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Big Brother Sunday Night Recap for Labor Day Weekend – 9/01/13

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After stuttering through his opening, Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) introduces tonight’s guests, RHAP senior Big Brother correspondent, Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) and Reality Recap’s Eric Curto (@RealityRecaps).  We then move into talking about a pivotal week for Big Brother 15.

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Part One:  Sunday Show Recap (3:24)

Rob wants to know if GinaMarie has completed the ultimate turnaround as far as fan perception?  Brian feels putting up Mcranda has made the fans happy. Eric is loving this GinaMarie in terms of her current gameplay, although he hasn’t forgotten what has been said in the past. Rob believes she now has an okay shot at winning the game.  Eric won’t go so far as to agree with that statement.  Rob feels GM has a case and Eric agrees there is a case, but many players have a case.

Rob asks who is most likely to win the game. Eric believes Elissa or Andy. Brian throws in Judd as a potential winner.  Rob believes is McCrae survives the double eviction, he could rise and win the game. Eric can see that but doesn’t think McCrae will survive the double eviction.

Rob sees GinaMarie’s nomination speech the best and the worst at the same time.  She did stutter and mix her metaphors but also made good points. For example, McCrae was fun and playing well but has been pretty lethargic. Eric questions if he was ever fun. Rob thinks, without Amanda, McCrae can rise up. Brian believes he will need to survive at least a week to have a chance to win people over.

Rob agrees with GM when she questions Amanda’s crying after being the big bully.  Eric knows that Amanda has being more personal with her statements but feels Elissa has made as many statements in Amanda’s direction. It is just not being shown on the show.  Rob asks if Elissa’s passive aggressive ways are the way she is or gameplay.  Brian agrees with Eric that Elissa also give it to Amanda and believes it is done to get on Amanda’s nerves.  Eric believes the edit is accurate for Amanda but it isn’t fair that they are not showing Elissa’s statements.

Rob explains that, while he did not believe the interview of Aaryn was handled correctly on Thursday, he still does not agree with Aaryn’s behavior in the house.  Now, he wonders if future potential evictees will also be given the same treatment since they also acted in racist and/or homophobic ways.  Rob, Eric and Brian agree that this will not happen.  Eric believes they do not want people to think that everyone on the show is racist.  It is more palatable if they pin it all on one person.

Rob wants the show to have level playing field for all house guests.  If holding someone accountable for every little thing said and done on the show is a part of the game, then everyone on the game should be held to this standard rather than just pinning one person.  Eric believes that the fans will not let the others off the hook.  He suggests they should have waited for the finale or had a Big Brother special. Rob thought Julies questions were fair but could have been asked at a different time, possibly taped for Sunday’s show. Rob feels the way it was done did not change people’s opinions about racism. Brian felt sympathy for Aaryn in the situation as she was reacting to the crowd.  Rob feels if the show causes anyone to have sympathy for Aaryn then the show is not doing a very good job with this situation.

Rob has talked with a number of Survivor and Big Brother veterans over the past few days and they all agree that the show threw Aaryn under the bus (again, let’s stress that no one is agreeing to Aaryn’s behavior). Eric agrees that she was thrown under the bus but that now she is in a great opportunity to learn and help others learn from this experience.  Rob feels that Big Brother fans are showing a mob mentality where they go after houseguests that do things the fans do not agree with, along with their friends and family.  Rob does not see the same mentality on other reality shows that RHAP follows. Eric gives RHAP an exclusive story about how he made it to the final selection process for Big Brother and walked away because he did not want people watching to try and ruin his life.  Rob feels that, at the end of the day, the product will be effected.  People will not act as openly because of repercussions that may occur.

Moving back to game talk, Rob feels that if Andy wins the game he should be considered one of the greatest players ever.  Andy’s ability to play everyone without a target being drawn towards himself is impressive.  Brian thinks Andy has had good gameplay but maybe not one of the greatest ever.  Eric, however, agrees with Rob 100%.  Eric doesn’t consider Andy a floater but rather a great strategist.

Rob wonders why Andy felt he needed to win this week’s HOH. Eric and Brian point out that the comment was editing. Andy stated many times that he had no intention of winning this week’s HOH.

Spencer had a funny night on the Sunday show where he got away with making statements like, “Were you a super bitch in high school, too?” in response to Amanda’s comment about the house being like high school.  Rob wondered how he got away with this comment without Amanda blowing up. Eric felt it was because Amanda was too busy fake crying.  Rob also points out that, on two occasions tonight, Spencer escaped an awkward conversation involving Amanda by saying, “I’m going to get some chocolate milk.”

Rob also wondered why production threw in a random $10,000 challenge tonight. Eric pointed out that the online chat forums thought maybe there was also a secret power, but was happy to see tonight that there wasn’t.  Rob asks Brian if any drama was caused by Spencer winning this money.  There was not.

Assuming Amanda is voted out this week, Rob feels Julie will ask Amanda many questions about bullying Elissa but not ask about offensive comments, since the comments have not been mentioned on the on the tv show.

Part Two: Live Feed Spoilers: (41:29)

Brian updates us on the POV competition. McCrae won the POV competition.  The belief is that the competitors had to dress up as ballerinas and spin around to knock things down.  Judd is trying to get McCrae to use the POV on Amanda so they can vote out McCrae. Brian believes the house does not know about the double eviction. Rob feels the play is to try to get McCrae out of the game. Eric does not like this move because it would cause too much animosity with GM and there needs to be a level of trust to get to final 4.

It sounds like Spencer will go up as the replacement nominee and he will break the record for most times on the block in one season.  Spencer has volunteered to be the pawn.  McCrae and Amanda were trying to talk GM into nominating Elissa but GM is not falling for their arguments. Eric does not feel Spencer can make a case to win the game, but Brian believes he can get to the end. Rob wants to know who Spencer can win against in a final two. Not GM, maybe Elissa, probably Amanda.

Rob asks if we are heading into a final three with Judd, Spencer and Andy. Brian and Eric agree. Rob asks if GM realizes that she is the fourth person in the Exterminators and that she should try to make a different deal. Eric believes that she does realize this, which is why she has a relationship with Elissa (as do each of the Exterminators have a pair that they are hedging their bets with: Spencer with Andy; Judd with Andy and a little bit with Elissa). Brian points out that Andy and Spencer are talking about taking out Elissa right after Amanda (rather than McCrae).

Rob was looking for clarification on Spencer’s firing or not being fired.  Eric explains that unpaid disciplinary leave is a formal step in the union to letting him go for conduct unbecoming.

Part Three:  YOUR Questions! (52:45)

Bethany @Bethany_ttyl:  Do you think the game would look different if the goof troop had stayed together vs. booting Judd?

Brian doesn’t feel we would be in the same position because he would have stayed loyal to Mcranda. Eric agrees with Brian.

The conversation changed to whether or not Judd could win the game. Eric believes that he cannot because he was already voted out. Rob is not sure this will be held against Judd.  Eric also feels Elissa cannot win because  the MVP twist and houseguests’ belief that production has favored Elissa. Brian thinks Elissa can argue that the MVP twist did not help her and other’s used the situation to their benefit.

Jerry R:  If Amanda is evicted and McCrae survives the double eviction, is it possible for him to form an alliance with any of the other houseguests and make a run in the game?

Eric suggests the McCrae could work with Andy. Brian agrees and also thinks that Spencer would be open to it. Rob asks if this is likely. Brian believes McCrae will need to win some competitions first.

Gametime Fitness: Hey Rob, do you think after last week that the audience will be more likely to boo houseguests they do not like?

Rob does not think we will see any more booing from the audience. Eric agrees but was influenced by Ian Terry’s comments that the glass ceiling has been broken.  Brian believes it was just that audience that went that way.

Gametime Fitness:  Hey Rob, Do you think Andy is playing an “overrated” game?  I feel like has done nothing physical, nothing strategic, and when it comes to his social game I think people will find his friendship phony.

This why Rob feels he is playing such a difficult game.  Eric agrees that it is harder to play Big Brother as everyone’s friend.  Rob asks if it would have been better for Andy to be on the block this week so he  would not have to vote.  Eric disagrees.  Amanda knows the writing is on the wall and the house has been voting as a block.  Rob believes the Exterminators should insist that Andy cut ties with Mcranda so he cannot fall back with them if things do not work out.  Eric points out that this has been a consistent situation for everyone in the house, to have multiple alliances and claim to each group that the other relationship is the fake one being used for information.

Niraj Joshi:  Is GM smarter than she’s let on? She seemed to play Mcranda like a fiddle this week.

Eric feels she has been playing the situation with Amanda great and is much smarter than it would have first appeared.  He also wants to change her earlier comment and now agree that GM could win.

Jerry R:  Would production allow both Amanda and McCrae to be evicted in the double eviction night?

Eric points out that Amanda going shows that she is not best friends with AG and production does not manipulate the game in this way.

TheRealKnowItAll:  GM broke her tow before the nomination speech… give her a break.

Rob asks what happened to GinaMarie. Brian explains that she fell down the staircase.  Eric adds that she did go to the doctors and it is fractured but does not need a cast.





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