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Big Brother 15 – The Manchurian Candidate

All right, were back, this is your war correspondent on the battlefield that is the Big Brother home. Things are looking strange. Is it me or is this house completely run by the women in the house? All the strong males have been exterminated. When we last left on Thursday night, the worst possible scenario happened, Aaryn winning HOH.  Aaryn is trying to play friendly, I’m starting to think that maybe when the live feeds cut out for a minute or two that Helen programmed Aaryn into the Manchurian Candidate or something because things seem different with her. The girls are in charge with another male as the main target the Y chromosome fans are in trouble. When Aaryn won HOH I would have paid to be a fly on the wall in CBS head honchos room, it was probably like how it was on the Fox news channel when Obama got re-elected, just shock, combined with horror.

 Lets get to the action:  

    e25-candicehoward Howard needs POV.[/caption]

  • Howard the Duck was a highly anticipated film in 1986, Howard the Duck is considered one of the biggest bombs in the history of film. Howard the Big Brother player was highly anticipated. Howard the Big Brother player is now considered a bust. I’ve been pulling for the guy but he really has struggled in all aspects of the game. If Howard could jump into a Delorean and go back in time, his best destiny in this Big Brother season would have been to be the muscle with the Helen/Andy/Elissa side of the house. He needs the POV or he needs Amanda to go up as MVP. He is in real trouble here.
  • Aaryn – It goes without saying that she is a monster, and one of the most troubling reality TV show contestants to come along in a loooooong time. With all that being said, Aaryn somehow has stabilized her game. Obviously winning HOH keeps you safe for 7 days, but you can see and feel the heat starting to dissipate off of her. Granted she can turn back into Linda Blair in The Exorcist at any second, but until then she is going to survive . If you’re rooting for Aaryn to go far in this game (then you must be family or you’re David Duke) then cross your fingers that Aaryn can continue to keep herself under control and that the bigger targets remain in the game. Helen programmed Aaryn pretty well as Aaryn stuck to the deal and nominated Howard and Spencer. Aaryn actually played that pretty well, as she made Howard, Candice and Spencer feel like she really didn’t want to put them up but had to like she is a hostage right now. Its tough to say this, but Aaryn is playing better these days.

    Amanda will probably take over as MVP nomination.

  • Amanda – I really have a feeling that Amanda is going up as MVP. If Howard can somehow win POV then Amanda could be going home..  Maybe her destiny all along was to play Charlotte the spider to McCrae’s Wilber the pig, and is in the house to save McCrae and teach him about  life and death and whatever else the main themes in Charlotte’s Web were. Even if Amanda is not nominated this week, she is going to be on the block and her date with the Big Brother Reaper is coming. I feel this way, because the numbers are dwindling, and the obvious people to nominate are almost purged. The case for getting Amanda out this week, is that bigger targets in majority alliances are hard to turn on, or get up on the block. If you have the shot with relatively little blood on one persons hands you go for it. 
  • Mccrae – Weird Al Jr. is going to freak when his girl goes up on the block Yo. I wonder if Mccae has a plan for where he will turn when Amanda goes to the place where his dog and grandpa went when they got sick. I think Mccrae needs to stop playing this game like he’s Boner from Growing Pain, as. I see someone playing scared, not playing smart. He has had the luxury of having Amanda as a human all-encompassing shield, but if/when that is gone Mccrae will have to grow up and start playing. On a final note, can we all pretend that the bathroom scene with Amanda and Mccrae never happened? Come on Mccrae, we need Marlon Brando to grab Mccrae, slap him in the face and say “You can act like a Man!!”.
  • Spencer – The homeless man’s Danny Ocean has not caught one break this game. Being nominated is just another slap in the face to the bearded one. Spencer has to make the transition from trying to be the guy that creates big moves to becoming a quiet floater. At least for the short term, as nobody in the house trust him, but Howard. Normally I think all of us are into players that try and make things happen but in Spencer’s case nobody is following this guy anywhere. He needs to lay low. If Howard goes this week Spencer may be the next to go.

    No Crazy Incredible Hulk this week.

  • Elissa – I guess we aren’t going to see the Crazy Incredible Hulk come out of Elissa this week, but just know that it is coming out soon and pray that you are nowhere near when it does happen. She really could not have been in a better place ten days ago, but since then, her attitude has been piss poor, threatening to walk out the door for being nominated, and clearly being petty with Ginamaria and Aaryn. She is turning into Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka, entitled and bratty. Maybe Elissa acting like this will keep her around for longer, but there were some moments during the show tonight that her eyes looked dead , like she was disassociating…Watch out!!!
  • Helen – like we have said since the start of the game is clearly very intelligent. She is in politics and it wouldn’t surprise me if she got Charles Manson elected Governor one day. Her game is better behind the scenes then it was when she was in the forefront. When she was HOH she too dramatic and too aggressive, but now as she is back behind the shadows she is so good at getting her talking points spread out throughout the house. It really does feel like Helen is going to control who goes home this week. For her game is it better for Howard or Amanda to go?
  • Judd– I think somebody may have slipped Judd a “Mickey”, because he looked really out of it and incoherent. Maybe being in that room for 24hours last week gave him PTSD or something, because according to people watching the live feeds he has been acting like present day Nick Nolte, muttering things that don’t make sense and acting wacky. Maybe he is just bored this week. This week isn’t going to require much from Judd , so go ahead, act loony Judd. 
  • Andy – Slithering and slithering, never in the spot light. Andy has a “former child actor” vibe to him, right? Was he Pete inPete’s Dragon?  Maybe he is one of those Filthy Weasley brothers from Harry Potter, anyway, in this game ruled by the women, Andy is perfectly suited staying behind the scenes, being BFF’s with whoever wears the HOH crown for the week, but at some point he will need to reveal himself, but it won’t be this week. Helen and Andy work together a lot but it doesn’t seem like they have a blood pact or anything like that and she seems like the person Andy is closest to in the game right now.  Andy is playing the diplomatic, floater role to perfection up to this point.
  • Candice – Miss Social Spazzy is the front runner to go up if Howard or Spencer win the POV. Somebody help me here, where did Candice go wrong? Yes she aligned herself in a semi shomance with Howard, but she was already on the fringe of the house before that. Is this a weird girl thing that guys never understand? Example would be this girl I work with who seems nice, pretty and funny, but is absolutely hated for some unclear reason by every girl I work with, like she’s Casey Anthony or something. I ask why she is not liked and my coworkers say it’s just how she carries herself.  Is this Candice situation like that? Please if there is a girl reader here please help me understand!
  • Jessie – She is a mannequin that comes to life for short spurts(Like that horrible movie….Mannequin..which did produce one of the better love songs of all time, maybe this video will be like Judd and Jessie at the end of the game leaving together…

… and does something harmful to her game and other peoples games  in that short window of time, like inexplicably  telling Candice about the deal Helen made with Aaryn. Other than having a conniption fit when Jeremy was laying on a community bed I can’t think of one moment this season that involves Jessie…right?


    GinaMarie will have zero impact this week.

  • Ginamarie – Like Jessie, Gina  will have zero impact on this week unless there is some unforeseen shake up, where there is a true divide in the house and her vote may actually sway things. If someone can make her dress in knickers, a 1920’s hat and make her shout “Extra! Extra! read all about it” in a thick accent, it would make my night.

The final analysis (Like were talking about something that actually requires analysis here) is that Howard is down to his final appeal, if he doesn’t win POV he will have a date with Julie Chen on Thursday where every question will sound like:  “So when Aaryn said (blank) what did you feel?”, “Are you shocked that in the year 2013 that someone could be so blatantly racist on TV?” The MVP nominee is lurking and my hunch is Amanda goes up, but is this the time that such a major move would be made, as that would truly shake up the house for the first time this season.

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