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Peter Brown LIVE After Big Brother 15 on Sun, 7/21

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After tonight’s episode of Big Brother 15 on Sunday, July 21, Rob Cesternino talked with Peter Brown from Big Brother Canada along with senior Big Brother RHAPorter Brian Lynch. Rob and Peter discussed the two nominations that new HoH, Judd, has put up for eviction. This was followed by a recap all of the drama from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Brian Lynch, including the results of who America put up on the block and who has won this week’s power of veto.

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PART ONE: Sunday Episode Talk (2:22)

Rob and Peter discussed why it wasn’t a great time for Judd to become HOH.  Peter felt he was doing a great job of staying under the radar. Now, both sides of the house are in his ear.  Rob does note Judd seems to have much more personality as HOH. Rob asks Peter if wearing the crown around the house was a good thing or bad thing.  Peter believes that Judd is so likeable that this will not be misread, as opposed to if it was Jeremy where everyone would hold the same act against him.

Rob shares that he is becoming to dislike Jessie, that she was all over Judd and now he can’t even get a kiss. Peter agrees that she should have at least given him a kiss.  Rob feels that Judd is now stuck in the friend zone.  Peter admits that he used to get stuck in the friend zone often prior to BBCan but the house taught him to be more confident. Brian shares that Jessie consistently shuts Judd down but still felt she could help herself to the HOH bed, to the point of turning off the lights early to sleep. Peter believes she isn’t doing herself any favors treating such a likeable person in Judd so poorly.

Rob wants to know if Peter thinks GinaMarie’s plan to flirt with Judd is a good one.  Peter thinks it might work for her but only if there isn’t much of a cost to Judd.

Rob asks if, as she states on the show, the house owes Kaitlyn a few save weeks.  Peter feels that if she truly believe is this she doesn’t know how Big Brother works.  Kaitlyn has shown herself to be a strong player on many levels and the house is not going to forget about her just because her showmance has been evicted.

Rob wants to know if there was anyone on BBCan like Amanda, where they have an agenda and push too hard about it. Peter felt Liza’s focus on removing Emmett is similar to Amanda wanting Howard out.  What can happen is a strong agenda can be flipped on the person and people will start to turn on her. Since BB15 will be 29 days longer than BBCan, Rob suggests that pushing this hard so early is not the best tactic.  Peter feels that it wouldn’t be so bad if others were going with you, but if no one is taking the bait, she should back off.

Rob asks if it was Peter Brown in the house rather than McCrae, would this showmance be possible? Peter admits that he would be the one pushing for the showmance, as he finds Amanda both attractive and interesting.  However, he would recognize that she is playing too hard and get her to back off some.

Rob wants to know if the blooming showmance of Howard and Candice a silver lining to all the racists situations on the show.  Peter likes how the two have genuine common interests and believes they are a good couple in and out of game play.  Brian explains that there hasn’t been a lot of showmance activity between the two, that they are just getting to know each other.  Rob wants to know if penguins give a pebble to their potential life mate.  Peter is uncertain but encourages everyone to look it up (Editor’s Note:  It is true).

Rob brings up the fight between GinaMarie and Aaryn.  Peter states that Aaryn is realizing that GinaMarie and Kaitlyn have no idea what is going on in the game. He believes that the fight was just Aaryn’s frustration over this. Rob found it ironic that it was GinaMarie telling Aaryn that she needs to be positive. Peter explains that blind optimism will get a player in trouble.

Talk of GinaMarie’s fixation on Nick is brought up. Rob shared a twitter conversation with Nick about his current relationship status. He isn’t “wifed up” but, with a winky face, says he is close.  GinaMarie may need therapy after the show if this is true.

Rob admits that he liked tonight’s Have/Have Not competition. Peter believes he would have been fine with the regular frozen yogurt but the Anchovy/Habanero combination may have been a challenge.  It was noted that GinaMaire was able to swallow easily but Aaryn could not swallow at all. Peter notes that this may be good news for Nick and bad news for David.

Rob suggests that Amanda might be able to use a week as a Have Not. Peter admits that he still accepts her as she is, that she is still a

ten. Brian points out that Amanda has already been a Have Not.  Peter wishes that there was more time to show how difficult being a Have Not is, that it is damaging on both the psyche and with energy levels.

Rob brings up that Peter and some of his BBCan castmates are about to start a California tour and meet up with some BBUS former cast members.  Peter will be joined by Alec, Talla, Liza and Topaz.

Rob and Peter found it comical watching Howard struggle as he wastaught yoga by Elissa.  While they both found it to be entertaining they point out that Elissa does this for a living and yoga is not that easy.

While Aaryn feels she has a target on her back so large even a blind kid could hit her. Peter feels she should feel safe since no HOH nominee has gone home yet.  Peter points out that Judd is making the best moves for himself by not nominating Howard and Spencer.  The problem is that he is upsetting other parts of the house.

Rob asks if it was fair to compare Tom from BBCan and Jeremy. Peter thought that Jeremy was actually a better player because he was aware enough to realize he was in trouble while Tom was unaware until his demise.  Rob also asks Peter about comparisons between BBCan and BB15 in terms of the racial comments. Peter points out that the worst comment on BBCan was Suzette calling Tom a redneck. Peter does hope the BB15 house members who have made these questionable comments will learn and change their ways when they realize society’s reaction.

PART TWO: Live Feed/Spoilers (41:45)

We have found out who America voted for and a veto competition.  As it turned out Thursday night’s show was very prothetic.  There was talk of backdooring Elissa, then all of a sudden Elissa is nominated, confusing the house.  Rob, Peter and Brian suspect some people may have pulled a “Topaz”, voting for Elissa when they were thinking it was still for MVP.  There also could have been many votes for Aaryn and Kaitlyn, and Elissa may have gotten the 3rd most amount of votes.  On top of this, Elissa won the veto so the person who ends up on the block may be the person with the 4th most amount of votes.  Assuming that the bulk of votes may have gone to Aaryn then Kaitlyn, there may only be a few hundred votes remaining, making the person who ends up on the block a big crap shoot. Rob does feel this adds entertainment to the show since we do not know who is going up. Brain guesses it will be GinaMarie and that Aaryn will be the one going home. Peter insists that they should keep Aaryn as she is so hated that she could go at any time.

Rob asks Peter if he likes the MVP twist, as it is something that could have been lifted from BBCan.  Peter would like the twist if all the house members were on the same level. Instead, the twist has made the show “Let Elissa Decide Who Goes Home.”

Rob confirms with Peter that Spencer’s speech on Thursday included a shout out to Dave Grohl.  Rob suggests that he would fill his eviction speeches shout outs to famous people, just for entertainment.

There were some punishments and rewards with the veto competition. Judd had solitary confinement with an alarm clock that goes off every 9 minutes.  Helen got a curfew of 8pm for two nights, and McCrae won $5000.

Rob asks Brian about today’s birthday celebrations for McCrae. Amanda dressed up as a dominatrix for McCrae.  Elissa was upset that what was happening in the house was not family friendly. Amanda and Elissa fought about this but made up about it in the morning and blamed Aaryn. Brian also explains that McCrae plans on proposing to Amanda.

Brian also mentions that Helen has been campaigning hard to gain support to backdoor Amanda sometime in the near future.  Judd has also been released from solitary and has stated he needs to talk to some people about next steps.  While in confinement, Judd talked about turning on Amanda and McCrae.


Mark Smith @msmith192837:  Shouldn’t they want to keep Aaryn?  Safe to assume she’d be the 3rd nom every week. Even they know she’s not well liked by fans.

Peter agrees with Mark.  In the house, however, it is easy to think about an easy week and worry about someone else next week.  The problem is someone else may become you.

ddgypsy:  How badly has Amanda messed up her game by bing too pushy?  Is she capable of sitting up long enough to recover?

Rob doesn’t think so.  Peter thinks she may believe she has her ducks in a row, but she may not.  Amanda is competitive and dangerous so, for this cast, this is bad news.  As Rob points out with a hockey analogy, it is only the end of the first period.  It is not time to pull the goalie.

MrWanton16:  What happens to McCrae if Amanda is evicted because it seems like no on is targeting him.

Peter asks who would McCrae have left? Rob believes McCrae could be penciled in for top 4. Peter believes pairs are important because you have that one guaranteed vote.  Brian believes that Amanda’s communications with Aaryn are hurting them and that McCrae would benefit not to have this around.

Tyler Sloan @tsloan_17:  Instead of playing both sides of the house, Andy is playing 12 sides of the house.  He shares a lot of information with everyone. Smart?

Rob thinks it is pretty smart.  Peter feels it is good if he is acquiring  information while being selective in what he shares, it could be good.  However, if he is just gossiping, it can bite him in the end.

Jacob Brabant:  Two things, one, Peter reminds me of Eric Stein from BB8.  Two, is it just me or is Jessie really playing this game really week, under the radar with her ally Judd and is with the numbers?  Am I crazy?

Peter gets told that he is like Eric Stein, Dan Gheesling, and Ian Terry (with a bit of Matt Hoffman).  Peter has talked to all of them and is honored to mentioned with them.  In terms of Jessie, Peter thinks she is playing a good 3rd juror game.  She isn’t a target because she isn’t a threat.  Brian agrees that she is not doing much but also isn’t in danger.  Rob would like her to at least show Judd some affection.

jodlee @JodyL33:  Will Kaitlyn be the new Janelle being a really good competitor & winning everything? She is always in the finals for HOH and won a veto.

Rob can not believe people are comparing one of the most beloved players of all time, Janelle, with the disliked Kaitlyn.  Peter feels that, on some levels, she checks certain boxes competitively and alliance-wise that could draw some comparisons but this ends when considering popularity.  Rob also points out that Janelle really knew the game and this can not be said about Kaitlyn.

Katy Beth Austin @katybethaustin: Do you think the new alliance of Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie, Kaitlyn and Judd will actually follow through or was it fluff?

Brian explains that this was a late night grasshopper alliance but it is already falling apart. Rob says not to hold our breath on this one.

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