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Rob Cesternino is joined by America’s Player himself, RHAP Mount Rushmore inductee Eric Stein, to recap a WILD double eviction night on Big Brother 15.

Rob and Eric start by giving their immediate reactions to tonight’s whirlwind of events. Rob asks if there has been a crazier moment in an eviction show than tonight’s Jerry Springer style argument between Candice and GinaMarie. Eric thought it was entertaining, and liked that Candice went out with a bang considering final speeches never change anyone’s minds. He understands why Candice wouldn’t understand why she was considered a target. Julie Chen trying to rein everyone in during all the chaos throughout the hour also amused Eric.
Judd was the second evictee tonight, and Rob and Eric discuss what led to his demise, particularly the house’s belief that he was the MVP the last three weeks. Eric did not like the MVP twist because viewer influence unknown to the houseguests can screw over a player, just as an America’s Player vote did in Eric’s season. He did not believe it was fair that a substantial amount of power was being awarded based largely on the edited footage that CBS was broadcasting.

Rob mentions that GinaMarie’s HOH blog went viral this week. Rob believes she should write all future press releases for CBS, while Eric suggests she take a writing job for a sitcom a la Cochran. Eric also takes an opportunity to slightly defend GinaMarie’s obsession with Nick. He says that the house is a pressure cooker of emotions and viewers don’t realize how quickly strong bonds can be formed. He also says that Nick is a standup guy for agreeing to go on a date with her outside the house and for taking all of the fan reaction in stride.
Eric says he doesn’t like many of the contestants this season. He liked Howard at least from his TV edit, and appreciated that at least Jessie is acknowledging that certain people are trying to control her. Eric is also sure to say nice things about everyone so they will want to align with him in a future all-star season. He does think that there is some good strategy this season, though. With Aaryn’s third Head of Household win tonight,

Eric discusses a dramatic shift in gameplay in which becoming HOH is no longer the stigma it used to be. He mentions that Judd is the first HOH to be evicted this season, and believes that the Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling strategy of not winning the competitions and instead being friends with the HOH could be a thing of the past. While Eric says you can’t dismiss anyone because people you think are nonfactors can suddenly change the game in a major way, he believes there are only four people in the house that are capable of winning the game.
Rob and Eric then discuss the newest Big Brother controversy, in which Spencer made “jokes” on the live feeds about child pornography. Rob’s biggest problem is that the joke doesn’t make any sense considering anyone could clearly see that Spencer was the one saying terrible things. Eric doesn’t approve of the comments either, but also doesn’t like the fans that come after houseguests with pitchforks. He compares the police probe of Spencer and his family to fans who made death threats against Shelly for voting out Jeff two years ago, and says two wrongs don’t make a right. He also thinks that the diverse opinions are what Big Brother is all about, and it’s always the goal of the show to put people in the house who are not going to get along and will not be comfortable living together.

Eric also weighs in on the Amanda/McCrae relationship and the game each is playing. Both he and Rob believe that having Amanda by his side only helps McCrae’s game because he will never go home if the two are ever nominated together. Eric says Amanda is the first female bully ever on Big Brother, and that she’s a villain but only in the eyes of the viewers. She’s playing a very similar “make friends with everybody” game as Jessie, but the difference is that Jessie doesn’t have a voice in the house. Can she steamroll her way to the end, or is she handing the game to one of her allies like McCrae or Andy? Rob wonders if Amanda has a firewall point: is there a line she can cross where no one can stop her? Eric compares her to Evel Dick and Kim Spradlin – someone on the other side would need to actually take Amanda out, but because there’s just one big hierarchy, there’s no clear person to make the move. Eric thinks someone dominating the game will eventually be the winner this season. Plus, Eric breaks down the lifespan of the Amanda/McCrae relationship post-Big Brother in great detail, with a shocking twist ending.

Lastly, Rob and Eric take viewer questions on whether a bigger jury will change the game, who’s about to turn on their alliance, and whether or not a juror could receive a special power this season or even re-enter the house.

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