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Shelly Moore (@ShellyMooreBB13) from Big Brother 13 joins Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) to recap Sunday night’s show, discuss the drama on the live feeds and answer YOUR questions.

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PART ONE: Sunday Night’s Show (3:29)

Rob brings up that Shelly does not care for Aaryn and asks if there has been a character like Aaryn in the past.  Shelly feels that Aaryn us just young and inexperienced. She also feels that Aaryn has probably lived her life worrying about superficial items.  Shelly is surprised Aaryn is sticking to her deal and has been doing things around the house (cooking and cleaning) to make her more likeable.

Rob asks if having life experience is helpful in the house? Shelly believes it cuts both ways. She feels Aaryn will be given some slack for being young when she leaves the house. Shelly points out that she was held to a different standard leaving the house because of her age.  Amanda’s antics, while entertaining, are an example of having potential to be held against her because she is older.

Rob encourages Aaryn to own what she has said rather than brush it off.  Shelly points out that Kaitlin has been trying use Aaryn as a scapegoat but has been coming around to take some ownership.

Rob asks Shelly, having played with Rachel and Brendon, if she had ever met Elissa.  They did meet at Rachel and Brendon’s wedding.  In addition, Shelly’s husband spent a good part of the finale of BB13 in the green room with Elissa. Shelly’s husband was not a bit surprised when she got cast.  Shelly found Elissa to be a sweet girl and has become a believer in yoga, considering how it has shaped her body. Shelly is worried about Elissa’s personal vendetta against Aaryn, that these are often spell the end for a player.  Shelly also worries about Elissa’s habit of talking.

Much of the show focused on Aaryn’s deal with Helen. Rob has found Aaryn’s game lately to be smart. Shelly agrees.  Aaryn can now lay all the blame on Helen for her nominees yet tell Helen she is sticking to her word. Shelly points out that Aaryn has put the target on Helen and not gotten any blood on her hands.  Brian also feels that Aaryn has turned a new leaf since Kaitlin’s eviction. Shelly is reserving judgement until after Aaryn is in power.

Rob points out that Elissa’s talking has caused Helen to assume that she was the one who told Candice about the deal when it was Aaryn telling Jessie telling Candice.  Shelly explains that the strength of Helen and Andy’s game is that they always have someone else to act as scapegoat.

Shelly thought that the MVP twist would have been a good idea, with less opportunity to hide, but has done the opposite.  She is also surprised that they are already talking jury when there are the amount of people in the house that a season usually starts with!  Shelly feels that it is inexperience talking when they discuss who “deserves” to be in the house and who “deserves” to make it to jury.

Rob brings up how the return of Aaryn to HOH means the return of Clowny to the house. Shelly agrees that that thing is terrible.  She also finds that they leave Clowny on the feeds when everyone is in bed. Shelly recommends not sleeping with your feeds on.

Shelly was on a season with many showmances but found that they were more respectful with their relationships than this season.  Shelly assumes that they must have all taken “horn-dog” pills prior to this season.

Rob asks if hiding when Aaryn announced her HOH room was also done on her season. They did do something similar on Shelly’s season and it is entertaining and makes the house more fun.  Rob points out how Aaryn says “acts” like “axs” then blames Candice for hanging out too much with her.  Shelly feels she should have just kept talking and not stopped to explain things, that she is under enough of a microscope.

Rob wanted to know Shelly’s reaction to McCrae and Amanda’s bath scene on the show tonight.  Shelly worries for Amanda’s parents’ reaction.  Shelly also feels that sometimes Amanda mother’s McCrae and feels that no man wants a naggy woman. Rob believes that McCrae is not complaining. Shelly believes that their feelings are real but McCrae has also created a large shield in front of him.

Spencer took the direct approach to try to keep himself off the block with Aaryn.  Shelly felt that his pitch was too much of a soft sell, that he did fully explain his point of view.  Aaryn believes she knows who saved her and Spencer needed to be more specific. Rob wants to know how to be specific without having that person you are talking to go tell the people you through under the bus. Shelly suggests activating Elissa, the widow maker, to shift the attention to the showmance that is running the house.  Shelly also suggests pretending having the coup d’état since they all believe the twist is in play. Another strategy is to play to Aaryn’s needs, which could be telling her you believe she is a good person and that you want to help everyone see that she is.

Shelly also likes Judd, believes he is smarter than people know and would be willing to wear a bear shirt in his support.

Rob found the Have/Have-Not competition to be boring. Shelly was also not exciting but did find GinaMarie to be entertaining. She also brings up GinaMarie’s yogurt eating skills as well as some live feed challenges that people can see on YouTube (Cinnamon Challenge embedded below).

Rob found the most interesting part of tonight’s show to be the interaction between Howard and Candice.  Howard encouraged Candice to “go get her bed back” and go talk to Aaryn. Aaryn explained that she has a “switch” to ignore Candice.  Candice returned to Howard upset that she now had a larger target on her back.  Shelly feels that Candice still does not like Aaryn but did it to help Howard.  Shelly likes Howard, but does not feel he is playing a very good game.  She also feels he is not throwing competitions. Instead, he is just not good at them.  Shelly also finds that Howard separates himself from the group which is never a good idea to be too different. Howard is a really find guy, but that doesn’t often get people far in this game, except for the the Jeff’s and Jordan’s.

PART TWO: Live Show/Spoilers (46:47)

Rob ask Brian to update us to current time.  We know that Amanda was America’s MVP and that Spencer won a puzzle Veto competition.  It is anticipated that Spencer will use the veto on himself and Candice will be the replacement nominee.  Rob asks Shelly if she was surprised that America voted for Amanda. Shelly is not surprised and the conversations in the chat rooms with the live feeds are indicating that Amanda is loosing popularity because of her pushiness.  Shelly does not think Amanda will go yet but maybe soon.  Rob asks if Amanda a man would people people feel the same way. Shelly feels people would not see Amanda in the same light, that assertive women are not looked upon positively.  Shelly also believes there are classy ways to be assertive and that Amanda should let McCrae wear the pants on occasion.

Rob asks Brian if Rachel tweeted out to vote for Amanda.  Brian did not see this. He did see a campaign awhile back that pushed for Amanda to be nominated and this campaign caused Amanda’s dad to leave Twitter.

Shelly reminds us that every person in the house is someone’s child and, no matter what, will always love and support their child.  That these comments about their children hurt.  This includes Aaryn’s parents.  Aaryn will have a tough time getting a modelling job in the future as we do live in a time where people need to also be good looking on the inside.

Rob asks who will probably go home this week.  Shelly feels that, while Candice is harder to control and may have a growing target, the majority of the house is concerned that Howard is going to start winning competitions.  She believes that Howard will go home this week.

At this point in the show, Rob shares Brian’s weekly alliance chart:
Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 10.49.16 PM

Rob asks Shelly if is smart to put up Candice, another isolated person. Shelly believes if they want to play the game they should put up McCrae with Amanda. At this point, Shelly feels it is easy to pick who lis going to make it to the end: Judd, Jessie, Helen and McCrae (and maybe Elissa as the 5th). She also feels McCrae is very smart and will play once Amanda is gone.

Rob asks Brian for a preview of Thursday and who will vote for who to be evicted.

  • Spencer – Amanda (unless he falls in line with everyone else)
  • GinaMarie – probably Howard
  • Jessie – Howard
  • Judd – Howard
  • McCrae – Howard
  • Andy – Howard
  • Helen – Howard
  • Elissa – Howard

Shelly would like to see a few votes to go to Amanda just to stir things up in the house.  Brian explains that everyone is afraid of Amanda. He also explains that Helen had to make sure all the votes she has to get rid of Amanda when there is an opportunity actually go to Howard this week.  Shelly believes that Helen will be found out soon enough and be sent packing.

Brian lets us know about Howard’s request not to disrespect his religion because he heard rumours that he is using it in the game.  Rob asks if this was happening and Brian explains that McCrae was saying it.  Judd got made at Helen because she seemed sympathetic towards saving Howard. Judd did apologize for his behaviour. Candice and Helen fought over Howard going rather than Amanda, Candice also got upset with Howard, again, over disrespecting her with Elissa. A ton of drama on the live feeds.

PART THREE: Questions (66:11)

Jessica Frey joins the show with your questions!

ecgrl101: Why didn’t anyone remind Aaryn that whether or not she went with the majority of the house, she’s always gonna be at the bottom of the totem pole? She would be better off working with the minority.

Shelly would definitely remind her of this and offer her some power by moving over to her side.

justinsgreatjourney:  Do you think the house should have tried to get Elissa out this week? as she was unable to play in the veto and also is telling secrets.

Shelly is a little bit shocked she is not going up as a replacement.  She does blab a lot and she is on their team!  Shelly believes that they think Elissa will be helpful with the MVP twist.  Brian believes it is all the person stuff that causes drama and that people play personal.

Michael Norris:  Would Shelly compare Jessie’s game to Porsche? She’s doing a great job at not making herself a target, going back and forth, making both sides think they can use her.  I think she can get to the end.

Shelly 100% thinks so and believes this is a great analysis. Shelly finds Jessie to be a sweet girl and sees a lot of similarities in Porsche and Jessie’s games.

Keith Ramage @Red_Damage:  Aaryn is playing a good game in terms of keeping emotions in check.  Does Elissa have a lesson to learn?

Shelly absolutely agrees. You have to call a spade a spade and that Elissa needs to be less emotional. Rob Points out that Elissa has no poker face, that she can not even look at Aaryn. Shelly believes this is something Elissa and Rachel are similar in this way. Rob states that Aaryn is better at being phoney, which is a good thing in the BB house.

Rabint: Shelly… Andy is playing a very similar game to yours, playing both sides.  When do you think is the best time for him to make a stand in the game so he avoids a similar fate to yours?

Shelly feels that there are some similarities but Helen is closer to Shelly’s game, being able to pull people out to talk with them.  Shelly feels Andy has about two more weeks before he has to pick a side.

Phillysports0822:  My question is… Is Helen thinking way to much ahead because she’s already planning who she wants on the jury?  And is she starting to be a target to the other HG?

Shelly simply says yes.  She believes the game needs to be taken one game at a time.  Shelly also feels they worry too much about who is going to be on jury.  Shelly then shares her experiences at the jury house and in the hotel before the finale.

MrWanton16:  Do Judd and McCrae have to depend on each other to reach the endgame because they are playing somewhat similar games?

Rob and Shelly agree that they do not have to play together.  Shelly feels Judd can play with any two other people.  Brian agrees that, while Judd has been playing with McCrae, he can play with anyone.  They all agree that Judd will be there at the end.

tdarkhorse4:  Is anybody ever going to figure out that guys like McCrae NEED to go early?  I am a huge McCrae fan, but nobody realizes how dangerous he is.

Shelly believes this is an awesome observation. McCrae is smart and quiet.  He is sailing with Amanda as his sail and will be there at the end… but believes Judd will win in the end.  Rob feels McCrae will have two lives and the second will kick in when Amanda is evicted, as long as he doesn’t run about saying “Nothing gets in between me and my Amanda”.

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