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LIVE After Big Brother 15 Eviction 4 with Ian Terry

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LIVE at 10:15 pm ET, Rob Cesternino is joined by Ian Terry to discuss the latest eviction on Big Brother 15. It was a vote between Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie which ultimately came down to the house choosing between Kaitlin or Aaryn.  As much as Elissa Slater attempted to push the house to evict Aaryn, Kaitlin ended up being the one to go home.  In this week’s HoH competition, Aaryn Gries became the next HoH.

On tonight’s podcast, Rob, Ian and Brian Lynch discuss:

  • What is the impact of Aaryn winning HoH for the second time this season?
  • How badly did Big Brother miscalculate what could happen by letting America vote for the MVP for a second time?
  • Who will Aaryn target as the HoH?
  • How did Elissa stumble in her gameplay this week in the house?
  • Plus, we will answer many of your questions live during the show.

On Friday, be sure to check back here to listen to Rob’s interview with the latest Big Brother evicted from the house.

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