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Bachelor Pad Premiere with Survivor Shannon & Big Brother Live Feed Updates

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As recapped by Master RHAP Recapper, Amy (@RHAPrecapper)

Rob Cesternino is covering the latest drama in the Big Brother house now that Willie Hantz is out of the game. Plus, the Bachelor Pad premiered on ABC and Rob will discuss why he likes Bachelor Pad much more than the actual Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Rob starts the show discussing his Survivor Amazon teammate Heidi Hamels. He thinks she owes him some money, because he is partially responsible for putting her on the map. Now that her husband Cole Hamels has a 144 million dollar contract, Rob his ready to collect his payment, even if it’s just 0.01 percent.
Then Rob dives into discussing the Bachelor Pad premiere. Rob is loving this show. He thinks all the girls are just there to be bitches, and the guys are there just to hook up and get drunk. He also thinks it’s amusing that everyone was so incensed about the fans showing up.

The one and only Survivor Shannon joins Rob to cover all the Bachelor Pad action. Shannon live tweets during Bachelor Pad, and after the show he checks to see who has blocked him. Shannon is not a fan of Erica Rose and he doesn’t like how she verbally attacked one of the fans. Shannon also breaks down how the game is played.

Shannon and Rob then discuss the identical twin girls who are fans and are competing as one. One of the twins is a virgin, as is one of the guys, Ryan Hoag. They also discuss Ed who was too drunk to even let Chris Harrison finish explaining the rules. Rob and Shannon think the Santa Monica pier date was pretty cheap, and maybe the show did that because the fans won it. Shannon thinks because there were only 5 fans in the cast, they were doomed from the start. It may be a strategy of the show to keep the interesting players in longer because the fans are disposable.

Shannon mentions that Willie Hantz is back in Lafayette but no one has seen him yet.

At the 42:00 mark, Rob enters the Spoiler Zone and starts his discussion of Big Brother. Shannon thinks Willie played too hard too fast, and that even if he had stayed and got voted back in by America, he wouldn’t have lasted because the numbers weren’t on his side.

Next, Rob checks in with some of his Live Feed Correspondents. Boogie correspondent Brian talks about howTeam Boogie wants Danielle to stay this week. Rob theorizes that the reason Dan is an over-explainer in the Diary Room is because he says nothing in the game. Next up is Dan’s correspondent Matt. He thinks Dan’s strategy right now is to lay low and do nothing. Rob wonders if Dan is regretting any of the draft picks he made. Britney’s correspondent Bill talks about Jojo’s strategy of talking game with an intoxicated Joe. Rob thinks Big Brother is upping the alcohol since Willie left. Rob thinks it’s odd that both Boogie and Janelle seem to want to keep Danielle in the game. Bill thinks Shane is playing a really smart game. Bill also gives some input on Ashley’s mopey, flip-floppy behavior and his thoughts on Ashley’s “showmance” with Ian Terry.

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