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Adam Poch on BB15 Episode 2 & Our First Live Feed Update

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) joins Rob Cesternino to recap the events from Big Brother 15, Episode 2 right after the show. Rob and Adam discuss the HoH tenue of McCrae Olson as the other players try to influence the nominations.

32:55 – Rob begins talking about the LIVE FEEDS from the first five days with our Big Brother Live Feed reporter, Brian Lynch.

First Half – Episode Recap

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Adam wishes that he had the opportunity to play against other newbies.  Adam sees Spencer playing the role he would have liked. Adam felt that there was a disadvantage to playing against players with previous experience.

Rob found this episode to be a McCrae all-the-way show.  Adam is on Team McCrae and has had some interactions with him on Twitter and Facebook. Adam also was a pizza delivery boy in his life, as well!

Rob and Adam note that this is a good season for showmances. With a lot of pretty people in close quarters, Adam notes that nature will take it’s course.  Rob asks Adam if GinaMarie is attractive in his eyes.  Adam does think she is, just not his type.  Rob notes that GinaMarie is “two-faced” (with and without makeup). Adam paused tonight’s show to show his wife GinaMarie’s forehead zit.

Adam and Rob both find David to be a poor BB houseguest all around, stating that he is there just for a showmance and showing that he did not know who Rachel Reilly was.  The later is certainly an indicator that he wasn’t a fan of the show and did not watch the show with his mother, as stated in his pre-season interview.

On the topic of Elissa, Adam fells that the players should find being Rachel’s sister a red flag.  Moreover, hiding anything that is going to be found out is not a smart move because any lie will hurt a player.

Rob wonders if Elissa is comparable to having Willie Hantz on last year’s season, even though Rachel was not considered as ruthless as the Hantz family.  Adam feels that difference is that none of the Hantz family played Big Brother so Elissa should be considered more of a threat due to this fact.

Rob asks Adam about McCrae’s comment about not getting “HOH-itis”.  Adam points out that as HOH you have to make the major move of the week but you also need to make sure it doesn’t go to your head and be as diplomatic as possible.

Rob wants to know if Adam thinks the “Moving Company” alliance (Jeremy, Nick, Spencer, Howard, and McCrae) will be big factor in the game.  This is another reason why Adam is jealous of Spencer.  He believes this group can have a major impact on the game. While Adam found Nick arrogant in the pre-season interviews, he feels Nick is playing a smart, forward thinking game.

Rob brings up the Have/Have Nots competition.  Rob does not care much about who is a Have or Have Not, but thought the plane seats was an inventive idea.  Adam enjoyed tonight’s challenge and does consider the Have/Have Not factor interesting.  Rob also liked tonights challenge likening it to a Survivor challenge.  Both liked McCrae as the host.

There were many players trying to influence McCrae’s nominations.  Amanda wanted Jessie nominated because she has a better ass. Kaitlyn wants Candice nominated because she is weak. Aaryn wanted Elissa nominated because she is Rachel’s sister. Adam finds all of these plays to be catty.

Rob asks if Elissa really thought she could get away with not having anyone figure out who she is related to.  Adam feels, if she wanted it to work she should have to committed to the lie 100%. Rob suggests she should have told everyone that she is a professional Rachel Reilly impersonator.

Nick was suggesting that the nominees should be Jessie and Elissa.  Adam thought everyone was on board with these two, which made Candice as a nominee a bit of a surprise.

Overall, both Rob and Adam thought this was an exciting episode and that most houseguests got a reasonable amount of airtime.

Rob asks Adam about how his annual season premiere party went on Wednesday.  Thirteen houseguests and over 200 fans attended the NYC event.

Second Half – Live Feeds

Brian rates the first four days of the live feeds as a 9 out of 10.  Rob encourages you the listener to consider the live feeds and will still send you a BB Bingo card to attempt to win the remaining prizes.

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We start by discussing that the the MVP was Elissa. Elissa tells McCrae and he responds by telling Elissa that she needs to nominate David. He also tells her that he has to go with the house and put her up as a replacement nominee but promises to save her.  Elissa, who has a deal with McCrae, does put up David.  McCrae took down Candice and did replace her with Elissa.  Currently, the plan is to send home David, although Wednesday is a long way away.

The Moving Company does want David to go but so does that Older People alliance, which is currently in control of the numbers.

The Older People Alliance is:
McCrae, Helen, Elissa, Spencer, Judd, Howard, Amanda, Candice (more recently), and…. basically everyone except David, Jessie, Nick,Aaryn, Kaitlyn and GinaMarie.

The Blond-tourage Alliance (named by Nick and used when he is talking with the Moving Company) is:
Jeremy, Kaitlyn, Aaryn, Nick, GinaMarie, David

David is suspicious but does not know he is a target.  Brian and Adam feel this is a good time to get rid of David since he is a physical threat in the game.

This could be a crazy vote and eviction on Wednesday with 3 nominees and 12 votes.  While McCrae knows the votes are locked up (as he has a few alliances) some of his Older People alliance members are concerned about gaining a few more votes to ensure David goes home.

Rob switches up the topic to the controversies of the week.  Aaryn is catching the most flack about her asian slurs in general and comments to Helen specifically.  She also has made homophobic comments.  Spencer has used the C-word to describe women, praised Nazi doctors, made racial slurs towards Helen and referred to Andy as Kermit the Fag to his face.

Rob wanted to know Andy’s reaction. Brian said Andy just laughed and points out that Spencer and Andy are working together.  Rob wants to see how Andy reacts in the diary room.  Adam believes that many of the houseguests, all being newbees, are not totally aware that the cameras catch everything.  He also feels people are not going to rock the boat by calling anyone out so early in the game. Adam feels some of these players are not aware about how large the online audience is.

Rob feels we shouldn’t be surprised that these type of things happen, that with a cross section of people there are going to be some that are not the sharpest.  Therefore, dumb people are going to say dumb things.  Adam also says, this is why we are all watching, for people to do stupid things and have sex. Rob doesn’t think there is enough time in the episodes to report on these statements.  Adam thinks that BB is considered light entertainment so the producers will not take the episodes in that direction.  Rob also points out that there needs to be a story.  If Andy doesn’t think it is a big deal then there isn’t much of a story to tell.

After a bit more talk of the ugly, we move to the fun and “action”.  We start with Jeremy and Kaitlyn.  They have been making out constantly.  Jeremy was bragging about touching her “meat wallet”.  Jeremy was caught “red-handed”. They are a full fledged couple, at least to the point where Jeremy wanted alcohol get her drunk. Kaitlyn did apologize to her dad one time.

David is so into Aaryn and wants to kiss and do more, but Aaryn will only kiss on camera. Also, David has not showered in two days and Aaryn insists he wash his privates at least once a day. They are stuck together, even we do not see a lot of action.

Rob reminds us that he and Brian both said in pre-season preview show that there was no chance McCrae would have a showmance, even though he wants one.  In the end, he played hard to get and ended up getting Amanda, as in home run!  Adam wonders if Amanda will jump ship went someone else is in power.  But for now, McCrae all the way! And… the pizza boy delivers!

Nick is also attached to GinaMarie, although there hasn’t been much showmancing.

Adam notes that BB15 is looking a lot like BB Canada, with all the showmances, having a live audience more often, and similar twists, that BBUS took note of the success of BBCAN.

Jessica Frey joins the webshow with questions from the audience.  Jessica notes that there have been many comments about the racial slurs.

Brian Scally:  Some people that David is playing dumb because he is supposedly good at chess and when he speaks he pauses so they think he is being careful about what he says when he really just can’t form sentences. 

Brian thinks that just because he didn’t know Elissa is Rachel’s sister doesn’t mean he is dumb.  David does sense he is in danger but isn’t connecting the dots.  So, he may not be the brightest but certainly not the dumbest.  Adam says everyone is cast for a reason and that David obviously has some skills but agrees that he probably isn’t the sharpest pencil crayon in the box.

MrPst2341: Does the MVP twist work for or against Elissa?

Brian feels it works for her this week.  Adam is uncertain the power is working for her since she ended up on the block. She is being told she is safe this week, but we know the pawn often goes home.  Adam also hopes Elissa isn’t the MVP every week. Brian has also heard that if the MVP’s nominee is saved that the MVP gets to make the replacement nominee, but we do not know this for sure.  Adam also wishes there was a rule that the same person can not be MVP two weeks in a row, like the HOH.

Brian Scally:  Where does the Moving Company rank on the list of alliance names of all time?

Rob, Brian and Adam all give the name a thumbs up.  Rob also likes that there is no number referenced in the name. Adam would hire these five guys if he was moving. As someone who just moved, Rob can appreciate a good moving company.

Jacob Brabant: How many more days until all the girls realize that Jeremy is trying to hook-up with all of them?  As Jeff would say, “He’s single and ready to mingle!!!”

Brian thinks he has time, that Jessie is the one that walked away from Jeremy, allowing him to move on to Kaitlyn. The topic moves to who is left for Jessie to hook up with, since she is all hot and bothered.

Irisheyes345:  Do you feel that an all girl alliance will ever work on this season?

Rob does not think it will ever work on this season because there are not enough strong confident women in the house.  Brian feels they do not because the audience loves the cat fights.  Rob clarifies that this is not a comment on all women, just this particular group in the Big Brother house.

MrPst2341:  It looks like winning the HOH was a good move for McCrae. Agree?

Rob feels McCrae has made the best of his HOH in building relationships and hooking up.  Brian and Adam also agree that he has done well to not get blood on his hands.  Brian points out that Nick and Judd are playing good games.  Adam feels that Amanda is playing too hard and too fast.  Rob ponders if it was a good idea to sleep with the HOH in the first week.

beanme100: With Aaryn thinking her alliance has all the power this week, how big if a blowup do you think will she have when David is evicted?

Brian hopes she is a big enough of a BB fan to give us a shocked face.  Adam believes she will freak out.  She may go in shock but by the end of the evening she will flip.

Rob reminds everyone of our RHAP Wednesday recap immediately after the live eviction on the east coast.  Ian Terry will be Rob’s co-host and they are looking for a name other than Know-It-Alls.

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