rest of the house mistakenly thinks that they will be able to break this couple up down the road, but each week it becomes tougher and tougher.  Mccrae at least has hinted that he will turn on Amanda if she continues to act like Roseanne Barr circa 1990. Mccrae is playing a good game, as he gets along with everybody and even though he is a threat he slides under the radar with ease. It’s tough to see these two making any moves this week, as the plan will be Spencer as the target, and these two will be on board for that.
  • Jessie – I find it shocking that Jessie is the only one in the house to see the writing on the wall. Jessie is the only one to call out Helen and Amanda. Jessie has no strong ally in the house, meaning she is pretty much screwed. Sadly, her only hope to advance in the game is to do what Helen says, until she is of no use to Helen, at which point she will be evicted, unless something dramatic happens that changes the vibe in the house.
  • Spencer will be public enemy number one this week. He has to win POV or he will be playing Clue with Candice and Judd in the Jury house next week. I don’t see a path for Spencer to come out of this alive. Maybe he can provoke Amanda to act like Happy Gilmore after a missed putt and then pray Mccrae snaps on her and join forces with him, but that is doubtful without the MVP in play.
  • Ginamarie….This is my reaction to watching her tonight (substitute her instead of him):

Aaryn is dumb in that she doesn’t see the dynamics in the house; Ginamarie is dumb in a way that makes Snookie from the Jersey Shore look like Maya Angelou. Ginamarie does not deserve to be on this show. I love Big Brother, so I’m really disappointed at the casting directors that put her on this show, because at least the other despicable houseguests this season understand the game. Ginamarie has no understanding of anything that is happening around her. The only appealing thing about her will be when she gets off the show and acts like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction towards Nick. I hope Spencer wins HOH and the house then unites to vote Ginamarie off the show.


It sucks, but I see another predicable week. I see Spencer and Jessie going on the block, with Ginamarie as the understudy. Julie Chen hinted that there might be a houseguest who gets to come back into the house or something of that ilk. You have to think that CBS is tired of the current power in the house and so let’s cross are fingers that they do something shady and unfair, like introducing a twist that changes the dynamics in the house.

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