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Wil Heuser LIVE After Sunday’s Big Brother 15 – 8/18/13

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Rob Cesternino is joined by Big Brother 14’s Wil Heuser and RHAP senior Big Brother correspondent Brian Lynch. Rob shares how amazing Wil’s webshows are and encourages everyone to check them out. After everyone shares accolades for each other, we start to discuss Sunday night’s Big Brother 15 episode.

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Part One: Sunday Night’s Show (4:27)

Rob points out how Helen is totally misinformed, thinking that Elissa is in trouble when the target is actually Helen. Wil compares the 3am alliance with season 14’s quack pack.  Will also notes that Helen may return to the game immediately, based on the announced twist.

Rob asks Will if he would have gone to jury or would have gone home, like Elissa is threatening to do. Wil would have gone to jury and likens Elissa to Willy Hantz, where they were cast based on their sibling and not on their own desire to be a part of the game. Wil does not know Elissa’s motivation but shares that Willy Hantz was not a major Big Brother fan.  Rob wonders if it is her family ties (husband and child) that are drawing Elissa to go home.  Wil feels that there are many people in the house that are in similar situations.

Rob and Wil discuss the use of prescription drugs in the house. Wil feels that anyone that is prescribed a drug should be allowed to have it in the house, without debate.

Rob and Wil evaluate the nicknames Aaryn provided her fellow 3am alliance members.

  • 3am alliance – Wil thought it made sense. Rob was also good with it.
  • Amanda:  the Mastermind – Wil feels it is perfect, that Amanda is driving things behind the scenes. Rob also agrees that Amanda is entertaining.
  • Andy: the Agent – Wil notes that Andy seems to be in the background of every conversation but suggests that the Mole may be more impressive.
  • Aaryn:  the Beast – Rob feels this one fits. Wil things it does in an ironic way. Wil believes, beyond her opinions outside the house, she is winning competitions and playing the game well.
  • McCrae: the Enforcer – Wil believes that if Ian Terry and Wil had a love child, he would turn out to be McCrae.

Rob wonders if it is a mistake to cry to the rest of the group about Elissa threating to go home if voted out, that she will not be there in the end to vote for Helen to win. Wil did think it was a mistake at first, but thinks it may work out to be good for Helen to gain sympathy. The conversation transitions to GinaMarie’s colorful reaction to the idea of Elissa having a bad day, as well as bowl issues while in the Big Brother house.

In addition to the potential of being voted out, Elissa ended up as a have-not because of a new type of competition where teams had to find a key in the dark.  Wil and Rob enjoyed this competition (editor’s note:  I believe that is 3 have-not competitions Rob has liked this year).  Wil makes fun of Spencer constantly stating that “It’s Spencer. Follow my voice.” when he is only one of 3 men left in the house.  Both Wil and Rob applaud Elissa for not getting upset when she became a have-not.

Wil and Rob were both (sort of) impressed with the cultural sensitivity on the show this week. Rob wants to know why it took GinaMarie 8 weeks to talk with Helen about her background.  Wil is also surprised considering everyone in the house tends to be an alpha-type and shares much about themselves within hours of entering the house.

Rob wants to know what Wil thinks of the Nick/GinaMarie situation.  Wil describes it in two words, Amazing Race.  Rob wonders if Nick is the best combination for a TAR team. Wil suggests a GinaMarie clone. Rob suggests Candice but Wil believes they would not last. With jet lag, there would probably be a murder.

Rob applauds Wil’s recent webshow and asks about his motivation for the storyline. Wil’s dislike of clowns helped with all the murders in this edition.  Rob asks about characters Wil has not represented in his shows. Wil explains that some individuals, while being nice people, are not as exciting to make characterize.

When GinaMarie and Helen are talking outside, Rob asks if Helen is working at talking to people in the house she normally doesn’t?  Brian believes she has but it has been in aide of Elissa when it should have been for herself.

Rob asks if Aaryn’s nomination speech, stating that she is nominating one power couple because they will soon target her power couple, is a smart move.  Rob interprets this as overtly stating that Aaryn is protecting Amanda and McCrae. Wil feels that Aaryn is talking about herself and GinaMarie, a pair that is masking the 3am alliance from the rest of the house.  Brian backs up Wil’s believe (editor’s note: I also back up Wil and Brian).  This being the case, everyone agrees that it is a smart cover.

Rob asks Wil about Aaryn’s turnaround, that she was doing some wrong things in the beginning of the game but Aaryn is playing much more smart as she move later in the game.  Wil notes that people on twitter are joining “Team Aaryn” with the motto of “Forgive and Forget). Rob believes that making it to the jury may help save Aaryn’s outside life, with a few apologies here and there.

Rob wants to know who Wil believes is playing the best game. Wil wants to wait to make that call until after the returning player twist is complete, that it could be one of the returning players. Wil does like Amanda’s play, as she doesn’t do anything in the house but is calling all the shots. Rob compares Amanda to Evel Dick, where everyone fears her and does not want to be on her wrong side or they will feel her wrath. Rob feels Amanda should fear a double eviction where the other side of the house wins the HOH.  In this case, they would only have to deal with her for 20 minutes.

Rob asks if Wil believes McCrae would drop Amanda if presented with the right situation. Wil feels that it is Amanda that would drop him in the game. Rob agrees with Wil and believes it would be Amanda that would drop McCrae in real life, that Amanda is a step up for McCrae. Wil thinks McCrae is hot, especially when considering his great personality, and that the pre-sesaon promo photos did him no justice.  Brian agrees with Wil’s assessment of McCrae’s hotness.

Part Two:  Live Feed Spoilers (38:13)

Brian let’s us know that the veto competition, OTEV, was won by Elissa.  Elissa went into “beast-mode” where and smashed a likeness of Andy, at one point. Spencer has volunteered to be the pawn and to keep the target on Helen. Helen is campaigning hard to broker a deal where Spencer goes home this week and then they would all work together to get rid of Amanda next week.

While Wil is a fan of Helen’s, he believes it is a smart move by the other side of the house to get rid of her.  Rob hopes that Helen returns (after being tongue lashed by Amanda on the way out), because of the twist, and we get Helen 2.0 in beast mode. While Rob Helen’s return as the number one entertainment scenario, he wonders if Candice’s return would also be good.  Wil agrees that Candice would be entertaining. Everyone agrees that Judd’s return wouldn’t cause any fireworks.  Wil and Rob believe Jessie’s return would be the worst case scenario, although Brian thinks she could go “Killer Kowalski” and sir up some trouble.

Before we move onto questions, Brian brings up that Elissa is claiming that she is allergic to slop, that she is having shortness of breath because of this allergy.

Part Three: Questions (45:46)

Aubra Plan:  Who outside of the 3am alliance do you think has a chance of sneaking their way to the end?

Wil believes Helen has a shot, if she doesn’t get evicted. Rob would love to be against Spencer in the end. Brian would pick between Elissa and Spencer based on who in 3am are fighting to keep player outside of the alliance. Wil changes his pick to GinaMarie and Rob questions this. Wil then goes onto explain that anyone can win Big Brother. The answer to this questions ended with a great impersonation of Chef Joe by Wil.

Eric @RealityRecaps Rob and Will need to have a conversation as GM and Elissa!

An excellent improv ensues.

sheena123: Wil, do you compare Aaryn to Janelle?

Rob points out that Helen called Aaryn a young Janelle. Wil explains that he never hated Janelle, that Janelle is a great player and a wonderful person (and mother) outside of the house.  Wil feels that comparing Aaryn to Janelle is like comparing a Cubic Zirconia to a Diamond.

Crystal Power:  How has Helen been so perceptive all summer only to get snowed by the whole house this week?  Is it a blind spot caused by her ego?

Rob believes it has been more than this week. Wil feels she has gotten too comfortable that, as Amanda has stated, you should always be questioning people. Brian explains that one of her biggest ally has been Andy. He has flipped on her and is feeding her misinformation.

Rachel Lehman:  When the evicted houseguest come back, do they have any chance to make it to the final two or will they just get voted off the next week a la Brendon on BB13?

Rob points out that on Big Brother Canada, Gary Glitter came back and made it to the final two. Brian thinks that if Judd returns it would even the male/female numbers, allow him to make some deals with McCrae, Spencer and Andy. Wil doesn’t think any of the returning players are perceived as threats the way Rachel and Brendon were, allowing them to fly under the radar (moreso). Rob asks if anyone would ever fall for the “I’ve been voted out once so I would never win in the end” argument. Wil thinks that anyone would be a fool to consider that statement.

Brian Scally:  Today on the feeds, Andy told Aaryn they have to think about when to split up McCranda. When is the time for Andy to target McCranda? 

Rob believes it is at final 5, when there is still a 3 versus 2 edge in the numbers. Although, if McCrae or Amanda win veto at final 5, it may be game over for Andy. Wil believes there are too many twists to happen to make a guess.

energizer61bunny: Do you think Andy being everyone’s friend will come back to bite him if he makes it to the F2? They might feel more betrayed by Andy since he was closer to them than the others.

Wil feels that no one wants to be in the F2 with someone that is well liked. Wil also thinks McCrae is playing a similar game to Andy. In the end, no one will want to sit beside either of them in the end.

sheena123: Did anyone else notice Aaryn saying in the diary room during her talk with Helen “No one comes between me and my alliance”?

Rob thought it was a little bit of a stretch, without the Rachel delivery. Wil believes she is being much more careful about what she says in the DR, compared to the early weeks.

Rabint: Who do you each identify with the most in the house and if you were in their place, what would be your ideal final 3?

Wil thinks he would have a lot of fun with GinaMarie and identifies with Helen.  Rob identifies the most with Andy or McCrae. Rob would play the game most like Andy. Wil wishes he would have played more like Andy.

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