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Big Brother 15 – Don Helen – 08/05/13

Expect the unexpected is the motto of Big Brother. Ginamarie winning HOH was unexpected. Staten Island Greats, like Ricky Schroder, Alyssa Milano and the Cast of the Jersey Shore were all seen shedding tears when the news broke of Ginamaie’s HOH win. The past three weeks, Big Brother has been like being stuck behind a bus on a one way street, as you know where you’re going to end up, but the journey getting there seems tedious, as apparently there are twenty eight stops in a one mile stretch. This is where the Big Brother game is now. Helen is basically in the role of “Godfather” right now and everyone else seems to fall in line with what Helen wants. Let’s try to sort out the Helen Crime Family


Like any good crime family, there is potential for some Shakespearean treachery.  In the history of Big Brother there have been some brutal stabs in the back. Look no further than last week, when boss man of this website, Rob Cesterninio had Shelly Moore on his podcast. I guess Shelly is shockingly already out of Jail for her brutal, unprovoked crime against Big Jeff in BB 13.  My point is now that the obvious targets have been vanquished, is this the week that a couple people on the lower end of the food chain make a move? Let’s assume that despite the fact that the biggest raciest on TV since Archie Bunker is in the house, that Amanda is put up for MVP again. Amanda is pretty high up on the food chain. Taking Amanda out this week would shake up the dynamics in the house in a major way. The past few weeks have really been about Helen rising to power. This week is either going to be another “stop on the bus route” with the eviction of Candice or were, “going to the mattresses” and Amanda is going to be sleeping with the fishes.

e16-gm Disoriented[/caption]

Let’s look closer at the player’s motivations this week. Again, I’m going to base most of this on the presumption that Amanda is going up as MVP again. On to the show:

  • GinaMarie – Between intensely staring at Nick’s photo like it’s one of those paintings, where if you stare at it for a long time you see a 3D object, like a battleship or a unicorn and taking a lot of “Selfie” pictures of herself with the HOH camera, Ginamaria then went by the book and nominated Candice as the target for eviction and Jessie as the pawn. Ginamaria is close with Aaryn but it looks like Helen is going to have her fully programmed on her side soon. This week though, Aaryn seems to be pulling the strings and counseling Ginamarie like she’s the absent minded king/queen, which of course she is. Her nomination speech was….confusing. I actually think that Ginamarie might be a really bad actor from a foreign country who’s never met an American before and the only American movie she has ever seen is My Cousin Vinny and so she is basing her character on Big Brother on Marisa Tomei. That would explain a lot!
  • Helen/Andy– These two are currently on top of the food chain in the Big Brother jungle. Helen is not your typical “Alpha dog”, as she is not a physically strong player, but her ability to play the social game of Big Brother is what has set her apart. Helen to stay in her current position will be fine I think with either Candice or Amanda going home. If Candice goes home the dynamics in the house stay the same and the next person lowest on the pole goes next, which would be Spencer or Jessie. If Amanda were to go, it would take out a current Helen ally but also a future major rival. Amanda is so vocal that potentially she could do some damage to Helen’s game with her mouth and so this MIGHT be the week to be proactive for Helen and make a big move.

For Andy, as unpleasing and predictable as it is, his best move is probably for Candice to go out this week. The Snake role that Andy has continued to play has gotten him to the second most powerful spot in the game as of now. Andy’s game is similar to Helen’s game, the difference being that Andy seems more like the “friend” to everybody in the house. Anything unpredictable is bad for Andy’s game. What do other people think here? Is Andy’s strongest loyalty to Helen, if not then who?

  • Judd – The country bumpkin is still in a good spot. I think if everything goes to plan this week and Candice goes home and the food chain in the house stays the same for the rest of the season, Judd would end up at the end of the game somewhere between 3rd to 7th place.  Therefore, if Judd truly wants to win the game he is going to have to shake up the dynamics at some point. Judd needs to find a way to even the playing field and so hence he should be on the, “evict Amanda” bandwagon. If the dynamics in the house do change after this week, Judd could be the head of his own family, with Jessie, Aaryn, Ginamaria and Spencer all under him. Shaking things up can be scary as the “unknown” is scary, but to win this game you have to make a move.
  • Spencer might still be in danger this week. The best case scenario for Spencer would be anybody but him going home obviously. Candice going home is great for him, as last week during her incoherent speech I think she strung together some combination of words that were along the lines of, “I’m making it my goal to get you out next week”.  Spencer needs to lay low and hope for a shake up in the dynamics of the house. The game has passed the point where Spencer would be able to be a leader or in charge of anything, but he can survive by working for one of the top powers in the house, either Judd or Andy as Helen appears to not trust Spencer at all.
  • Aaryn -“Americas Next Top Racist” each week has improved  her game play. The problem with her game now,  is I don’t think she understands the true dynamics of the house. Aaryn is near the bottom of the “Helen” crime family and therefore, if she was playing smart she would want to shake that up. Aaryn’s best chance is working with Spencer, Judd(if he split from that side too) and Ginamarie.  Having Helen as her main advocate has saved her life up to this point.
  • Jessie – On the block but not in serious danger. Look, Jessie pouting about not getting invited to the barbeque like it’s the social event of the decade was absurd.  I liked Jessie standing up for herself when Amanda was grilling her. I think it’s great that instead of hiding under the bed like she did for the first four weeks of this game, she is now at least attempting to participate.  Jessie would really love for other people in the house to be on board to get Amanda out of this game. If Candice goes this week, Jessie’s place in this game would be tough to gauge until the next HOH is crowned.
  • Candice was low key in this episode. Maybe she is still in mourning for Howie. Maybe she doesn’t know where to turn. Elissa seems to be her only ally left in the house. Candice has to hope that Spencer finds his way on the block if she can’t win the Veto, or get on board the “get out Amanda” train.
  • Elissa – Under the protection of Helen, Elissa has been quiet the past 7 days. Voting out Candice is not something Elissa wants to do as they appear close. Elissa appears to still be safe no matter who wins veto this week. Maybe the potential craziness that the other houseguests see in her eyes has worked in her favor. Elissa is going to do what Helen tells her to do this week.


    More unlikeable then a racist.

  • Amanda/Mccrae – Saving the best for last. What does it say that last week and probably this week, that Amanda is going up for MVP, when the most offensively racist person in the history of reality TV is in the same house as her?  Seriously think about that. CBS changed the format of this, “MVP” gimmick solely to give America the power to destroy Aaryn, but instead, America has decided that Amanda is more unlikeable then Aryan. This development is amazing and will be studied like Roe V Wade and other historical events in our country’s history. Even tonight, Amanda was acting like Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused, obnoxious and overbearing. Mccrae looked mortified as Amanda was lashing out at Jessie. I actually think Mccrae’s game will be better with Amanda out, as everyone else in the house will be sympathetic towards him. Amanda has been a good shield for Mccrae but soon her mess is going to start staining Maccrae. Obviously Mccrae wishes he had blow darts laced with Valium that he could shoot at Amanda to shut her up, but since he doesn’t, he is going to pray to the Dominos “Noid” that the rest of the house sticks with the plan and evicts Candice. I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to see what Mccrae game looks likes without Amanda.

Thursday nights eviction will either be really exciting (Amanda goes) or really dull (Candice/Spencer) but either way, Don Helen will still be the head of the Big Brother family.

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