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Its “Super” Ian Terry LIVE After a Wednesday Big Brother Eviction

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With a special eviction episode of Big Brother comes a special Wednesday night live edition of Big Brother Brainiacs, with Rob Cesternino and this week’s Veto competition host Ian Terry!

Rob would be remiss not to start with veto host Super Ian Terry, who managed to trick the entire viewing audience last week by denying his involvement. Ian goes into detail about his return to the Big Brother house and offers some behind the scenes info from his vantage point. He says it was fun to host and unlike last year’s version of this competition (which Ian also saw firsthand), everyone got pretty far. We learned that GinaMarie has the hots for Ian, but Ian says she’s not in his demo and reasserts that he only has eyes for Jessie (he will defer GinaMarie to Nick). Ian spent most of his time talking about how hot Jessie is, since he wanted to avoid talking game in front of the current houseguests. Ian mentions that Spencer said Jessie is “down to pound,” which is this recapper’s new favorite expression. Ian also addressed the buzz online when the live feeds returned on Saturday, as Judd appeared to be very upset with something Ian said to him during the competition. Ian doesn’t believe he said anything to anger Judd, but admits to laughing at Judd throwing his puzzles pieces in frustration.

As McCrae saved himself with the Veto, Judd was evicted tonight after a somewhat bizarre meltdown. Rob wonders if this was this strategy on Judd’s part to get people to keep him. Ian says the speech he made to close the Veto ceremony was unnecessary because everyone else was an ally of his and should’ve known that of course he was going after McCrae. He added that it made Judd look unhinged.

Rob and Ian take a look at the coming week (or one day, in reality). Andy is the new Head of Household, a title that Rob says this is pretty lame to hold in the Big Brother house. It’s basically just immunity, because the real key this week is the Power of Veto. Ian agrees but says there’s a reason everyone says it’s bad to win the final 5 HOH because you can’t play for the final 4 HOH competition the next week to at least guarantee yourself the immunity. Everyone agrees that McCrae only has two shots to stay in the game and used one of them tonight trying to win Head of Household – if he doesn’t win the veto this week, it’s game over for McCrae according to Rob, Ian, and Brian.

The fan favorite poll is now open on, and the Brainiacs try to handicap who has the best chance to take the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. Though Judd and McCrae seem popular with viewers, Rob thinks that it’s going to be a runaway for Elissa. Ian adds that if Janelle, one of the most popular houseguests of all time, couldn’t win last year after leaving the house so early, none of this season’s pre-jurors has a shot at winning. Ian encourages you to text 11 to vote for Jessie.

Finally, Ian and Rob wrap up the show with viewer questions – who is Andy’s best choice for a pawn? Can McCrae lose in a final 2 scenario? And who will Rob take fan favorite endorsement requests from this season?


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