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Big Brother Blog: The return of the mysterious “Mujer Loca” – 08/26/13

I haven’t been this excited about a TV show since I was 13 and discovered the Red Shoe Diaries on HBO. Elissa winning HOH was the best case scenario for the viewers. Not only is she crazy and unpredictable, but finally someone is going to challenge Amanda’s power in the house. Amanda challenging Aaryn’s crown for least likeable human has been a surprising, unbelievable feat to watch, but she has shown the incredible will and desire to do so. Along that way Amanda has risen to accrue a lot of power in the house, which has become the major plot of this season , which led us to this episode and the unexpectedness of Elissa winning HOH. This season was starting to be likeMcDonald’s scrambled eggs, predictable and boring; now with Elissa winning HOH it’s like my Auntie Kathy’s scrambled eggs, colorful and full of possibilities. This is what this season needed at this exact moment, someone not a part of Amanda’s crew winning HOH and Judd re-entering the game to throw a monkey wrench into things. If Elissa didn’t win HOH I’m pretty sure CBS would have ordered a Zero Dark Thirty attack in the house to somehow change the dynamics. It’s weird when you have to root for someone you really haven’t liked all season because they’re going to be the instrument of change. I felt like I was doing something wrong when I was rooting for Elissa during the HOH competition. Hopfully Elissa can have the strength to do what needs to be done this week, but I’m not confident in her, it’s like an episode of Saved by Bell when Lisa Turtle was the primary story line for that one episode and you weren’t sure if she could carry the show for that thirty minutes.  Ya, just your average Lisa Turtle-Saved by the bell analogy I recklessly threw out there for you.

On to the crack analysis …..or let’s be honest, average at best analysis:

e26-elissa Elissa winning the HOH.[/caption]

This is what working for Sarah Palin probably felt like, as we need/want a crazy person to be the leader in shaking up Amanda’s reign. Sometimes you need “crazy” and this may be the very week. With Mccrae and Aaryn on the block, Elissa is going to get a wide range of mind games and all out assaults , depending on what happens in the POV to put up Ginamarie.

  • Amanda, according to all the war correspondents watching the live feeds , has been imploding the past few days. Everything has gone exactly how Amanda has wanted it to go the past few weeks. With Helen vanquished, Amanda has clearly assumed the role as Alpha in the house, but appears to be acting like Al Pacino in the second half of Scarface, greedy, entitled and Frighteningly unpredictable.  Amanda has the most “in house” support right now and so she is going to have to call upon everybody  to get into Elissa’s noggin. Spoiler alert: Amanda Freaked the ****** out with the nominations and most likely will have to make a Sophie’s Choice with either Aaryn or Andy if she can win veto and take McCrae off the block.  Who is better out of those two for Amanda’s game? Andy seems like a bigger threat down the road in terms of his social game and obviously Aaryn has shown that she can win competitions.  Amanda as the Don of the house will most likely make the decision for the rest of the house other than Elissa on who stay’s and who goes this week. I would bet that Amanda wants to save Aaryn, even ahead of Andy.
  • McCrae tastes the block for the first time this season(right?).When he got nominated he looked like a, “emo” lead singer for a 1994 grunge band. I really wonder what McCrae’s game would have looked like this season if Amanda wasn’t in the house. He seems to have a real good social game, but he’s had to spend the majority of his game hiding behind Amanda, cleaning up her altercations or calming her down. He’s like Ray Donovan, with Amanda as his only client to clean up after (the 4 of you that get that reference). The time is now for McCrae to start thinking about his end game, meaning after Amanda, who is best for his game to take to the end. If I’m McCrae I would want to stay loyal to Andy, which is going to make this week real interesting if he gets off the block and Andy goes up, because Amanda I think will want to save Aaryn.
  • Andy is in a real tough spot. The worst case scenario was Elissa winning HOH after he blatantly revealed who he is truly aligned with to Elissa and Helen last week. With Mccrae and Aaryn on the block, Andy’s thought process I would think, is to hope that both stay on the block and cut his losses with Aaryn. With one of them coming off the block Andy would be the most likely to go up and he knows this. Andy is annoyingly good at crying on cue and playing the sympathy card, both of which will probably be on full display next episode. Andy this whole season has been so afraid to get any blood on his hands and to be BFF with everybody. Everybody left in the house has to be catching up and on to Andy. Another thing, Andy if you remember was the one who was crying and acting betrayed and heartbroken back when Howard told him about the hidden Moving Company Alliance, but Andy has been doing the same thing this whole season, keeping his alliances quiet and lying at every corner along the way. I don’t have a problem with playing that , but then don’t cry about it when it comes back to haunt you. If Andy ends up on the block he may be in trouble, as anyone with half a brain knows that he is a bigger threat than anybody Elissa puts up against him (not counting Amanda/Mccrae).  If Andy survives this week, will he stick with Amanda/McCrae, or does he have the balls to secretly cut some sort of deal/plan to turn on Amanda?
    • Aaryn is in real trouble. If Aaryn is as smart as she wants us to think she is, then she needs to turn on Amanda right now. Aaryn should be up with Elissa spewing hatred about Amanda and how she has been controlling all of her HOH’s. Aaryn truly has been the executioner this season, both for Amanda and Helen, because of that Aaryn needs to turn into Lee Harvey Oswald and yell, “I’m just a patsy and hope that Elissa will focus her target at someone else.  If Aaryn goes this week, I can’t wait for the Frost/Nixon like interview that will happen with Julie Chen. Julie Chen has been training all summer for this showdown with Aaryn:

  • Judd caught a real break with Elissa winning HOH. Other then maybe Ginamaria, anybody else who won HOH would have put Judd up right next to Elissa. Judd is probably America’s favorite player now, which means don’t go to Amanda’s side Judd! Judd’s probably not walking on sunshine at the prospect of having Elissa as his main ally, but he has to avoid the temptation to join Amanda’s team. Judd needs to join up with Spencer, which I think could be a dynamic duo. Honestly, because of Judd’s accent and fast talking, it’s hard to know what the hell he is saying sometimes. I’m left to hope with America that Judd is really a strong player and will make the moves towards ultimately slaying the Dragon known as Amanda. The first move towards that is securing a deal with Elissa and then Spencer.


    Which juror will be last standing? Judd

  • Spencer kept is streak  of being on the block alive after last week, but this may finally be the week that his Cal Ripken like streak ends. Spencer has had his hand on the pulse of the house this whole season, but hasn’t been able to use this awareness in any aggressive way due to having to lay low and go with the flow to survive his weekly nominations. This is the time that Spencer needs to be aggressive, and join forces with everybody and anybody not closely tied to Amanda. Spencer should be trying to be BFF with Elissa, Judd and Ginamarie, not his ideal group of people but all the same he can’t just stay stationary, because there aren’t that many people left in the house and he needs to alter his place on the food chain.
  • Ginamarie doesn’t even seem like a person, it’s almost like she is being treated like a piece on a chess board. Amanda wants to move the Ginamarie piece on the block and vote her out to save her group of 4. If you’re related to Ginamarie or one of her seven fans here, then you have to hope she is playing dumb and knows that she needs to be besties with Elissa this week. I really don’t know if Ginamarie knows that Aaryn has not wanted to work with her for weeks, or anything else that is going on behind the scenes. Ginamarie can actually alter the destiny of this game shockingly enough if she can get close to Elissa, avoid being on the block and then be a part of voting out one of the Amanda 4.

Things are going to continue to heat up this week with the pending POV and aftermath. Expect the unexpected is the mantra of Big Brother, but I would expect that CBS is going toblatenly, egregiously rig the game in favor of Elissa from this point forward to keep things fun and interesting. I predict that Elissa gets out one of the Amanda 4 this week. I expect that we will see new levels of entitled behavior from Amanda next episode, on her quest to beat Aaryn as the, “most unlikable Big Brother Player of the decade”.

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