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LIVE after Big Brother’s Latest Eviction with Ian Terry – 8/29/13

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Julie Chen isn’t the only asking the tough questions tonight – Rob Cesternino and Ian Terry are back to break down another Big Brother 15 eviction live on Big Brother Brainiacs!

There’s nowhere else to start tonight than the showdown between Julie and Aaryn that’s been anticipated for weeks, and unfortunately Rob was very disappointed with it. Because it’s been so long since most of her offensive comments were made, he didn’t think Aaryn was prepared to answer the questions. While he understands the comments needed to be addressed, he also thinks its unfair that if Julie didn’t go after Aaryn with guns blazing, Julie would have never heard the end of it from the fans. Plus, Aaryn now has to go to the jury house and think about what’s happening to her on the outside rather than get to decompress and talk to her family as she would if she first found out about the controversy on finale night. Rob is also upset that Amanda has made comments that are just as inappropriate and she will not be treated this way whenever she ends ups walking out of the house.

Ian says that most people can’t remember every single thing they say, and both he and Rob genuinely believe she doesn’t remember saying the quotes that Julie read back to her. But ultimately the confrontation and the audience’s response (laughing sarcastically at Aaryn, booing her when she walked out of the house) are bad for the show. The audience has always cheered for even the most hated Big Brother contestants, and Ian believes that now that the ice has been broken, a mixed reception like the one Aaryn got could become a more regular occurrence. Ian hopes they have Aaryn on suicide watch in the jury house, and agrees with Rob that tonight there were no winners.

But of course, Aaryn’s eviction also has ramifications in the game and Rob wonders if tonight will be the moment that Amanda and McCrae look back on and recognize as the point that they lost the game. Ian says that they still have Andy in their back pocket, as he believes The Exterminators are not a real alliance. Live feed correspondent Brian Lynch hasn’t heard anything to make him think that, though, and all three of them think the week is unlikely to be a good one for McCranda. They bring up comparisons between Amanda and Evel Dick given her behavior this past week and Ian points out that while there is only a small difference between them in terms of their personality, every time Dick did something controversial, he always went into the Diary Room and asked the producers if the rules allowed him to do it, while the producers had to get Amanda to back off of Elissa. He also defends McCrae against those who say he’s been hiding in her shadow and not winning any competitions for weeks. He says that McCrae is always thinking and that while GinaMarie and Elissa have won more competitions than McCrae, that doesn’t mean they have a better long-term plan.

Other topics discussed include the return of both the Zingbot 3000 and 4000 in the Power of Veto competition. Brian always loves to see the Zing family, and Ian was surprised Zingbot 3000 hadn’t just been replaced by the newer model considering how easy it must be to fall over in the big heavy costume. Rob liked the moments on tonight’s show where Spencer said that he is indeed disgusting, and when Amanda jokingly forced Andy to stay in the room and listen to her complain about Elissa. With the return of famous Big Brother couples on tonight’s live show, Ian says that Brenchel are the most likely of the pairs to have the first Big Brother baby – Daniele and Dominic are younger, and Jeff and Jordan aren’t even engaged yet. Brian agrees, saying Rachel looked very motivated to get the job done.

In the Spoiler Section, the new Head of Household is GinaMarie. With the week now looking certain to be bad for McCranda, Ian says that Amanda leaving could go either way for McCrae: it could make him a free agent, but could also put him in more danger once he’s alone. With Amanda out of the way, Rob wonders if McCrae could become part of a bro-liance. Brian thinks he will have to do a lot of damage control to make that happen. He’s heard some of the houseguests say that perhaps McCrae should go before Amanda, and all three agree that that would be a bad idea. Brian and Ian say Elissa will be the replacement nominee if either of the power couple wins the veto, and Rob thinks that if McCrae wins it and doesn’t use it on Amanda, it might be the end of their relationship.

Finally, Rob and Ian take viewer questions on what the “special challenge” that Julie teased will be, whether or not Judd can work with both Elissa and his new Exterminators alliance, and if there’s maybe, just maybe, a non-zero chance that GinaMarie can be the winner of Big Brother 15.

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