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Reactions to Ian Defeating Dan on the Big Brother Finale

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LIVE Right after the Big Brother Finale on Wednesday, 9/19 at 11:15 pm ET – Rob Cesternino is LIVE to recap the finale of Big Brother 14. We’ve been following the show every minute of the summer and it all comes to an end in one blockbuster show. After the winner is crowned, we’ll recap the entire show and discuss whether the jury awarded the money to the right person.

The final three has been waiting for this night for a week since Dan’s shocking eviction of Shane Meaney on Thursday night of last week. Will Dan Gheesling be a Big Brother winner for the second time or will the jury be unforgiving for all of the deals that Dan broke during the season. Can Ian Terry go from Big Brother superfan to Big Brother winner in one summer? Or will Danielle Murphree go from the student to the teacher and beat Dan Gheesling at his own game.

In the end, Ian Terry won in the final two 6-1 over Dan Gheesling giving Nicole another correct prediction once again. Though Dan convinced both Ian and Danielle to throw a portion of the HOH competition, Dan wasn’t able to get to the finals with Danielle. Ian ended up making an amazing finals speech and won over the jury in the exciting Big Brother finish.

Join us for our last Big Brother live show of the season. Stay tuned tomorrow for our coverage of Survivor Philippines.

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