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Danielle Murphree LIVE After Sunday’s Big Brother 15 – 9/08/13

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 Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) talks to Danielle Murphree (@DanielleAlexisM) about “The Exterminators” rise to power. Plus, Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) updates us on a very busy weekend in the Big Brother house.

Show Notes:

Sunday – Breaking Bad LIVE with Antonio Mazzaro
Monday – Shane Dawson Podcast
Tuesday – The 5 Best and 5 Worst new Fall TV Shows with Terry Terrones
Tuesday – Time Out with T.O.
Wednesday LIVE @ 9:15pm ET –  Extra BBBraniacs with Ian Terry
Thursday  LIVE @ 10:15pm ET – BBBraniacs with Ian Terry
Friday – Danielle Reyes Podcast

Part One: Sunday Night Show Recap (2:29)

Danielle shares that all the people she was rooting for are now gone, with Elissa Slater being the last one.  Brian reports that many people have been tweeting that they are no longer watching the show, considering who is left. Rob feels that it will still be an exciting conclusion to the season.

Rob asks Danielle what she thinks of McCrae’s play to nominate Elissa and GinaMarie on the second half of the double eviction, even though he knew Andy was lying to him.  Danielle doesn’t think it was smart gameplay and that only Elissa would be loyal to him so it doesn’t matter who he makes waves with. Brian adds that it may have been good to get rid of Elissa because she would have been good in many of the recent and upcoming competitions. Rob compares the situation with Peter trying to work with Jill and Emmett in Big Brother Canada.

Rob asks Danielle if she thinks “the Exterminators” have become very cocky and if “the Quack Pack” ever got this way. Danielle thinks it’s hilarious that an alliance that is formed at the very end when no one was left is so proud of themselves.  Rob also doesn’t like how self-congratulatory they are.  Rob asks if the Exterminators were going to get the rats out of the house, that they should go after the biggest rat, Andy. Danielle agrees.

Rob thinks that Andy sold his lie to McCrae very well. Danielle doesn’t like Andy’s game play but agrees that his game is on point and well played.  Rob then asks Danielle who the better actor, Andy or Dan Gheesling.  Danielle exclaims that Dan is, by far, the best actor.

Rob asks if Elissa did a good job trying to convince everyone to save her. Danielle feels she tried but was fighting a losing battle. Rob wonders if Elissa didn’t make a lot of convincing arguments.  Brian thinks she should have gotten more vulgar, moving out of her comfort zone.  Rob feels that there really isn’t anything a person can do to at that moment to change people’s minds.

Rob would like to know how GM could do cartwheels with a broken toe.  Brian agrees that all the dancing around would indicate that GM isn’t really that injured.  Rob wants to know why the Exterminators are so excited that they voted out Elissa.  Brian thinks it is because it wasn’t one of them and they are closer to the final 4.

Rob asks if there is a lot of trash talk about Elissa in the house since she has left. Brian confirms that it is true, other than immediately following the veto competition.  Brian explains how they were going to flush a piece of cake with the likeness of Elissa on it down the toilet.  Danielle isn’t certain why they are being so extreme about Elissa, other than it is how they know how to celebrate someone other than themselves being evicted.

Rob wants to know if Danielle liked the gifts Spencer, as HOH was able to hand out to the houseguests.  Brian jumps in that his favorite gift was health because of the havoc it caused in the house.  When  Danielle returned, she agreed that the drill sergeant was hilarious. Rob wonders what would happen if Judd ignored the drill sergeant.  Danielle explained that he could be called into the DR and be given a penalty nomination or a penalty vote against him.

Rob brings up the friendship bracelet that tied McCrae and GM together and asks who least likely she would want to be chained to with from Big Brother 14.  Danielle chooses JoJo because the butted heads a lot in the beginning of the season. Rob asks Brian who, from Big Brother 15, would he like to be chained with. Brian chooses Amanda, just to piss McCrae off. Danielle wants to know if McCrae would be the one who gets mad or if Amanda would.

Rob brings the conversation around to McCrae’s suspicion that the other four houseguests are working together. Is there any way the old man out could convince the four to change their plans. Danielle says, other than winning competitions, McCrae needs to play up that he could never beat the others in the final 2.

Rob asks why do the guys tend to bro-down.  Danielle isn’t sure but agrees that the guys tend to stick together and the women tend to want to get each other out.

Part Two:  Live Feed Spoiler (22:24)

Brian updates that McCrae has won the POV and that Judd is, most likely, the replacement nomination. Rob wants to know if this situation is splintering the Exterminators. Brian explains that they are imploding.  Spencer is telling Judd that he is safe but the common believe is that Judd is going home.  GM is injured so the others should keep her because she will not do well in the final competitions. Danielle believes there are going to be bad feelings, heading to the jury house, when the Exterminators turn on their own.  Judd leaving could taint the jury.

Rob wants to know if this will be a jaded jury. Danielle believes it is and that they will vote more emotionally than strategically, as it was on Big Brother 14.  Rob asks Danielle who will be the most emotional on the jury.  Danielle believes it will be Amanda or Elissa.  Rob wonders about some of the others, Danielle feels the others have been out of the house for too long and will have calmed down.

Rob knows that Amanda was not eveyone’s favorite but is looking forward to seeing her on the jury.  Danielle liked Amanda’s strategic gameplay but didn’t like how she acted when things didn’t go her way. Rob asks if Amanda and McCrae will be on the Amazing Race? Danielle thinks it depends on how well they are liked by America, but she doesn’t really care for them.

Rob brings up that Ian told us that he could not return to the house this season because of school but did, in fact, return for the veto competition.  Danielle feels he is capable of controlling situations but would only lie if he had to.  Rob also feels Ian would only lie to us because he was not allowed to say anything.

Brian points out that Judd was upset at Ian because it seemed that he was biased towards McCrae. Ironically, Ian has been pulling for Judd.  Judd spent hours talking trash about Ian afterwards.  The feeds have been talking about Judd quitting the competition so Brian wonders if Ian made some comments towards Judd for this.

Rob asks Danielle about developments between Shane and herself after BB14. Danielle did visit Shane and stay in Vermont until around December.  She returned to Alabama for school and they remained good friends.  Shane did surprise Danielle on her birthday but with school and distance they remain friends but not else has developed.  Rob then asks Danielle what she thinks will happen between McCrae and Amanda.  Danielle believe Amanda is more into the relationship than McCrae.

Brian is looking forward to seeing McCrae compete in the next HOH with an injured GM and Andy.  Danielle thinks McCrae is set up well to make a run towards winning the game. Rob wants to know if McCrae would be liked as a Big Brother champion. Danielle is worried that McCrae will be painted with some of Amanda’s negativity.  She believes he will be liked, overall, but not the most popular champion.

Rob asks who McCrae would beat GM, Spencer, or Andy in the final.  Brian believes McCrae can beat any of  them in a final 2. Rob thinks the interesting pairing because Andy is the strategist while McCrae will have won more competitions.  Brian believes that, if McCrae makes it to the final 2, he will have won 7 competitions while the rest of the houseguests have only one 2 and this will be enough for McCrae to win over Andy.

Part Three:  Your Questions! (42:50)

W.R. Meth @ZootyMcBooty:  Be sure to let Danielle know how much I loved her last season! Hope she watched the commentary!

Danielle was overwhelmed with clips and images being sent her way after the show but did not get a chance to read the forums and watch all the online commentary shows.

Natalie Kuchik:  They all seem to know they can’t beat Andy in the F2, yet they are not trying to get him out.  Why?

Danielle agrees that it doesn’t make sense or they are afraid of him like they were of Amanda.  Brian states there hasn’t been much talk about taking Andy out. Brian believes that Spencer is attempting to use Andy to get to the final 2.

Natalie Kuchik:  What advice would you give to people who are not well liked by America coming out of the game like Aaryn/Amanda/Andy?

Danielle advises them not to go looking for the negativity. They should stay low key but not hide.  They should apologize for any negative comments and move on.  Danielle explains that the producers want everyone to enjoy the first night so it is pretty hush hush until the next day. Even though people will tell you not to go online, you will.  Former BB houseguests do reach out to the players and offer support as houseguests return to the real world. Danielle will reach out to Candice and Jessie for sure and will offer support to Elissa, although she will have Rachel and Brendan.  Rob wonders if anyone will reach out to Aaryn or Amanda. Danielle believes someone will but is not sure who.

Keith Renfrew @kfndawg:  Do you think Andy is playing a poor man’s Dan game like Dan did in BB14?

Brian says he is not because everyone is an individual.  Andy isn’t pulling the stunts that Dan did.  Ian jumped around more last year than Dan.  Rob wonders if there is a comparison in any season. Brian suggests the main comparison from Twitter of Shelly.

Crystal Pomer:  Do you think Judd has been losing popularity since he went back in the house with his random tirades and lack of game moves?

Brian agrees that Judd does have random tirades. He is down to 4 smokes and is trying to save them. The biggest reason he is probably losing popularity is his bashing of Elissa.  Rob wants to know what Elissa did to these people.  Danielle believes they are doing want they believe is popular, just like bullies in school do.

Rootbeer1226:  Is there any way Judd could save himself playing the “no one will vote for me in the finals because I was already evicted” card?

Danielle believes that more people would vote for him because of how hard he had to play to stay in the second time.  She doesn’t think others would fall for it either.

CanJeshelAarAmaEliJ @JamTurnItUp:  Has Danielle watched Wil’s BB15 Saga he makes?

Danielle loves Wil’s videos. They are hilarious.

Prcbras: Danielle, once again, guys will be at the end. Why can’t girls on BB stick together?  Last Season you favored Dan and Shane as opposed to Britney and Jenn.  If you go back on BB will you stick with girls?

Danielle isn’t sure but women do have a hard time trusting each other unless they are very good friends.  Rob asks Brian why guys are able to work together.  Brian also isn’t sure but it always seems to happen.

Mike A:  How will the two evictions play out this week?

The feeds will go dark Tuesday afternoon.  Danielle explains that the houseguests are not told that the feeds are cut off.  They do not know what is completely going on.




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