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How Dan is Re-Writing the Book on Big Brother

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Rob and Nicole are back podcasting after surviving Hurricane Isaac, and they start the show recapping their adventure in the Dominican Republic. It was almost on par with all of the excitement on Reality TV the past week while they were away!

Rob talks about Rob Has a Fantasy Football League 2 and the star-studded live show he did with Ashley Trainer, Scott Porter, and Shane Powers. Rob and Nicole will also be previewing the cast of the new season of Survivor over the weekend. Rob also gives a shout out to Wil’s YouTube video of Big Brother impressions:

Rob and Nicole then dive in to their discussion of Big Brother. Rob now feels it was a bad move by Frank to not get Dan out when he had the chance. They break down Double Eviction night, with Boogie’s eviction, Ian’s HOH, and Ashley’s eviction. Rob thought Frank was going to turn down Pandora’s Box, and thinks it was a bad move for him to open it, allowing Ian to get a second Veto. Dan’s nasty side came out during the Pandora’s Box Veto competition.

Rob talks about how it appeared that Dan was headed out of the door, as he was on the block with Dani and didn’t win the Veto. But, Rob breaks down Dan’s master stroke of holding a “funeral,” revealing everything to Frank, and getting Jenn to take him off the block. Rob talks about how he got a message from Dan after his first season telling him that he was influenced by Rob in Survivor the Amazon. Rob thinks Dan took some moves from the Amazon playbook, just like when Rob learned that Alex was going to cut him loose, which led him to turn to Matthew and reveal his lies. Rob notes that he picked up this strategy from Dr. Will in Big Brother 2.

After this move, Rob thinks Dan has moved into the Dr. Will tier of Big Brother greatness. Rob predicts that Dan is going to come up just short or winning because people will recognize that he played such a great game.

Then Rob checks in with live feed correspondents Brian does a post-mortem on Boogie to find out what went wrong for him. Brian doesn’t think he was as ruthless this season. Rob thinks Frank has an outstanding chance to win at this season. He goes over more details about Dan’s Funeral strategy, Britney’s reaction to being on the block, and Ian’s missteps.
Then Rob and Nicole sum up the latest happenings in Bachelor Pad. Rob has never seen someone cry over and call an evicted cast member on a reality show before, as Rachel did with Michael Stagliano. Rob thought the Spelling Bee challenge seemed too easy, but wants to do a test drive with Nicole. They talk about how Creepy Chris claims to be hung up on Emily, the status of Blakely and Tony’s relationship, and Ed and Jaclyn’s relationship.
At the end of the show, Rob talks about covering the new season of Amazing Race and moving Rob Has a Web Show to Tuesdays in the fall.

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