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Matt Hoffman LIVE after Sunday’s Big Brother – 8/04/13

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) talked to Matt Hoffman (Big Brother 12 – @HeadofHoffhold) about Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15. Rob and Matt discussed the HoH endurance competition won by GinaMarie. Rob and Matt also discussed all of the fallout over Barbeque-gate and whether Amanda confronting Jessie was a good more or not for her game. Plus, Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) updated the Big Brother live feeds with the results of the veto competition and the vote for America’s Nomination.

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PART ONE: Live Show Talk (2:39)

Rob is excited about having a GinaMarie HOH and as how Matt feels about it. Matt is excited to be caught up wit h the show in general. Rob likes any situation that shakes up the “snow globe”. He also enjoyed GinaMArie throughing out deals, being excited about her care package, and GinaMarie’s overall enthusiasm this episode. Matt is happy that the HOH competition didn’t end up with the megaphone in GinaMarie’s hands. After Rob imitates GinaMarie for a moment, Matt begs him to stop.

Matt asks Rob what he thinks of this “new school” endurance competition.  Matt considered tonight’s competition a good mix between old and new.  Rob did not care for tonight’s endurance competition, believing they should last well into the night and finish with shivering contestants.  Matt explains that there has been a large turnover in the people who plan and construct the challenges on Big Brother, most notable was how the paint was completely chipping away from the barrels. Rob also noted that it looked like tread was being removed.

Rob asks Matt is he felt GinaMarie needed to win this week or was she already safe.  Matt notes that the cast this season is fixated on making it to jury and to do so are knocking out the people who are easy going and might safe in other seasons so it was a good idea for GinaMarie to win this week.

Rob asks Matt to compare this season to season 12, as he feels it is another season where similar alliances.  Matt feels that there was more structure in season 12 that did not change much where this season is more in flux and unpredictable.

Rob asks Matt who he feels has the best game play this year. Matt finds this a difficult question to answer because, while he likes Helen’s game play, he doesn’t not care for her personality.  He is entertained by Judd on the live feeds and feels CBS should use more of him but, at the same time, is not convinced he has the best strategy.  Rob agrees that Helen is a smart game player but comes off as patronizing. An example is how she spoke to GinaMarie in the kitchen after tonight’s HOH competition.  Matt would like to start a Helen anti-jumping-up-and-down campaign.

Rob asks Matt about his interactions with Elissa Slater, as Matt, an ordained minister, married Rachel and Brendon.  Matt explains that Elissa is a nice, kind person. In actual fact, he feels that both the sisters are kind, caring people.  It just wasn’t noticed in the edit for Rachel.

Rob points out the Elissa has not been getting much airtime the past two weeks. Matt points out that about the only time she was shown was recovering from a near fall early in the HOH competition.  Rob sees a shift in the editing to the Amanda show. Matts agrees about this, as well as on the live feeds.

Matt is surprised that Amanda was MVP nomination two weeks in a row.  Rob wants to know which twist he feels was worse, the sabatour or MVP.  Matt considers them both pretty bad but, when forced to choose, he considers MVP to be a slight improvement.  Matt thought it was okay to goto America to vote once, but to continue to make the fans choose is overkill.

Rob asks Matt if McCrae should have taken any of GinaMaire’s deals?  Matt doesn’t think he should because he is just a safe with GinaMarie, considering the target on Amanda.  Matt also feels McCrae should get rid of Amanda in a few weeks to save his game.  Rob wonders if McCrae would have gone through will allowing GinaMarie name both nominees. Matt thinks it’s a crazy deal to make but Aaryn went through with it the week before.  In the end, Matt and Rob conclude that the true motivation for McCrae was to have the room to be alone with Amanda.

Matt thought that Andy was on point, thinking GinaMarie’s HOH room was like a teenage girls’. Matt was most surprised by the photo of Nick and that she still wants to avenge him.  Rob points out that GinaMarie is missing Nick but Nick does not seem to be missing GinaMaire.

Rob brings up the rewards/punishments included with the HOH competition. Candice won $5000, Helen won a BBQ for herself and 3 other houseguests, and (Rob’s favorite) Spencer must speak through a megaphone.

Rob also thought tonight’s nomination ceremony was the best ever, between Spencer announcing that Amanda was save through the megaphone and GinaMarie’s speech.  Matt wanted to know if nitrous was being slowly released in the room, causing all the spontaneous laughter.

Overall, while GinaMarie is entertaining, both Matt and Rob feel she is a terrible player. She will probably make it to jury but is also the opposite of how they would recommend someone to play the game.  Matt feels that the young age of the cast is causing a large sense of entitlement.  Rob doesn’t feel that there are any great favourites this season, but he is still enjoying it. Matt is enjoying it, but not for the reasons he used to watch Big Brother for.  This season is more a spectacle.

Rob asks if one of the differences is having three nominations rather than two. Matt feels that the person being put up needs to have a legitimate chance of going home, rather than receiving no votes, as has happened since America has been nominating the third person.  It is similar in the finale of Survivor, where one person always receives zero votes.

Speaking about BBQ-gate, it wasn’t a good sign for Jessie when the conversation stopped when she walked into the room when Aaryn was relaying the awkward conversation she walked in on.  Rob suggests always having a backup conversation ready. Matt asks if it is also an issue in Survivor, with twigs and such giving away people approaching. Rob feels it is not as big of a deal on the island, but back the backup conversation is still needed… it is also needed in office situations.

As the BBQ meltdown continues to escalate, Amanda tries to explain things to Jessie, but it seems the opportunity to drink is too important. The whole situation reminds Rob of Survivor Caramoan when Brenda did not get to go on the family visit. Brian explains that part of Jessie’s issue with the situation was that Aaryn was going to the BBQ rather than her.  During  this meltdown, it was also brought up to Candice what Howard allegedly said to Amanda (Howard talked about this with Rob in his exit interview. You can here what he had to say here:

Rob admits to us that he is in the minority when he states that he likes Amanda. He basis this on the fact that she has made for good television. Matt also likes her a lot, as well, and believes she could win if she makes it to final two. Plus, she is funny in her DR sessions.  Rob wonders if her aggressive ways might be better suited for Survivor. Matt believes it is in the best interest of the house to evict her but she is great for the viewers.  Rob likes McCrae more as a person but Amanda has been entertaining.  Matt brings up some of the low blows that occurred during the BBQ meltdown was Jessie bringing up the fact that Amanda had a boyfriend when entering the house. If Amanda is evicted, Rob looks forward to the exit interview because she will be open with everything, comparing her to Corinne from Survivor.

Matt saw nothing wrong with Amanda hanging out in her underwear as he also hung out in his boxers while in the house.  Matt asked Brian if anyone intentionally flashed the cameras in the past. Brian does not believe so, but Brian has screen caps for anyone that would like to see.  😉

Matt asks Rob if taking Aaryn to the BBQ makes sense. Matt believes that Helen should hate Aaryn (based on previous racial slurs). Matt things this whole situation is wrong.  He also wonders why everyone is allowing Helen to call the shots when she is so transparent. Rob believes it is Helen’s ability to avoid drama.  Brian explains how Helen has “the clinch” where she holds onto people she is having deep conversations with.  Rob then wonders if she is maybe Vulcan and Matt accuses Rob of being racist (jokingly!).

Rob asks how bad of a move was it for Jessie to suggest to Andy that they target Amanda. In hind sight, it was not a good idea but it wasn’t a hard sell. It was only a suggestion to consider.  What everyone found funny was how awkward Andy felt went only hours after telling Amanda about the plan in confidence, Amanda was attacking Jessie about it.

PART TWO:  Live Feed Spoilers (40:36)

Because of America’s nomination, Rob owes $100 to Ian Terry.  Rob was certain that America hated racism so much that there was no way Aaryn would escape the vote.  Matt tosses out Amanda Bynes name and then Rob suggests that the voting public are thinking they are voting for Amanda Bynes rather than Amanda Zuckerman. Seriously, Rob believes the live feed watchers dislike Amanda so the vote proves that most of the voters are live feed watchers. Matt mentions a recent video montage depicting all of Amanda’s missteps being a possible influence. Rob suggests that while Aaryn is mean spirited, isn’t Amanda more a Lisa Lampanelli type?  Rob commits to look at this new video to draw a new conclusion and reserves the right to take back any of her pro-Amanda comments.  Matt also wonders how GinaMarie has not received more heat over her comments.

After being nominated again, Amanda initially blamed Judd. However, Judd has convinced everyone that it wasn’t him. Most of the cast now believes it is America choosing.  The veto competition Judd took $5000 and gave Jessie the veto. Spencer took a Bahama’s trip from Candice and she must wear a Clowny-Tard. Amanda has been spray tanning every so often for 48 hours and GinaMarie is wearing a cone of shame around her neck.  The Clowny-Tard ranks pretty low for Matt, in the history of unitard.

The overall power rankings for unitards are :

  • Matt: 1. Captain-tard (Lydia)
  • Rob: 1. Classic Red,
  • Brian: Humili-tard (Jordan)

At this point, Rob decided that there would be not universal power rankings and some casual banter about “-tards” ensued.

Rob wonders if the spray tan is a  punishment or a reward for Amanda. Brian explains that it is a punishment because it is a very orange color. Matt figures Amanda is now the color of GinaMarie and Rob wonders if GM is upset that she is not allowed to use the orange tanning bed.

There was also a GinaMarie impersonation contest to determine the third BBQ spot. McCrae won but took the second place prize of sleeping in the HOH, confirming our original suspicion of what McCrae really wanted from the win.  GinaMarie was willing to give up the HOH room because she wants to sleep in Nick’s bed anyhow.  In the end, they give the BBQ spot to Jessie.

PART THREE: Questions (52:31)

Eupolls:  how do you think MVP nominee will be handled in the double eviction on Thursday?

Matt thinks the MVP twist will be over. Brian also hopes this is the case.

Semicharmed14:  Amanda seems like a ticking time bomb. What is better for McCrae? Is it smarter to stay behind a big target like Amanda or to break away from her?

 Matt believes McCrae is smart in using Amanda as a shield, to a point, because if she makes it all the way she will probably win.  Rob and Matt think it is pretty slim that Amanda and McCrae will make it to the end of the game together. They both also believe that this season is McCrae’s to win.

Rootbeer1226: Who will be getting a Hoffaween invite this year from this year’s cast?

Matt isn’t certain if any of them will get invited… maybe Aaryn in a grand wizard robe… seriously, all alumni are welcome to attend.

Ddgypsy: Helen seems to be biting on the idea of getting Amanda out. Do you think it will happen?  If so, is that good or bad for her game?

Matt thinks it is the best thing for Helen’s game.  Or, for Amanda to get rid of Helen.  They are both strong players and each other’s main competition. Brian would also have Helen get rid of Amanda. Rob also feels it is important to get rid of Amanda before jury because she will spend five weeks bashing the person that got her out.

[email protected]: Why does McCrae continue to try in the competitions when he doesn’t really need to?  He’s making himself out to be a big comp threat.

Matt agrees that he shouldn’t but people have competitive streaks in them.

Ashley’s Dreamboard @AshsDreamboard: Candice is a shoe in for Reality Gamemasters Candyland right?

Rob doesn’t think so.

Annaxbananax0: Jessie already figured out that Andy is the mole,should/why woun’t she expose him?

Matt thinks it depends on the situation and in this situation she wouldn’t lose anything and maybe should call him out.  Brian feels it hasn’t hurt his game.

Energizer61bunny:  Who’s more likely to turn on the other for the sake of winning the game?  Amanda or McCrae?

Rob doesn’t think it happens.  Matt also doesn’t think so either but if anyone it would be Amanda. Rob does think it would be entertaining to watch a couple split up on camera, like on Big Brother Canada.

Markstubation01: GinaMarie’s been talking about making a big move for awhile and now that she has the chance she does nothing to improve her position.

Matt compares GM to Enzo in many ways.  He feels she is not meant for this game or many games.  This is a great time to get out a power player (pre-jury) but GM is playing too personally.

Back to the live feed talk, Brian shares that Helen is leading the campaign with Elissa and Jessie to have Spencer go on the block.  Brian predicts that Spencer will get no votes.  Brian also predicts that the house will be short a vote or two to evict Amanda.  Rob asks Matt if the right move is to yell at people when you get wind that people are trying to get you out. Matt doesn’t believe it is. He recommends working through people you know are on your side.

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