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Big Brother 15: Are there “A Few Good Men” left? – 09/17/13

Hey I have a great idea, let’s spend the majority of this episode recapping the worst season of Big Brother in the past six years.  Seriously, CBS should be spreading “forget me now” gas through the TV’s. Did we really have to relive this? I guess we do. It’s coming down to the final episode, or the big court room scene at the climax of any good Hollywood courtroom drama. I’m going to pretend that the jury doesn’t make up their minds long before they take the stage for the final episode, because obviously they do, and worse they feed off each other and collude with one another. This is my last chance to compare the characters to different movies, which I will, to end on a high note. I’m going to compare each character to a courtroom-ish movie. This should be the climax of the season, two people making the best argument to a jury of their peers.  In principle the final episode is supposed to be about the jury not having their minds made up. The verdict should not be rendered by any jury members until the final arguments are made.

Were going to pretend that noting has been decided and and the winner of this season still hangs in the balance…Let’s go to Judge Wapners people’s court:

  • ·Andy-A Few Good Men. Of the remaining players Andy may have the best case to be the winner if you take emotion out of it, which of course you won’t with this jury. What is the argument that Andy makes to the hostile Jury? I think he has to own it. He needs to go Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the truth!”

Just like The colonel, he needs to explain in detail why he did what he did. Andy could use a power point presentation explaining how he was a part of all the major moves in the game, and how he survived all the big shifts in the game.  You can say his best moves in the game was knowing when to jump off sinking ships, meaning he knew when to leave #TeamHelen, which put him with Amanda, at which point he left #TeamAmanda at the perfect time when he joined/formed the exterminators. His final big move was convincing McCrae that Elissa was the one to vote out Amanda, because theoretically McCrae could have tried to get Andy out during that last double eviction night. Andy has the law on his side so to speak. If all things are created equally, as much as it pains me because personally I didn’t like his game play,  he should be the winner. He was semi- apart of all the big moves in the game.

  • ·Spencer is the Rainmaker. I was going to pick the movie,Philadelphia, but there is no way to use that movie for comedy, except for this underrated all time funnyFamily guy

For Spencer, facing the Jury is going to be tough. His strategy needs to focus on making Andy or Ginamarie sound as bad as possible and hope the jury will reward him out of spite. If he faces Ginamarie he should get his hands on the live feeds and just roll all the instances of Ginamarie being as offensive or nearly as offensive as Amanda and Aaryn were at times. Spencer needs to be like Matt Damon in theRainmaker, facing the hated insurance company of a sick   The Rainmaker plot like Spencer’s game are parallel in that Spencer is facing long odds, facing two people that have the bigger names and résumés, but like the Rainmaker ,have done things that people just absolutely hate! Spencer’s biggest move was getting Andy to trust him somewhere in the middle of the game. With Andy who had the ear of all the different powers-that-be at different times in the game, it did provide, albeit not much, but some protection for Spencer. Spencer has the least amount of blood on his hands and is the only one left who didn’t personally offend any of the jury members(other than Candice but that was more game play, right?) so that is the only advantage he may have and he needs to find a way to use it. Like the Rainmaker, he needs to get sympathy from the Jury for having to put up with the awful, backstabbing game play of Andy or Ginamarie. Spencer is holding 7’s to Andy’s Aces and Ginamaries Jacks, so he needs to find away to win with an inferior hand. Good luck.

Like Vinny, Ginamarie has at times been incomprehensible with her outburst, and confusing with her nomination speeches. Like Joe Pesci, Ginamarie needs to win this case at the very end of the movie(season), and convince the Jury that Amanda and Mccrae were going to waltz to the finals if she didn’t set into motion the downfall of Amanda. Winning over the jury will be harder against Andy then it will be against Spencer. If she is up against Andy, then she needs to play up the fact that Andy played very dirty, and try and convince them that she never backstabbed anybody. Ginamarie is going to face the tough task of having the two loudest and angriest  members of the Jury against her in Candice and Amanda. Ginamarie cant get drawn into a screaming match when she gets insulted by the Jury. She needs to own her actions and bite her lip and make a good argument with the positives of her case. Again, making coherent speech’s has not been Ginamarie’s strong suit this season, but maybe if she is able to make some good points it will blow away the Jury because the bar will be set so incredibly low. Like My Cousin Vinny, Ginamarie does have the facts on her side and does have a valid case to win this game.

To sum up finals, The Dark Knight rises:

I think, like that poor schmuck(The clip above); this jury is going to want a pound of flesh from any of these three. I feel like the only people on the Jury who aren’t going to vote personal are McCrae (who might probably will get strong armed into voting the way Amanda wants), Helen and maybe Judd. I don’t think Elissa has any idea what to vote on, or who to vote for, other than voting on their personal appearance or who was mean like a five year old. Even though this season has been pretty weak, it would be interesting to see how the Jury votes because all three of the finalist played a different style game, but like I said at the begging, the jury probably has had their mind made up already. My head tells me that Andy will probably win, my heart says Ginamarie for getting out Amanda and for being the worst winner in the history of Big Brother!

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