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Recapping Big Brother 15’s 2nd Double Eviction with Ian Terry

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Two power players are out of the game and Rob Cesternino and Ian Terry are back to break down another shocking double eviction live on Big Brother Brainiacs!

Ian’s Twitter timeline went from very positive to very negative as Amanda walked out of the Big Brother house, only to be followed immediately by Elissa. The show starts with the Brainiacs attempting to make sense of McCrae’s nominations tonight. Rob, Ian, and Brian all commend Andy for executing what Ian calls a flawless double eviction. He says it’s one of the best moves he’s seen in a long time, and with McCrae unable to play for Head of Household, it puts the Exterminators in a guaranteed power position this week. Rob believes that if Andy wins the game, we should be regarding him as one of the best players in the history of Big Brother. Ian agrees, saying that he would rank him as the show’s fourth best winner. Brian mentions that the Exterminators concocted a plan early in the week to convince the others that Andy’s vote was actually McCrae turning on Amanda, and Rob and Ian are both shocked that Elissa actually believed them. No one can believe that Andy is managing to pull this off so well.

However, the fan reaction to Andy has been overwhelmingly negative. Brian references his reputation as a rat among the live feeders for playing both sides of the house this past week. Rob wonders if Andy is set up well to actually win the game, and though everyone acknowledges that it was the right move for him to fess up to voting out Amanda, Brian thinks he still might have actually cost himself jury votes tonight. Because the fans don’t like him, Ian points out that there will be a double standard if he loses the jury vote – people will cry “bitter jury” if a fan favorite like Dan doesn’t win, but he’s convinced that if Andy loses to someone like Judd, no one will bat an eye or complain about it in any way.

Rob and Ian also touch on Julie’s exit interview with Amanda. As they predicted last week, she did not get the “Aaryn treatment” and both of them still think that’s unfair. Amanda has made offensive comments in the house and GinaMarie was right there alongside Aaryn when her controversy first erupted, and Rob and Ian feel it’s wrong that neither of them is being taken to task in the same way Aaryn was. Both of them feel the show should be more consistent – if they’re going to call out players for things they said in the house, they should say that up front and hold everyone accountable. Similarly, Rob has been slightly confused as to why Julie feels the need to emphasize this season that she cannot reveal news or feedback to the members of the jury, and Ian believes this is to let the viewers and the studio audience know that they cannot tell any of the evicted houseguests about the real world ramifications of their comments, such as online backlash or losing their jobs.

Before wrapping up the show, Rob and Ian answer viewer questions about which Exterminator will be the alliance’s first sacrifice, if someone from that alliance will defect to try and team up with McCrae, if a veto win could finally send McCrae into competition beast mode in this last stretch of the summer, and whether or not expensive jewelry should be considered contraband in future Big Brother seasons. Plus, what will the reaction be now from the fans who claimed for weeks that the show was rigged for either Amanda or Elissa?

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