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Big Brother: Look what you did you little Jerks!! – 9/13/13

Ok I’m mad at how this season has unfolded. I’m blaming Andy for this and I feel like saying this to him:

It seems like CBS sees the writing on the wall and realizes that they need to pull an “Old Yeller” and take this season out back and shoot it. This episode seemed “mailed” in. I guess what’s done is done.  The final 3 is a little surprising, you can make an argument that Andy was one of the favorites all season long, but the other two are like two unknown actors in a horror movie, characters that are supposed to get killed early on in the movie, like the slutty precocious 18 year old girl, who skinny dips in the creepy murky lake and the dude who goes and investigates a strange noise outside the cabin. Instead of the “movie stars” making it to the end of the movie we get Spencer and Ginamarie. This has to be one of the weakest finals in Big Brother history.

Let’s pause as I pose this question to you, can you think of another jury that would make you more nervous if you had a vested interest in it? I don’t envy the finalist, because they’re going to be treated like the Ghostbusters when they had to go court: .

This is going to be the most personal, entitled Jury in the history of Jury’s. Was it a bad sign that Aayrn was squinting at the cue cards that CBS made her read when she made her “amends” to Candice and Helen? It always is awkward when CBS stages and over produces the new jury member going into the house for the first time and everybody gets to showcase their acting chops by playing surprised. The Jury system in general on Big Brother seems like it needs a reboot. The final speeches on the final episode don’t even matter because the jury by that time has already hopped on their moral high horses and decided who they wanted to shame and blame for taking them out of the game. I almost think they need to sequester the jury away from each other until the final live episode, that way it might actually turn out fair.

Anyway, on to the current, horrific finalist:

  • Is Ginamarie Reece Witherspoon in legally blonde? A note on that Analogy: I never saw Legally Blonde, so I’m just going to be reckless(you only live once) and guess that it’s about Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless getting ripped off by Reece Witherspoon, who is horribly racist, commits a string of robberies and muggings, but then in one attempted mugging against a young good looking law student , decides that she’s in love and wants to pursue this young lad and so she follows him to Harvard law school, works hard(probably a montage of her studying, holding a law book upside down, chewing gum while reading a US weekly magazine in class with a Pink song playing) starts taking school serious and then shocks the world by graduating and getting the man of her dreams, the end. Was I close on that plot? To get back to my point about Ginamarie, for the majority of this season she was a hot mess. Somewhere during the middle of the season, she woke up and started winning competitions, at which point she slayed the Amanda dragon. Like Spencer alluded to this episode, the jury is going to have a special place in their hearts solely because she is the one who got Amanda out. The Jury has already demonstrated that they are all going to have bitter beer faces

This might be the most shocking BB winner of all time if Ginamarie somehow gets into the finals.

  • Andy, like I mentioned above is to blame for this season unfolding how it has. That may seem irrational, but I have to lash out at somebody so I’m choosing to lash out at Andy, because I don’t like how he cried every episode and don’t like how his weakness is going to pay off potentially in the end. Seriously, this calls for another Home along clip: .

I think Andy has a chance to win head to head against Spencer, but I really think he might lose to Ginamarie and I might be ok with this……gross I know.

  • Spencer I would guess is being taking to the finals no matter what. I guess 50g’s is not that bad. I mean he’s a train conductor right? I couldn’t even guess how much a train conductor pulls down a year, but I’m guessing no matter what, its more than this counselor at a non-profit, helping teenagers come off drugs, doing god’s work makes, but I digress, I think Spencer did the best he could with the cards he was dealt. I can’t see the Jury giving Spencer the victory. What do you guys think?  I don’t know what else to add, other then I hope he can get back to the railroad in time, so he can help Doc Brown and Marty McFly get the locomotive up to 88mph’s before it falls off Eastwood ravine. Weren’t there rumors that Spencer got fired from his job too for one of the 756 offensive things that were said by the entire house this season?

Julie Chen in her feisty outfit tonight stated that next episode they were going to air previously unseen footage, so does this meant that they will play this video with Rod Stewarts, Forever young as the soundtrack?(disclaimer: This is hard to watch)

This season cant end fast enough……how great was the ending to Breaking Bad last Sunday!!!

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