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Ronnie Talbott after the Big Brother Eviction

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Who will get evicted from Big Brother 14? It was three time Big Brother Player, Janelle Pierzine! Rob starts off with a programming note that he should have an exit interview with Janelle tomorrow afternoon. He talks about how Janelle outplayed Boogie last week, but due to the coaches twist, no one was evicted, and the roles were reversed this week in terms of gameplay. He then talks about the Ashley and Ian no-mance, and how it was cross-promoted with The Big Bang Theory. Rob also says he was impressed with Julie Chen’s quick comebacks tonight.

Rob then talks about whether this was a good move for Danielle, Dan, and Britney. He also wonders why Wil, Ashley, and Jenn went against Janelle. Then Rob breaks down the HOH challenge the pairs that were selected, and Boogie’s odd trigger-happy strategy to throw the challenge.

After some technical difficulties, Ronnie calls into the show and explains why he felt bad for Janelle and why he is underwhelmed by Dan’s gameplay. Rob thinks Dan is still in a good position in the middle of the pack, but Ronnie thinks Boogie is going to bounce his check with Dan sooner rather than later. Ronnie also gives his opinion on Ian: He likes him as a person, but is indifferent toward him as a game player.

Then Rob asks Ronnie about the conspiracy theories going around about Dan’s Diary Room leak in the house this morning. Ronnie says Jeff had a DR leak in his season, so it has happened before and perhaps there isn’t anything fishy going on. Ronnie is rooting for Wil, but thinks he will be on the block along with Joe. Ronnie thinks that Ashley and Danielle have the best chances to win. Rob and Ronnie talk about why Ian is outside of the Silent 6, and if potentially there could be a premature Dan backdoor. Ronnie explains the rules about telling people whether you are nominating them or voting them out. Ronnie also reveals that he still keeps in touch with many players from Big Brother 11 and talks to Lydia nearly every day. Before signing off, Ronnie predicts that a lot of players will look back on this decision tonight and regret keeping Frank over Janelle.

Then Rob checks in with his Live Feed Correspondents. Brian is reveling in Boogie’s success and Frank’s HOH victory. Rob and Brian talks about whether it would be smart for Frank to try to oust Dan this early. Then Dan’s Correspondent Matt and Rob implore the “feline females of America” to leave Chelsea Gheesling alone. Rob thinks Team Ian ripped of Dan’s “The U” t-shirt design. Matt thinks Dan could be a pawn this week, but may be the true target. He thinks Danielle is in a good position with no one really coming after her. Finally Rob chats with Britney Correspondent Bill about how Britney has been pouring on the dramatics and tears. They also talk about how Shane seems a bit neutered after his streak of wins, and how he seems to be compensating with various hair transformations.
Be sure to stay tuned for Janelle’s exit interview tomorrow and another Big Brother web show on Sunday night!

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Ronnie Talbott joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the blindside eviction of Janelle Pierzina or Frank Eudy on Big Brother 14

What will Ronnie Talbott from BB11 say about the eviction of Janelle Pierzina or Frank Eudy

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