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Big Brother 15 Movie of the Week : Aaryn Part 4: The Search for a Backbone – 08/16/13

When I was kid, I watched that Mr Mom race like it was the 84 Olympics and to this day it pisses me off.  I didn’t understand or want to understand why Michael Keaton took a dive, so Colonial Mustard from Clue could win. Watching Big Brother tonight, I got the same feeling as I did watching that clip, which is being helpless while watching an event that already seems predetermined, with a crappy outcome. It looked like a couple of the houseguest were trying to throw the competition to Amanda, but instead Aaryn continued doing her best Michael Phelps impersonation and won another HOH. The glass half full outlook for me is hoping that Aaryn does something to shake up the house, and not nominate Spencer and a “fill in the blank” floater. The glass is half empty me is growing a hideous beard and listening to Nirvana, like Jack Sheppard from Lost. Instead of wanting to go back to the island, I want to go back to the moment in this season where the exact thing or event that got us to this current situation happened and change it somehow. Was it the MVP gimmick? Was it the Nick vote? Where and when do we need to send Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown?  

What do we think of this new Jury twist? I would like to think that Judd will be getting the chance at redemption. It sounds like it’s going to come down to a competition that will probably be rigged more than the 2000 presidential election for Judd!          

  • Don Helen – This may be the week that Don Helen gets targeted. I think Aaryn is going to get pushed into making this move against Helen. The Don will need to win POV if she is in fact nominated. Helen’s biggest mistake was not going for Amanda when she had her on the block prime for the backstab. Waiting a week too late will prove to be her downfall in this game. Sometimes when you try to get too cute in this game and stop living in the moment and start trying to plan for future weeks, you end up in Helen’s current predicament. Helen had the opportunity to really win America over a couple weeks ago, if she would have pulled the trigger on Amanda, but this feels like poetic justice, because playing Big Brother with hubris should equal destruction for that person. In the season of unlikable players Helen has gone from, invisible to likable underdog-to unlikeable mastermind-to marked for eviction. Helen really has to pull out all her condescending tricks to Aaryn and convince her to target Spencer, or its lights out for The Helen Crime Family.
  • Andy – I don’t like how Andy has played his HOH, as to me it came off as very weak. Can somebody who is on #TeamAndy explain to me what you like about his gameplay?  Unlike Aaryn, Andy clearly is intelligent, so what is he thinking right now? Specifically, why is Andy so keen to roll with a clear shomance that will never choose him over each other? We must believe that Andy’s goal is to try and make it to the final four and then, “see what happens”. I would guess that Andy finds himself in the same position that Helen is in, only it will happen to him probably in two-three weeks if things stay how they are now. Being the “snake” and playing both sides of the house is great for the first half of the Big Brother game, but once the numbers drop the snakes always seem to be towards the bottom of the alliance food chain. Playing in the middle keeps you safe, but almost always makes it harder for you to ultimately win the game. Let’s look at where he would rank on both teams food chains:

I recently showed this movie at my work, with teenagers…I guess I forgot that the late 1970’s movies that are rated PG did not cover racial slurs and other Un-PC things …oops) So this is the week that Aaryn needs to push her chips in the middle and decide between Don Helen or The Flying Mcmanda’s. It looks like she wants to roll with Amanda and Mccrae. Is this the right move for Aaryn? I personally think Aaryn is playing checkers, as the smarter people in the house are playing chess. Aaryn seems so focused on trying to play it safe and not ruffle any feathers. I don’t think she understands that she would be at the bottom of the food chain with Amanda and Mccrae. Really, her best move would be to just drop a bomb in the house by putting up Amanda and Mccrae, but she won’t do that. Maybe just surviving long enough to try and salvage her tarnished reputation is her strategy, because she knows she can’t win the game?  Maybe her moms’ recently hired P.R. firm sent her a message in the sky saying,
“Screw the game, start talking about how important civil rights are and how you have a Rosa Parks poster in your room!” 

          Team Helen: Helen-Elissa-Andy-Aaryn

          Team Other horrific racist that CBS has swept under the rug for some shady reason Amanda and Mccrae : AmandaMccrae-Andy. Aaryn

Out of those two teams which one would give Andy the better chance to make it to the end? Obviously that would be Helen’s side, unless Helen and Elissa start their own shomance, get married like Amanda and Mccrae and start acting like Annette Bening and Julianne Moore in the Kids are all right. It’s not too late for Andy to alter is doomed destiny, but he is going to have to show some backbone which has been his ultimate weakness this far into the game.

  • Ginamarie..What….In…..The….Hell…was Ginamarie doing? All joking aside, what in the hell was Ginamarie doing fighting with Aaryn? What is going on in her head? How close were we to this happening with her going after Aaryn?:    Its really weird to watch someone who has made it this far into the game, but have absolutely no clue what is going on in the house. It’s not like she is one of those people who is really smarter then they look, or smarter than their letting on. Ginamarie is really this dumb. All of us are less intelligent after watching Ginamarie this season. With all that being said, she is going to be safe this week it would seem, so good job on that Ginamarie and may god have mercy on your soul.

  • Amanda/Mccrae– Amanda really sucks. I don’t want to hear that she has a “great” social game. She has almost been as racist as Aaryn and has been a much bigger bully. The only reason Amanda is still in the house is that she lucked into being cast with the wimpiest houseguest in the history of Big Brother. I think Amanda unfortunately, is in a real solid place now, which sucks because she is horrible in competitions and has had the social graces of Charles Manson.  We (America) were so close to having her out of the house, now I don’t see where or when she is getting taking out of this game, because the people left who would take that shot has dwindled.
  • McCrae has continued to be steady. He won the very first HOH this season and since then has kept his game steady and consistent. It’s tough to analyze McCrae’s game the past two weeks, because his primary function has been to “handle” Amanda like Lindsay Lohan’s publicist. Let’s see what happens next week if or when there is some heat on Amanda or himself.
  • Spencer is going to pray to the Big Brother gods that Aaryn pulls the trigger on Helen and Elissa, so he can stay off the block for the first time in two years. Spencer has done a good job staying under the radar and it’s paid off. I don’t see a bold move out there for Spencer this week, so he will probably just have to go with the majority of the house this week.
  • Elissa is going on the block I think, which means everybody as your reading this, clear your throats and say this in a bitchy, valley girl voice, as this will probably be Elissa’s  reaction when she gets nominated, “ This is stupid, people here are so disgusting. I just want to leave, cause I don’t even care anymore”. If she does want to stay in this game it’s going to cost her the only true ally she has in the house.  

This is going to be a very interesting week. Will Aaryn make the big move and go after the Don or are we going to be subjected to another predictable week, with Spencer getting the boot?

The duel between Amanda and Helen is upon us, does Helen have one more bullet left or is she firing blanks? We will see come Sunday!  Oh wait, CBS is showing a clip from the Jury house, is that Judd…wow he has changed, new hair style maybe, he just looks different, a little more focused hopefully this time around :

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