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Rob is joined by Ian Terry and Brian Lynch to discuss the Big Brother Final 3: Andy, Gina Marie and Spencer, McCrae’s eviction, and the jury house drama.

Rob begins the show by announcing that both Big Brother and Rob Has a Podcast have been renewed for the 2014 season.

Cancel your Friday night plans! Rob also announces that Big Brother 3’s Danielle Reyes will be joining him for a special bonus podcast this Friday night.

Rob asks Ian if he thinks Andy, Gina Marie and Spencer are the wors final thee ever. Ian vehemently agrees, saying this final three is worse than Big Brother 9, Big Brother 5 and maybe worse than Big Brother 11 and 13. Rob and Ian also agree that this is the most unlikable final three of all time.

The discussion turns to McCrae’s eviction, where he left the house quite sheepishly. They agree that his game was hurt by keeping Amanda in the house for too long. Rob thought McCrae mentioned Rob Has a Podcast during his eviction when he mentioned many website, but Ian clarifies the URLs McCrae mentioned.

Rob, Ian and Brian discuss the segment of the Big Brother jury at the jury house. They talk about Aaryn’s apologies and Helen and Candice’s reactions. The conversation turns to Amanda’s arrival in the jury house and the pro-Gina Marie sentiment in the house, as well as Helen’s pro-Andy thoughts.

Rob and Ian also speculate about Dr. Will’s pending interaction with the jury. They hope that he roasts the jury and tells them how terrible they are.

Rob leads the discussion about each jury member’s thoughts. They determine that Candice is extremely bitter toward Gina Marie and will never vote for her. Jessie didn’t share any thoughts on her vote. Helen was very positive toward Andy, but also gave credit to Gina Marie. Aaryn is pro-Gina Marie and anti-Andy. Amanda and Candice fought quite a bit about McCrae and whether he is a “floater.”

Ian gives some historical analysis of the term “floater,” from Big Brother 4 until today. Ian thinks that the term has been warped for people to just jab players they don’t like. He maintains that McCrae is not a floater.

The conversation turns back to the Final 3. Rob and Ian think that Gina Marie will come in third and Spencer and Andy will be the final two. They break down the potential votes:

Candice would vote for Andy
Jessie would vote for Spencer
Helen would vote for Andy
Aaryn would vote for Andy
Amanda would vote for Andy
Elissa wold vote for Andy
Judd would vote for Spencer
McCrae would vote for Andy

This would give Andy the edge, but Rob thinks that Gina Marie will be the fan favorite of the final three, which surprises everyone since she was portrayed as a villain and racist at the beginning of the summer. Brian suggests that Big Brother should show all the racist comments that never aired.

Rob, Ian and Brian discuss what would happen if Gina Marie won HOH. Gina Marie hasn’t discussed what her final two plan is since she has been so focused on taking out McCrae. Rob tries out a new impression of Judd in the Diary Room.

@kfndawg asks: What’s the difference between Dan working with Frank/Jen and Ian/Shane than Andy working with McCranda and the Exterminators? Dan a floater?

Ian says that the jury will not vote about gameplay and viewers do not care about gameplay; it is just a justification for people favoring who they like.

@seaants asks: Do you think if Andy was a hot, young, twenty-something girl, fans would be falling all over themselves to say ‘best ever’? #RHAP

Ian agrees and thinks that if this were the case, Survivor Sucks would be calling Andy a goddess. Ian thinks that Andy looks like a rat so people are calling him a rat. Rob doesn’t like the question since he doesn’t think that what Andy looks like is relevant. Brian doesn’t think that this would make a difference because there are many female floaters that have done what Andy has done.

@survivortwerks says: Gonna miss @LynchMgm and his sweet southern style on #RHAP when #BB15 ends!

@awwashere says: @LynchMgm has had so many good comments tonight! #BB15 #RHAP

Rob wants to give some extra praise to Brian Lynch (editor’s note: Brian is seriously the best ever) for watching an entire human gestation period’s worth of Big Brother Live Feeds this year.

@forceofbillions asks: @robcesternino Do you think Spencer can make an underdog story work toward a possible win for him? #rhap

Rob does not think this will be possible and Spencer will come in second place no matter what. However, Brian and Ian think that he has a chance, especially against Gina Marie. They all think that Gina Marie will have a crazy speech and answers in the final two.

sunshinerox007 asks: Does anyone think that Spencer actually has a shot at winning? I have to give him credit, after the MC started falling apart, I didn’t think he would make it his far.

Rob agrees that Spencer has made it far, but thinks he is drawing dead. Brian thinks he is a record-breaking BB player, so he has a chance. Ian thinks he could win some of the final competition. Rob and Brian reiterate that Gina Marie has a good shot of winning Big Brother 15, which means that she will be next to Ian on every list of Big Brother winners forever, which generally sickens Ian.

Niraj Joshi asks: Since Spencer is out of shape and Gina Marie is injured, does this mean that Andy is going to be guaranteed to win the final HOH?

Ian thinks Andy will probably win any physical parts of the competition. Rob and Brian think that Gina Marie can win the endurance competition. They think Spencer does not have a good chance winning any part of the competition.

@kfndawg asks: Has a jury speech and questions ever changed the outcome of the vote?

Ian does not think that it has ever changed anyone’s mind. Rob notes that this process is very stripped down and short, so people don’t have a lot of time to change their minds.

Ian locks in Andy as his winner pick; Rob agrees that he would also be a deserving winner.

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