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Brendon & Rachel on Elissa’s Game LIVE After Sunday’s BB15

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) talked with Brendon Villegas (@brendonvbb12) and Rachel Reilly (@RachelEReilly) about  the Sunday night episode of Big Brother 15 and how things are looking for Elissa in the house. Plus, Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) updated us about another wild weekend on the live feeds.

Part One: Sunday Night Show (1:54)

Rob asks if it is a family trait to win when your back is up against the wall?  Rachel screams YES! It is necessary to win when your back is up against the wall.  Rob wants to know if Rachel has to write a letter every week or do they have to fax one over when the loved one wins HOH.  Rachel explains that they write a few over the season. Brendon adds that they have to be kept generic so that no information is given away.

Rob reviews that Aaryn and McCrae are Elissa’s nominations and wants to know if these were the best options.  Rachel feels that they were amazing picks.  McCrae and Aaryn have good chances of winning the veto, taking themselves off then being replaced by Amanda.

Rob asks if they are surprised that Aaryn is still Elissa’s number 1 target.  Brendon feels Elissa hasn’t still shaken all of Aaryn’s terrible behavior.  Rachel adds that Aaryn is a major competition threat and could win HOH then nominate Elissa.

Rob notes that Brendon knows about re-entering the house.  Brendon believes Judd will probably last longer in his return, noting that Judd is doing the right things to get on people’s good sides.  Rachel adds that Judd is also realizing that Elissa is loyal where McCrae and Amanda would easily turn on him.  Brendon feels that Judd realizes that Elissa was not a part of the move to get rid of Judd.  Rob adds that it helps that they both are alone in the game.

Rob mentions Amanda mocking Elissa in the diary room, stating that no one wanted to see her HOH room just like her sister’s HOH room. Rob wants to know if this is true. Rachel points out that Brendon wanted to see Rachel’s room and he is the only person that mattered. Rachel also disagrees with Andy’s comment that Elissa’s basket was weak, pointing out that she received Skinny Girl margarita mix and tequila!

Rob asks what is most difficult about watching Elissa play rather than being in the house playing. Rachel finds it difficult to watch the house guests be mean to her little sister.  Rachel isn’t phased by herself being called names but it hurts when they personally attack her sister and nephew.

Rob wants to know if Brenchel saw the footage of Aaryn drinking the nail polish remover and asked if they felt it was an accident.  Rachel believes it was a cry for attention. Brendon explains the medical concerns for drinking this type of substance.

Rob asks if Elissa is buying Amanda’s comments that putting up McCrae or Amanda is ensuring that someone working with her will go home.  Rachel does not think Elissa is falling for this.  Brendon points out that Elisaa laughing when Amanda is making her plea is evidence that Elissa knows not to fall for this. Rob also wants to know if it is possible for Elissa to work with Aaryn.  Rachel believes that Aaryn does not have a mind of her own and Elissa will do what she can with Aaryn but knows she can not trust her.  Rachel also points out that at least GinaMaire has not lied like other players, like Andy has.

Rob wants to know if Brenchel can relate to Mcmanda in that people are thinking they need to work against the couple. Brenchel say they can relate but only on that one point. Rachel points out that Mcmanda are not winning the competitions they need at this point. Rob asks if they see a “happily ever after” for Mcmanda. Brendon believes that McCrae would leave Amanda now if he could. Brendon also points out that, while McCrae hasn’t said any racial or derogatory comments, he has allowed it to happen rather than stop it.

Rob asks if a Judd/Elissa final two is good for Elissa. Rachel thinks it will be tough for Elissa no matter what.  Rachel believes that she won’t get Amanda or Aaryn’s vote and maybe not McCrae’s.  She does think that a partnership with Judd may be helpful because of his ability to win competitions.  Brendon wonders if there will be a feeling that it is not fair to return and win.  Rob points out that relationships from jury helped in Big Brother Canada.  Rachel believes that Elissa will definitely get Candice and Helen’s vote and that Jessie will vote based on gameplay. Rachel believes Elissa would take someone to the final two who deserves to be there rather than GinaMarie or Spencer.

Part Two: Live Feed Spoilers (24:27)

Brian recaps what has been happening on the live feeds. Zingbot and baby Zingbot visited the house. The veto competition was similar to one that Rachel competed in (rolling the ball and running to the other side 250 times In a row). Amanda has won the veto and Andy will be the replacement nomination. Rachel feels that Andy is a good choice as he is a member of 3AM and still guarantees that Aaryn will go home.  Brendon believes that GinaMarie will be the swing vote this week. Rachel also believes that GM will be the swing vote and will evict Aaryn. Rachel feels that GM knows that Aaryn is not being completely true to her.

Brian explains that Mcmanda were bluffing that they will vote out Andy if Elissa nominates him. Andy had to put on the tears to sell this. However, Brendon feels Mcmanda are more interested in keeping Aaryn and will need to get GinaMarie on their side to vote out Andy. Rachel feels that Elissa needs to tell GM that she would go home if she was put on the block so in exchange for Elissa not putting her up, she needs to vote out Aaryn.  Brian confirms that Elissa has pitched this to GinaMarie and she is on side to vote out Aaryn.

Brian also confirmed that Amanda is attempting to get Elissa to self-evict by attacking Elissa and all of her family. Rachel feels that this is not an appropriate strategy.  If it was just attacking Elissa, as well as Rachel and Brendon, would be one thing. Personal attacks about her children and husband is way off base. Rachel’s biggest problem with the situation is that Amanda is talking about children. Rachel hopes that Elissa gets the opportunity to personally evict Amanda. Brendon adds  that at least it would be great Elissa was the one vote that causes her eviction.

Brendon knows people want some drama but not personal attacks and racial slurs.  People watch for competitions and the social game.  Brenchel are proud of Elissa for being the one to finally stand up against Amanda.

Part Three: YOUR Questions (39:50)

Beanme100: How do you feel about Elissa’s nominations?  Do you think she should have just nominated Amanda/McCrae or was putting Aaryn up the right move?

Brendon believes that it would have guaranteed McCrae going home which is okay but Aaryn is Elissa’s number one target.

After the first question, Rob had Brian review many of the zings by Zingbot.  Rob points out that he liked production using Zingbot to point out that Andy is a floater (the Shelly of the season) and that it will light a fire under him.

Crystal Pomer:  Do you think it will be to the detriment of both Aaryn and Elissa that they couldn’t put their differences aside and work together?

Brendon and Rachel have mixed emotions about this. They believe Elissa could never really trust Aaryn, that she will continue following Amanda.

sheMan32:  What do you guys think of Andy?  (aka the rat)

Rachel likes Andy but not his gameplay.  If Andy would set up and help evict Amanda then Rachel would start liking his game more.

Natalie Kuchik:  Do you feel Elissa is playing a different game now that Helen is gone?  I do, and I’m liking her moxie.

Rachel says yes and no.  Rachel believes that she got scared in the beginning and needed to lay low but now is stepping up her game now that she is all alone.

Rob asks if Elissa meant it when she was wanting to go home rather than the jury house. Brenchel didn’t think she would do it. It was just the stress of the game talking. Follow those statements Elissa wins the veto then the next HOH so she obviously wants to be there.

Jess Anson:  Who would’ve you wanted to return out of the jury?

Brenchel feel it was good for Elissa to start fresh with Candice or Judd.  Rachel thinks Helen was playing both sides too much.  Brendon believes Judd will be the most loyal to Elissa. Candice may also have been too big of a target.

Rob wants to know Brenchel’s thoughts on Jessie’s comments to Amanda when she fell off the wall.  Rachel loved her honesty.

Crystal Pomer:  Do you think Elissa stands a chance of getting through next week if anyone, but Judd wins HOH, barring her winning the veto?

Rachel believes that if Amanda or McCrae win HOH then Elissa is in trouble but anyone else will focus on breaking up the power couple.

Rob asks Brian to predict who is going home this week.  Brian is 65% certain that Aaryn is going home this week.  Rob asks Brenchel how Julie will act on Thursday with Aaryn. They are certain Julie will be nothing but professional.

Aubra Pian:  Is Amanda worse than Evel Dick?

Rachel believes that Dick had strategy and did not make personal comments about family members.  Brendon believes that Dick had a strategy while Amanda is just slowly showing her true self.  Evel Dick also cleared all of his antics in the diary room.  Rob also points out that Dick did not claim to be any better than others. Rachel agrees that Amanda has deplorable behavior then tries to act like she is taking the high road.

Rob asks Brenchel about Hayden being on the upcoming season of Survivor.  Rachel is excited by Hayden being on Survivor and will be watching every step of the way.  Brendon points out Hayden’s great social game, along with being a competition threat, will take him a long way.  They also like Kat and look forward to watching every episode.

Brian Bishop @deepdishbish:  It seemed like only some of the house guests were holding onto the thing they put the balls in.  Was that in the rules?

Rob points out Elissa’s amazing save.  Brian points out it is was obviously allowed, as the save involved both hands and no feet.

Eric @RealityRecaps:  Brenchel how does Benz Feel about this season?  And are you still doing Adventures for Pets?  

Rahcel explains that Benz is enjoying the season and there will be more Adventures for Pets episodes when Elissa is outside of the BB house.

Aubra Pian:  Do you see anyone besides Elissa nominating Amanda in the near future?

Rachel believes everyone will make the move now, especially with Amanda’s behavior this week.  Brendon thinks they may not realize it right now but as soon as Aaryn leaves they will realize that everyone has lost someone at the hands of Mcmanda and that it is time to make this move.

Rachel reminds everyone to vote for Elissa as America’s Favorite. Brendon reminds everyone to pray Elissa can withstand Amanda’s wrath.


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