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Post-Finale Interviews with the Big Brother 15 Final 3

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast

On the morning after the Big Brother 15 finale, Rob Cesternino gets to speak with the Big Brother 15 Final 3: Andy, Ginamarie and Spencer

Winner of Big Brother 15, Andy Herren (1:25):

Rob congratulates Andy on his hardworking game of Big Brother all summer long. Rob wants to know if he realized that people were seeing him as a floater over the course of the summer. Rob also asks Andy how much the Zingbot calling him a floater impacted his game decisions.

Andy took Ginamarie to the Final 2 over Spencer, which came out of nowhere for many viewers. Rob and Andy discuss the sudden Final 2 deal that was supposedly formed on Day 1 between Andy and Ginamarie. Rob congratulates Andy on being the first gay Big Brother winner as well and Andy says that he will wear that as a badge of honor.

Rob and Andy discuss what former houseguests he modeled his game after and Andy saw himself as a cross between Enzo and Dan Gheesling (but Dan didn’t see it the same way). Rob thinks Andy played much more like Jun Song did on Big Brother 4.

Turning to Elissa, Rob asks Andy about why he was so critical of her after she left the house and why he didn’t want her to be America’s Favorite Houseguest.  Andy says that he was just frustrated and needed to blow off steam about her and felt like he couldn’t while she was still there.

Finally, Rob asks Andy about whether or not he has been fired from his job as a teacher and Andy said that he didn’t have any updates about this now but really wants to return to work as a teacher.  Rob reveals to Andy that he was his pregame pick to win this season on the RHAP Big Brother 15 Preview Show as well.

Big Brother 15 Runner-Up, Ginamarie Zimmerman (17:55)

Rob begins by asking Ginamarie about how she is doing on the day after the finale.  Ginamarie says that it was a crazy night and how she’s learned about a lot of things that were said over the summer.  Rob talks to Ginamarie about the controversy and about losing her job as a pageant coordinator.

Turning to the game, Rob wants to know if Ginamarie would have taken Andy or Spencer with her to the final 2 if she won the final HoH.  Rob also discusses her relationship with Andy and if it was closer than what we saw watching Big Brother 15.

Rob then does what Julie Chen failed to do on Wednesday night, we get an update about Ginamarie and Nick Uhas outside the house. Ginamarie says that her and Nick have a first date planned and she is going to keep us update on RHAP on how it goes.

Ginamarie also tells Rob about the interactions that she’s had with Amanda and Candice since she has been out of the house.  Finally, Rob wants to know if Ginamarie would consider doing endorsements for any extermination companies that may contact her.

Big Brother 15 Third Place Finisher, Spencer Clawson (32:20)

Lastly, Rob checks in with Spencer Clawson.  Rob asks Spencer about Andy’s decision to take Ginamarie to the final 3 and why it didn’t seem to upset him too much.  Rob wants to know why Spencer didn’t try to get Andy out at the Final 5 when he nominated Judd after McCrae used the veto.

Rob asks about whether Spencer’s girlfriend was mad after Spencer was talking about Jessie so much this summer.  Spencer said he was just joking around and Rob asks Spencer about his joking that ended up making national news this summer.  Spencer apologizes for making the joke in poor taste that got him in hot water.  Rob asks Spencer if he has been fired from his job and Spencer said that his job is protected.

Turning back to the game, Rob wants to know what future players need to understand about being nominated and what is the best way to avoid being evicted.

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