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LIVE with Ian Terry After the Latest Big Brother Eviction – 8/15/13

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After a week away, Ian Terry is back to recap another Big Brother 15 live eviction and the announcement of another big twist with Rob Cesternino on Big Brother Brainiacs

The show begins on a somber note: Ian is so emotionally broken about Jessie’s eviction that he’s prepared a poem to read for tonight’s solemn occasion. He looks forward to her re-entering society in a few weeks and the possibility of sharing his new king size bed with “Killer Kowalski”. Rob likes that Ian always seems to have a new reality show crush, which Ian refers to as “The Ian Cycle” – every season of Survivor and Big Brother, he fawns over a new hot girl until she gets voted out, at which point he picks a new one.

Aaryn is the new Head of Household, and Rob thinks that could be a very bad title to hold this week considering what a critical week this is for gameplay. He and Ian try to determine if Amanda not knowing the answer to the final question was actually her throwing the game to Aaryn, before learning that she actually cried tonight after losing yet another competition. Both of them at least acknowledge that McCrae has learned from last week to try and throw competitions to her.

Rob and Ian were both slightly taken aback by the tweet Julie Chen read to the houseguests tonight, asking why every vote is unanimous and why no one is making a big move. Rob called this a shot across the bow at people like Andy who are playing under the radar games. He and Ian both think this was an odd question to read to the house considering how much it relates to gameplay rather than the shirts worn by contestants.

Other topics discussed in the show include Ian’s power rankings of all the remaining houseguests, including the jurors. Ian also emphasizes that he thinks the conspiracy theories online that Allison Grodner is good friends with Amanda and is rigging the game in her favor are among the most bogus Big Brother rumors he’s ever heard. Plus, Brian Lynch helps recap the faux wedding between Amanda and McCrae held in the backyard on the live feeds Tuesday night.

A juror is returning to the game next week, and Rob and Ian try to determine who will be coming back. Rob also wonders who production wants to come back into the game. With the possibility of Helen being evicted this week, he and Ian wonder if it could be a revolving door for her next Thursday night. The Brainiacs speculate as to what kind of competition the jurors will have to play in order to win their way back into the house. Will it involve rolling balls as Brendon and Lawon did two summers again? Rob thinks that if Helen gets evicted and it’s another numbers game, it could be a clear sign that production is trying to throw her a win as much as her housemates tried to do in this week’s veto competition.

Finally, Rob and Ian answer viewer questions on where the power will really lie next week, whether or not Helen’s answer to the Twitter question could come back to haunt her, who’s doing the best jury management right now, and which classic paintings Ian would like to be photoshopped into with Jessie on the inevitable

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