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Big Brother 15: Cross Fit Mixed with Jack Daniels! – 08/19/13

We have finally reached the point this season were something that might actually shake up the house is going to happen, so I figure we need two loosely connected metaphors to describe where were at. Does anybody have an out of shape friend, preferably a female that got way into cross fit? Side note, I’ve seen some of my friends who were out of shape, getting into cross-fit and it really changed their body types. My issue with Cross-fit is the absurd aspects of it I’ve seen on ESPN, like when their pushing humongous tires in a race or climbing a wall with a rope while doing push-ups or playing tether ball at a rapid pace etc. A big aspect I don’t get at all is it seems like the cross-fitters are mandated to wear multicolored, zany sox, which I would guess signify the level of Cross-fit that you’re at, like a Karate Gi? I assume if you wear hiked up, pink sox, with stars and gum drops on them that its equivalent to being a brown belt in Karate? My point is that besides my confusion and lack of interest in cross-fit, I have seen the results work for people. Big Brother this season has been our out of shape friend that started Cross-fit training and now the results are starting to pay off as we finally are going to get some drama and suspense. We didn’t always like or understand the process, but now were starting to  arrive at the destination we all want. My other metaphor is a little bit more “adult”. This is a family blog, so forgive me for dancing around this metaphor. With that being said, this season has been like a special night for a couple, like say an anniversary, but sadly the man had too much Jack Daniels and when it came to the part of the night where the couple got to “ wrestle” with each other, it took forever for the “wrestling match” to get to the climatic ending.

Summoned up: This season has taking a lonnnnnnng time to get to this point, where things are going to start getting interesting and not in a “which cast member said something horribly offensive this week” kind of way, but in a way where things are finally going to start to be fun.  We have one of, if not the biggest schemer this season in serious peril. We have a player coming back into the game from the Jury house on Thursday, so things are going to be fun from this point forward, unless Helen goes this week parlayed with Candice winning a fluke competition to re-enter the house and then Amanda systematically takes out everybody to her enviable loss to Mccrae in the finals. Hopefully things won’t go down like that and instead we will get a Reservoir Dogs style showdown the last few weeks of this season.

Let discuss what we’re looking at for the remainder of Aaryn’s HOH reign this week:

  • Aaryn – Has Aaryn done what is best for her game during her different HOH reigns? Taking out Helen does not seem to be what would be best for Aaryn’s game. Aaryn would not be Helen’s target, so why is Helen on the block? Aaryn has let Amanda persuade her into this move, but the majority of the blood is going to be on Aaryn’s hands, not Amanda’s.  What’s done is done, but Aaryn really needs to stop trying to be the “pleaser” and start opening her eyes to what is actually going on, because she is going to be viewed as expendable very soon. Aaryn by making this move at Helen has played her last card(if she doesn’t win HOH again). The fact that she has shown that she can win competitions is probably going to hurt her chances of being taking to the end of the game.
  • Amanda – Has annoyingly, miraculously positioned herself in the cat bird seat. Why the rest of the house has allowed this to happen is ridiculous, but that’s the reality were all living in now. If Amanda gets Helen out this week it’s going to be really hard to get Amanda out moving forward. Every week she has stayed in the game she takes the person’s soul that gets evicted and gets stronger, like Freddy Krugar. Personally speaking, the enjoyment moving forward with Amanda will be hoping that somebody takes her out before the finals. Another aside: When Amanda started crying at the start of the episode over something harmless that McCrae said, I bet every man like myself had past/current girlfriend PTSD from that moment…good times!
  • What is more stressful for McCrae, playing big brother or having to “handle” Amanda? I would think it’s the latter. How far away are we from McCrae getting so stressed having to put up with Amanda that he loses focus in the game and slowly turns into Jack Nicolson in The Shining? Amanda is the face of the power in the house, but Mccrae may actually be in the best position moving forward. The only way I see Mccrae not making it to the finals is if somebody targets Amanda and puts up Mccrae as well and then Amanda somehow wins the POV. With that being said, I would like to see Mccrae get a little more blood on his hands, or do something other than hide behind Amanda. What do other people think about Mccrae’s long term prospects at winning the game?

    e23-helen The last stand of our current Don.[/caption]

  • Helen – The last stand for the current Don of the house is upon us. Every great Godfather gets old and weaker as time goes by. Helen does not see the writing on the wall, which is that she is going to be working on her tan this time next week in the Jury house. Helen has nobody to blame but herself, as she had the opportunity to take out Amanda not once, but twice! Thinking that you were so untouchable that you didn’t want to take out your biggest long term threat in this game is going to prove costly for Helen. Helen’s only hope in this game is that maybe she will get to participate in the competition with the other jury members to return back into the house. Things have really changed the past three weeks. This is why you don’t want to peak too early in Big Brother.
  •  Elissa was beyond annoying tonight. There are bigger worries in the world then some dimwit that is only on TV because her sister was a “personality” on the same show, but there are people who really want to be on this show and she is just pissing all over that. Moving forward, Elissa is going to be in a very interesting place in this game without Helen. She may turn into the proverbial pawn for the rest of the season. The past four weeks has Elissa been seen or involved in any game play? Tonight she definitely made an appearance. I mean she was literally complaining about having to talk to someone tonight. For the love of god you’re playing Big Brother, stop threatening to go home if you get voted off. I guess the producers are going to have to continue shooting her up with Valium or whatever it is that they have been injecting in her to keep her “manageable”. If she gets evicted CBS should throw her into a well like one of Buffalo Bills victims in Silence of the lambs, so she won’t leave the Jury. The only redeemable thing that Elissa can do is win HOH, because I think in that scenario she would do something to shake up the house. So unless that happens, she will continue to devolve into a combination of Cybil and Paris Hilton and infuriate America.
  • Spencer -The bearded one has been pawning it up the past few weeks, but looks to be safe still this week. If one person can benefit most from a returning player coming back into the game it might be Spencer. Spencer really needs Aaryn or Andy to have a change of heart in regards to Amanda and McCrae. Surviving this long is a testament to Spencer playing a decent social game. Spencer seems to have a clear understanding of the dynamics in the house. The question I pose to you guys is how does Spencer get himself to the finals?
  • Andy had a quiet night tonight. After getting virtually no blood on his hands after his HOH reign last week, he has quietly slithered back into a decent spot in the game.  My question about Andy is if he is just going to play it quietly and roll with Amanda and Mccrae until they decide that he is too dangerous and turn on him? Andy is smart so at what point if ever will Andy strike against Amanda?


    Ignorance is bliss.

  • Ginamarie – Ignorance is bliss. I would like to see Ginamarie and Elissa have a “Crazy off” competition. That is all.

The week looks bleak for Helen, as Amanda looks like she is emerging as the new Godfather. Will anything that happens in the POV change that? I think not. I really hope that whoever comes back into the house from the Jury on Thursday comes back with a vengeance. Who do people think would come back guns drawn and ready to rumble?

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