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Chelsea Gheesling on Watching Her Husband Play Big Brother

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All season long, Chelsea Gheesling has been watching her husband Dan compete on Big Brother 14. On a date that she got to send him a message in the Big Brother house, Chelsea joins Rob Cesternino to discuss her thoughts on Dan’s game on Big Brother 14.

Rob opened the show by discussing Dan’s true intention during the double eviction on Thursday night. There was a great deal of Speculation on Thursday as to whether Dan was putting Ian Terry on the block as a pawn or if Ian was Dan’s true target for eviction. Rob said that he felt like Dan was targeting Ian and Sunday night’s show confirmed this. The trouble came when after Dan tried to evict Ian and Ian won the veto, Danielle told Dan she didn’t want to go with Dan’s next target, Shane. Dan let out the fact we wanted Ian out to the other voters and this could come back to burn him.

Eventually, Chelsea came on the show on what was a very busy night for her. Chelsea talked about her experience of watching Dan play the game on the live feeds. Chelsea has been very happy with the game that Dan is playing so far this summer even going back to the night of the draft. Chelsea said that Dan went along with the strategy he created before he even went to play in the house.

Chelsea didn’t have an issue with the promises that Dan broke to Frank because she said that Dan only swore on the Bible about what he was telling Frank about the quack pack and didn’t swear on the Bible for the final two with Frank. Chelsea also said that she’s not bothered if players like Mike Boogie don’t want to have a relationship with Dan outside of the house.

Chelsea shared the story of how Dan proposed to her as well. Next week Chelsea and Dan will be reunited when she comes out to LA for the finale of Big Brother 14.

Rob closed out the show with BB Live Feed updates from Brian Lynch and Matt Forsythe about the veto competition and what it means for the eviction.

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