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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Brian Lynch (@lynchMGM) recap Sunday night’s Big Brother 15 stroll down memory lane. Before starting the episode, Rob reminds us of the many “truth bombs” that Big Brother 13’s Danielle Reyes dropped on Friday night’s special podcast.  If you would like to hear all the “bombs”, you can check out that show at:

Rob also reminds us that we will be talking about Wednesday’s 90 minute finale LIVE at 11pm ET, immediately following the network broadcast.  Instead of the regular Survivor Know-It-Alls show at that time, we will be live with the show at noon ET on Thursday.

Rob and Brian also talked about the upsetting news that Brittney Haynes’ (Big Brother 12 and 14) newborn, Tilly, has been diagnosed with cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Tilly, Brittney and their family. People are using the hashtag #PrayForTilly on Twitter to show support.  Donations can be sent through:

Part One: Sunday Night Show Recap (6:01)

The final three were reminiscing about the season. Brian enjoyed the crying DR montage the best. Rob agreed that it was the highlight of the night.  One interesting clip was of Elissa asking if there was anyway she could get out of the game.  Rob asks Brian if Elissa was trying to quit the game.  Brian agrees that this was occurring. Brian also points out that Judd was also talking in a similar way.  Rob believes that there is probably a lot of talking people off the ledge in the DR.

Rob found McCrae’s comments about the only way he would be a bitter juror is if he is stabbed in the back and, now that Andy has betrayed him, commenting that he may be a bitter juror. While Rob feels McCrae will simply be the juror Amanda tells him to be, Brian feels the statement was captured immediately after the confession of the Exterminator and that McCrae will have a much cooler head next week when voting at the finale.

Rob asks Brian if he enjoyed seeing the McCranda wedding on the show. Brian was not impressed by the wedding on the show. Nor was he impressed with watching it on the live feeds.  This is in part due to the fact that they had already eloped.

Rob was surprised to see clips about all the action Judd got this season (Jessie and Aaryn) but Brian had seen most of it on the live feeds. Rob does his best J U double D impression. Brian points out that Judd’s action with Aaryn may upset Jessie, improving our friend Ian Terry’s shot with Jessie.

Rob wants to know if Judd will take heat for hooking up with America’s most hated houseguest, Aaryn.  Brian feels Judd should only be judged by his own actions and statements.

Rob enjoyed reliving the night when Nick was evicted and GinaMarie had a fit. What stuck out the most to Brian was how Aaryn was feeding GinaMarie lines.  Brian also points out that Aaryn was feeding Jeremy lines during Wine-gate, again, showing how Aaryn was good at manipulating people.

Another highlight for Rob was the GinaMarie/Amanda fight. Brian thought they should have shown the part where GinaMarie turned to McCrae and started to go off on him.  Rob found it most impressive that she was also playing Jenga at the same time of this fight.

Rob enjoyed the scene where Andy fell in the pool chasing a moth. Brian thought, at first that this was done on purpose but it was an accident. Rob suggests that Chima (Big Brother 11) could have gotten away with ruining her mic by jumping into the pool rather than getting expelled for throwing it in the pool.

Part Two:  Live Feed Spoilers (22:45)

We have a winner of part on of the final HOH:  GinaMaire.  The competition did not last long.  It was about 15 to 20 minutes. Part two has been played and Andy won over Spencer.  GinaMarie and Andy will face off for the final HOH on Wednesday. Rob and GinaMarie feel that Andy will have an advantage knowing what houseguests said, which is how this competition works.  Rob and Brian discuss how the winner of the final HOH is often the winner of the season. Rob asks Brian if winning the final HOH will be important to GinaMarie or Andy.  Brian feels it will be important, especially since both of them are probably going to take Spencer to the final 2.

Part Three:  Your Questions (30:30)

@mhje58 (Marion Adams):  What are some good twist ideas for next season? 

Brian has sthought about a punishment twist.  Generally, he does not lie America having influence on the house but it would be fun to allow America to punish one person a week.  Overall, Brian doesn not like twists.

@pat1172 (patrick caro): Would you be surprised if the fricken cockroaches vote for GM to win? 

Brian feels that GM has Judd and Elissa’s vote to start but needs three more votes to win.

Brian Scally:  Is the fact that Andy and Spencer are the only two people without a showmance and made it to the final three proof that showmances are a detriment.  

Brian feels showmances are helpful to the point when you are the only showmance and considered a power couple. Then you become the target.

@pat1172 (patrick caro): Do you think Dr. Will will influence the jurors in any way? 

Since the segment will be on Wednesday’s show, it will be after the vote and will not effect the outcome.

Rob asks Brian if he would prefer and All All-Star cast or some retunees and some newbees? 

Brian would like either an All All-Star cast or an all newbee cast (without something like the Elissa factor).

Will Julie bring up the racist comments in the finale? 

Some of the former houseguests may blast some of the offenders but there probably will not be a segment on it. Brian believes Kaitlyn may have something to say since she was considered one of the mean girls.  Rob suggests that sometimes people come back sanctimonious but Brian doesn’t think any of the pre-jurors will act like this.

Rob asks if any of the pre-jurors will be asked any questions. 

Brian believes that at least Nick will be asked something about GM and he will be very nice to her. Rob goes onto mock how GM will act around Nick and how much of his stuff she will leave the house with.

Rob continues onto discussing potential moments that may happen on Wednesday’s finale and believes they all involve GinaMarie. He also is interested to see how the live audience will react to each houseguest.  Brian thinks the audience will be polite to the houseguests but their reaction during the jury questions will influence the jury.

Finally, Rob asks Brian how should come back for All-Stars.  Brian floats Helen’s game but Rob isn’t buying it, that she would be close but will not make the cut. Rob suggests that we need entertainment, good gameplay and good looking on the camera. He feels she is not unattractive but not a big check mark in that category plus isn’t that entertaining.  Rob suggests that Amanda has looks and is entertaining.  Brian wonders if Aaryn’s statements this season will disqualify her even though she played a good game.  Rob thinks she could come back to redeem herself.  Both agree that there are certain situations where Elissa could come back as an All-Stars. Brian would like to see Andy play again.  Rob wouldn’t have Andy on his short list but wouldn’t be upset if he would returrn.  Brian throws out Jeremy’s name and Rob will have nothing to do with Jeremy’s return.  Rob would be outraged.  Brian recalls that Kaitlyn did well in competitions, but Rob feels she isn’t entertaining and not a good game player.  Rob feels, bottom line, Amanda is a lock and Aaryn and Helen would be on the fence.  Brian wonders if McCrae will be a package deal with Amanda.  Rob believes there will be no McCranda by next spring.

Rob does feel Big Jeff will be in All-Stars and he is good with this, but doesn’t want to see power couples return, unless it is an all power players return; Chilltown, Dan Gheesling, Eric Stein, Danielle Reyes, etc.  Rob refers to it as the “Justice League” of Big Brother.

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