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The Big Brother 14 Live Premiere Recap Show

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Rob has his white board ready to discuss all the draft action on the Big Brother 14 premiere. Rob can’t contain his excitement as this show combined his two loves of reality TV and fantasy football–and there’s a big Spreecast turnout ready to recap all of the action alongside him.

The 4 teams are:

Mike Boogie Malin – Frank, Ian, and Jenn
Britney Haynes – Shane, Willie, Jojo
Janelle Pierzina – Wil, Ashley, Joe
Dan Gheesling – Kara, Danielle, and the shortlived Jodi (the first houseguest to be Wanda-ed)

Rob thinks the draft order was pretty unfair- Britney got a pretty sweet deal with picks 1, 8, and 9, while Dan got a raw deal with 4, 5, and 12.

Rob talks about how Willie’s stock plummeted due to all the Russell Hantz suspicions coming his way from Dan, Boogie, Janelle, and Ian. Rob is not too impressed with Dan and Janelle’s selections. He thinks Boogie made the best picks.

Rob knows his Hantzes well, so he guarantees that new HOH Willie will not nominate the two pretty young girls left on Dan’s team. He also speculates about what Willie will get in his HOH basket.

Rob wonders if the coaches will eventually play and compete in the game– he thinks the $100,000 prize is a little low, so there may be something more to entice them later on. He also wonders why the first HOH challenge was so uncharacteristically un-phallic.

Rob then goes through each team to see if they will have chemistry. He thinks Kara and Danielle on Dan’s team will work well together. He thinks two attractive women can get along if they don’t have the same look. So, just like Jenna and Heidi in the Amazon, the brunette and blonde may form a tight bond. He thinks Joe will be the wild card on Janelle’s team and that Britney’s team will be pretty explosive due to the Hantz factor. He predicts Willie will not like Shane, and he may clash with Britney and Jojo as well. Rob has high hopes for the chemistry on Boogie’s team.

Next, Rob takes some video calls. He discusses Dan’s dismal picks with Brandon Donlon and wonders if they could have a mentor mutiny later in the season. Then Emmet calls in wondering about what the new power will be this season. Rob thinks it might be something like a Team Veto. They also discuss Ian and his showmance potential with Ashley. Rob thinks Dan missed an opportunity by not picking Ian. The next caller, Benry’s Bongwater, thinks the coaches might sacrifice one of their team members to focus on their best player, or perhaps one of the players would turn against their own team. He also thinks Playboy model Kara will increase the live feed subscribers.

Rob also talks about how lying about your job is really overdone on reality tv and really pretty pointless. He then takes some RHAPid fire questions, covering topics such as Ashley’s IQ, coaches being able to trade players, the coaches’ sleeping arrangements, and whether Dan’s team will be a target.

Rob closes the show with video calls from Tyler Allen, aspiring Boogie correspondent Brian, and Ron Chan.
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