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Post-Show Interviews with the Big Brother Final 3

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Wednesday night’s Big Brother finale was the most compelling and perhaps the most explosive since Big Brother 2 . With emotions still running very high from finale night, Rob Cesternino had a chance to speak with all three of the Big Brother 14 finalists about their game and what’s been taking place since the end of the show.

Big Brother 14 Winner, Ian Terry

Interview begins at 01:40

Only 21 years old, Ian spent the summer going from Superfan of the Show to the man who defeated one of the games greatest players.  Rob asked Ian about what his relationship is like with Dan following the finale on Wednesday night.  Rob inquires Ian is he’s found out how badly Dan was trying to take him out at the end of the game and if he realized that if he did not win the veto on the Double Eviction night, Dan would have sent him out the door.  Ian said he didn’t realize it at the time but was made aware by his family.  Ian said that he will spend the next few months trying to unwind after his experience in the house and before he goes back to school. Rob asked Ian if he thought he made a mistake back when Mike Boogie was evicted by telling Mike what he did.  Ian agreed that he made a tactical error but couldn’t help telling Boogie since he had so much respect for his game.

Big Brother 14 Runner-Up, Dan Gheesling

Interview begins at 17:55

After a summer spent talking about Dan, Rob finally gets the chance to speak again to Dan Gheesling.  Dan and Rob have so much to catch up on from the game going back to when Dan first entered the house.   Along with Chelsea Gheesling by his side, Rob confesses to perhaps putting the jinx on Dan for his recent proclamation that Dan was going to win the game.  Even though some people are not happy with the way that Dan played the game, Dan says that he left everything from the game on the field.  Rob also plays some Monday morning quarterback with Dan about the eviction of Shane and how Rob thinks Dan would’ve had a better chance to defeat Danielle and Shane for the final HOH than he did with Ian.  That being said, Rob agreed with Dan’s need to control his own destiny and get to the final two.  Finally, Dan discusses his thoughts on how the Big Brother jury came to their decisions on Wednesday night.

Big Brother 14 Second Runner-Up, Danielle Murphree

Interview begins at 31:00

Following her eventful summer in the Big Brother house, Danielle says that she is overwhelmed and shocked about how her experience.  Danielle says that she is still very upset with Dan.  Danielle says that she feels betrayed by Dan and that he played her for a fool.  Danielle thinks that Dan wanted Ian in the finals all along.  Danielle says that she is livid about Dan’s lie that he would keep Shane safe during Danielle’s HOH.  Rob asked Danielle about her showmance with Shane Meaney and she said that she is very excited about the direction that it’s headed.  Danielle says that she is going to visit Shane in Vermont in the next few months.  Rob also asked Danielle about if she was surprised to hear Janelle Pierzina bring up her lies on the finale.  Danielle admits to stretching the truth about some things about Janelle but she didn’t really want to experience the wrath of Janelle.

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