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Wil, I Am: An Interview with Big Brother’s Wil Heuser

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Thursday night, Wil Heuser was the latest Big Brother houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother 14. The house voted out Wil and kept Joe Arvin safe for another week. The morning after being evicted, Wil joins Rob Cesternino live to talk about his experience in the Big Brother house.

Rob opens the show by asking Wil about where he went wrong in the game. Wil thinks that he was playing the game overly aggressive and got caught having to lie too much to the other players. On the subject of the coaches coming back into the game, Rob asked Wil about how badly that screwed up his game. Wil said that was a major monkey wrench for his game when Boogie, Britney, Dan and Janelle entered the game.

Rob asked Wil about the deterioration of the relationship that he had in the house with Janelle Pierzina. Rob wanted to know why the two had a falling out in the house. While discussing Janelle’s eviction, Rob asked Wil if there was any way that she could’ve been saved last week and Wil thinks if he refused to come down off the block, Janelle could’ve been saved. Wil also said that he was hurt by some tweets that Janelle made last night about enjoying watching Wil be voted out of the house.

Rob wants to know more about some of the players that Wil was in an alliance with like Jenn and Ashley. While Wil agrees that Jenn doesn’t know the game particularly well, he thinks people are underestimating Ashley in the game. Wil thinks Ashley could possibly even win the game. Wil also believes that one of the coaches will win the game. Lastly, Rob asks Wil about what he wants to see most on the Big Brother TV show and he really wants to know how the Willie Hantz situation was handled.

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