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Will Jeremy Get Shown the Backdoor? LIVE After Eviction #3

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It was the third LIVE eviction night in the Big Brother house and this time it was Jeremy McGuire, Spencer and Aaryn Gries that were up on the block.  After the house voted 9-1 to take out Jeremy and Judd was crowned the new HoH, Rob Cesternino was joined by Live Feed correspondent, Brian Lynch to discuss all of tonight’s drama.

Rob begins by talking about the loss of Jeremy from the show.  Rob doesn’t understand how anybody could attempt to “play” the game the way that Jeremy did this season.  Rob also was not buying the redemption storyline from Jeremy at all in his interview with Julie Chen.  With Jeremy out of the house, Rob and Brian wonder is Kaitlin might be able to jumpstart her game.

Turning to the new twist on the MVP this season, Rob and Brian discuss whether the producers of Big Brother are just out to screw over Aaryn by letting America nominate one of the house guests.  Rob is convinced that America will vote to put Aaryn on the block this week, even if Judd doesn’t.  Rob and Brian discuss Aaryn’s latest stunt to endear herself to the Big Brother viewers by hiding Gina-Marie’s collection of Nick memoribilia.  When confronted, Aaryn denied everything that she did.

With Judd winning the HoH this week, Rob and Brian discuss the challenge from tonight.  Rob isn’t sure if highness is only used in regards to female royalty.  Rob and Brian debate whether or not it was a smart move for Judd to become the HoH this week when he wasn’t in any danger.

Be sure to join Rob on Friday when he speaks with Jeremy McGuire about his time on Big Brother.

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